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Its not illegal to shoulder it
Sissy 5
Lee Sneed
where is zeus
Lee Sneed
where is zeus
Amanda Page
Robin Bartlett
you do not have to check it Roman I hope to meet you some day
Zebra cake 133
If you have the licenses and registrations, yes, guns are legal
Ex'Zavion Croom
I like that gun☺️
mary finley
mary finley
My favorite are there
Mackenzie Jenner
Those are hot guns
USSR communists channel
Well next time the weather trys to poop on your plans just give it some diapers. That should help.
Austin young
No because it is an smg
Jack McCall
it is illegal
Maira Silva
it's sning get it raining but snow
Maira Silva
guns rock
Maira Silva
Noah is like homeless he live in a bush poor noah
Andres Mendoza
I sudscrib
Jeffrey Dorney
why did u say he sleeps right about here,when there was no house??
Andy Hughes
Jaydin Desmond
I love you
Teresa Ryan
my birthday is october 28th 2009
ethan paul
how many guns do you have in all.
Brian Doyle
Brian Doyle
why doesn't Noah stay with Roman
Riley Wilkinson
that is not a legal
Carol Wade
Hi can you shout me out
Decarlos Owens
Do Noah really sleep outside
kian sutcliffe
Me and noa are bacicaly the same because i was born on the 23rd of march I'm onley 5 years older than him
Last year I got a 2017 22cal revolver.
Telisa Wiley
My brthday is on October 15
Austin Garcia
Kenneth Tharp
if it is fully atimatic it IS ilegal to even own howevr if it is semi atomatic it is legal.
Alex Church
The mp5 is a SBR or short barreled rifle and depending on where you live the laws vary
david frankenberry
It's not illegal anymore
he was 2 1/2
Spencer Rowan Chandler
NO it isn't ilegal
Ben vlogs and games
is noah homles
gabriel conlin
Yes that would be very illegal to shoulder. Its a another dumb law our genius representatives helped get passed. Its like if they cant ban all the guns they will pass bull shit laws just to make it hard for law abiding owners because any laws wont stop criminals only an armed society will help keep the law.
Finn Richardson
Show us your nerf arsenal
Samad Sultan
Where does Noah live?
Why is Noah ever at your house
Tyrell Jordan Bailey
he is rit
john S
All that money you have and you didn't even go HK MP5?
Benjamin Mason
Your the best of all:😀
Jacob Sheedlo
OCTOBER 23S MY BIRTHDAY LEGIT :O we must be like brothers by heart XD
Jacob Sheedlo
Dustin Dorow
it was illegal but it should be okay to use it either way.
sau kai
Why did Roman pick up Noah in a nearly deserted place?
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