Bruno Mars covers Adele's All I Ask in the Live Lounge

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Bruno Mars covers Adele's All I Ask in the Live Lounge for BBC Radio 1 for Clara Amfo. In the UK? Check out Clara Amfo’s Radio 1 show including more live lounges here, as well as more Radio 1 videos here

Jasmine Hadfield
this was so beautiful 💋 seriously made tears run down the side of my face with the amount of emotion Bruno Mars put into this!
Jamela Franco
i really admire everything about bruno...
a very talented man...
i love his songs even his moves...
Jerilyn Echavez
hand's up me....
Fedi Berzerk
The Weeknd who?
She Skirt
man he tries so hard
angelica colantonio
amazing as usual ... beautiful song!!!! thanks Bruno love always great cover of Adele's song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Jackson is that you?
vanessa jv
when he started talking in the beginning he sounded like Michael Jackson . did anyone here it ?
Dominique Antoine
Simply beautiful! Bruno and his team are magical... I love this and them😍😍😍❤❤❤
Grace Benoit
hes so amazing
Rojo Salas
The people would love a live version of Versace on the Floor too!!!
Jeje Manik
Fans :v
n y
I've never met the guy and this song makes me feel guilty af
Steffany Valenzuela
this is the best song ive ever heard. I LOVE YOU BRUNO
My name is Nico T.
Writer(s)‎: ‎Adele Adkins‎; ‎Bruno Mars‎; Philip Lawrence; Christopher Brody Brown‎
nerea mallarin gonzalez
Amazing voice
Katrina De Leon
best cover :) :) :) <3
Rans Asuncion
The bass is killing me 🎸
Elizabeth Robinson
I'm so moved by the way you sing your heart out
Simone Alleyne
bruno brings life to this song
Sirlas Franco
Sandra Demano
Josh Groban
Tangina kaya ko idol si Bruno e.
Meow Meow
Give all attention to BRUNO Wtf look,hear how he sings wtf thats MAGICAL!
Noel Ranes
Men, that guy can snap his fingers
Nuansa Baru
finaly. .
jann franckleif yamamoto
wait I'm sorry did he wrote this song
James Mann
Thanks for killing the song!!! Not!!!leave the singing to the professionals
Sara Prado
Bruno Mars is not the New Michael Jackson, or a modern Michael Jackson.
He is the one and only Bruno Mars.
Stefani Vives
que sufrimiento escuchar la voz de Bruno con esta canción...
Mita Widyastuti
I'm having an eargasm rn. for real.
i love this
Jackie Kolakauskas
love this man
Joyce Beilis
I absolutely love Bruno Mars. He is amazing
He actually helped write this song
Michael Mach
that dude rocking a Jalen Rose jersey??
Migue Cuellar
Que bien suena en la voz de su compositor!!!!
Caleb Armstrong
This sounds like it's genuinely his song
Iliana Banana
I love how Bruno is such a fool, acting all dramatic in the intro w the background music LMAO love this guy both funny and talented.
dark fire skull
why he gave it to adele it would be a bigger hit if it was his song
Amazing voice😮😍
whats with 1k dislikes ppl?? 😡
He's the male version of Beyonce...
Paulina Gutierrez
This is perfect 😍😍😍😍😍
Hana Irsalina
I love you B!!! Love to see all of ur songs even cover like ths❤️
Ymman Jake Biaco
How about Boyce Avenue?
I don;t even want to hear the original... love it|!!!!!!!
I Love Tansyong -TV
I really love his version - #LOOP
Enzo Victoriano
so smooth
Christian Apduhan
His voice is just like michael Jackson
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