Adrian Santos
You know that we have to find out what or who is shadow man is also
Γιάννης Δημητρίου
at first I thought it was a ad I didn’t notice it was the actual video lol.
Condom -chan
the 4 thing is just them trying to make a loss meme
Dollop and Twerp
shadow man is the shadow in the end of alpha 3
Kentucky Wildcat
The Golden Apple is also the symbol of the Goddess Eris aka Discordia in Greek Mythology.
Austin's look at this game in The Science also adds a nice point to the devil theory. There is no way that his house is staying up just from construction alone. There has to be some magic or witchcraft in play here that's keeping this house supported, especially with that huge pool hanging off of the leftmost side of the house.
Demonheart 543
When Matpat was talking about the 4 things (The 4 mannequins, the 4 boxes, etc;), I was so freaking interested. I was fangirling over it for no reason. Liek ef chu agreh.
Abolish Mundane Reality
Golden Apples have tons of symbolism throughout the ages. I don’t think Genesis specifically calls the apple Golden. <— Just scratching the tip.
waffle planet
Nearly out now
enchanted noob
Hell loch neighbor. Maybe the neighbor wanna escape hell but you are investigating the basement. Or is it
Amreen Rashed
is it just me or does the Shadow kinda look like Rick from Rick and Morty?
ok here is a theory the nighbor kiddnaped
RcCraftMaster3 Playz
My thorey is that that picture of the neighbor and someone is the neighbor kid and he lost his family that kid was the last one the manicans is him his wife his son and his daughter the scared manican is him he was scared after what he realized what he did. The shadow man is the gilt from the murder of his family 4 of everything with one golden egg showing you the one member of this family still alive the god with 3 smaller things on his arms will one falling with the one that’s still alive the neighbor. Do you believe this.
Yami Chiroma
Demon Satanic Neighbor? Yeah man me too
Jack Burger
In my opinion the neighbor is not trying to be a jerk he's basically saving the world by blocking the door that the devil lives in.MY OPION OK.
Elizabeth Green
Who’s here in November?
do not fear birdie is here
Kind of off topic and a little detail but why would the neighbor's eyes be different colors? In one picture his eyes are blue but in the other they are green. Could that be significant to any thing?
The Republic
Sick of your humor
James Teeples
There's actually some strong evidence to suggest that the fruit eaten by Adam and Eve was actually a pomegranate (the Greek food eaten by Persephone and trapping her in the Underworld). The Golden Apple could instead be a symbol of eternal life.
Idunn Waade
In norse mythology golden appels is the only thing that dont make the god old and not "godly". In a tale, Loki takes Idun (she makes the golden appels) for his own good - you can read it here : . Im not so sure if this has a connection, - but maybe it is a symbol of greed?
randy nelson
The fear rooms are you traveling back in time because of your father the nieghbor
Joshua Raga
what if the neigbor sold his brothers soul to tje devil so he can reunite with his wife;)
Joshua Raga
what if the neigbor sold his brothers soul to tje devil so he can reunite with his wife;)
Gabriella Hill
Hey, Matpat!
1. What if The Golden Apple is reference to Eris (goddess of chaos and discord). That's can prove the devil part becouse in Christianity Lucyfer has become the lord of chaos and discord.
2. Pact with devil (in old East European belives) has to be sign or seal with blood. Maybe that's why Neighbour has that bandage on his finger.
3. I'm big fun since not long... Just want you to know I think you did really good job.
Aoife Fenech
Who finks bendy is the devil
Dog Person
My birthday is on the 4th, no wonder I’m evil :D
Dex Alia
just a fact the apple of knowledge is actually just a forbidden fruit it was and never was described in the book as an apple nor was it called golden just referred to as the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. *funfacts
XTreme Gaming Studios
lachie Bosman
i think this game is like a metaphor like him not letting out the nice of him or the emotional side because you can see him crying
Mario time
The Devil is your father. When you enter a fear room your asleep having a nightmare. The neighbor is the devil in disguise.
Maya K
Mattpatt, whats with the creepy intro????
Gerros Sanders
Maybe the neighbor is your FATHER that died years ago and when he died he came back to life cause he done a deal with devil and he can use his body to become different entity's but what's in the basement is his good entity that was locked away
Fluid Boy
Mabey you are the neighbors son and the neighbor made a deal with the devil to get you back
diS_Is SaMmY
I... uh... i have nothing to say...
Zawesomeness 468
why do i watch game theory at night... matt always have to find the most scary pics to use in his vids
That shelf with the golden apples on it the top set has for apples with one off to the side like it’s been kick out or different
Jason Grubb
mabye the devil from cuphead is killing the neighbor
Eclipse_ Forces
THEORY the neighbor was married and when you hear the car crash it represents something since one theory is that he’s your father, I think the car crash killed his wife and caused him to become super protective of you and then you go to your childhood room where he is watching you. But he made a deal with the devil that if he could get him wife back but for a price. Satan gave him the shadow figure. Only a shadow(puns) of his wife. And he made it so neighbor could never recognize his son after he moved out and erased the sons mind so they’d never be together and now you move and there’s your father but he never knows. He is sobbing because he has been betrayed and lost his son and maybe he had other kids. Maybe the symbol of the man with four kids and one falling could represent his family. One by one his family disappeared because of the deal to get the shadow of his dead wife. But the wife is an angry spirit who torments him. She created the get rooms and watches you go them
Also please MATPAT pin my comment I worked really hard on this theory
rocio pichardo
The neighbor is your father because there is a secret boss battle
Pink Doge
So i have this weird thought, and i don't have any big evidence to back it up, i never was good at theories, but was the neighbor abused (by his parents)?, or after watching the video to the end were we abused by him?
Jacob Smith
so wait what about the powers? that you gain threw the fear rooms?
Layah Sloan
It's Me.....
Lex Ellis
Might be just coincidence but in my Humble Bundle library Hello Neighbour Alpha 1 is listed as being 666MB in size O.O
I think the neighbor is your character's older brother that's edgy, so he wants to be alone for his edgy stuff and whatnot.
GT gaming videos
DUDE I JUST the cannibal place we are playing hide and seek,just like a father and a the closet minigame we see the robotic shark because he locked us there for a punishment(we did a bad thing).and the last theory of mine,in the closet minigame we see a light switch and we have to turn it on , coz we are afraid of darkness(child's phobia).so maybe he was our father and then we moved out because we were old enough .THAT IS WHY HE IS CRYING IN THE END.pls leave your thoughts in the replies:D
Except three golden apples rings more like a reference to the Greek Myth of Atlanta, who was distracted by three golden apples by the guy racing for her hand in marriage. Also the whole 'who's the prettiest goddess have a golden apple' myth... Most rabbis believe Eve ate a pomegranate, not an apple. Apples are European and American, and Eve was in the middle east- where the story was originally written. The story just says 'fruit' not apple. there's no apples in the torah.
Jamie Lakatos
At my game stop they have hello neighbor plush
terrence binagatan
HELLO NEIGHBOR- a complicated and more tragic but less suspense version of cuphead
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