$7 Secret Menu Vs. $2,500 Secret Menu

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“Sometimes, secrets seem too good to be true.”

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Rafiq Salim
Mark Rosati
Richard Farnabe

Idk Whatronamethis
Omg Steven is Malaysian that's awsome af
Rajkumar T
Didnt know you were from Malaysia...Do a review on Malaysian food!!!
Amy thechubbylittlesatan
I find it hilarious when the food is like "Here is an ordinary kinda mediocre burger or something... BUT it has some caviar on it so you gotta pay $500 for it."
Ashish Raj
I don't know why people Don't try to make food tasty by ingredient rather than by using gold to make it.
William Stover
You should do healthy food! One great place in vegas is called eatt healthy food (bad name I know)
DogeWolfRocket Gaming
"this burger has a soul, a smoked soul" and an animal soul.
The logic of someone spending $2.5k on a small lump of eggs with more eggs in it is beyond my middle class noggin.
Bryan Tan
Where is the precious little cinnamon too perfect for this world guy
antreas zannettos
Foodgarsm..... food porn..... you are lucky guys ✌️
If only I saw this before I went to Las Vegas
Darius Risin
I might just be extra gay but I think they should date. One is light and playful , the other one seems a little more serious :)
Darius Risin
I love Adam, and I've only watched like three videos.
Elizabeth Gill
Adams style of filming is so unique and beautiful.... just like he is :')
Jared Tibbetts
6:27 Iron Maiden preference!😂
chad burgess
This series is the only thing keeping buzzfeed going
Do you pay for what you eat
Prakriti Puri
I'm not sure if you did a "worth it" video for Wines... if you did , please do share.. if not, I would be really looking forward to it! :D
Will someone please tell Big Pun to stop trying so hard? He has a great smile... when he's not laughing at a bad pun he just made. He got the looks, let Steven be the funny guy.
Gold in your food is never worth it and it's getting boring.
The guy with the blue shirt(I forgot his name)
Sort of acts like Simon Cowell
Andrew is so beautiful
cant find genesis_main on youtube
Zaufa Mohd Uzir
wait, steve is malaysian? wutt?
Zahra Curiel
Love Your vids ♥️♥️☄️👌🏽
I hate neggars
is Adam your broke friend that tags along ?
philip dasaro
have these guys ever been disappointed?
Elyssa Yong
omg he's from malaysia💕💕
Andrea Glez
* falls in love at min. 5:02 *
Penis sauce. Penis sauce. Penis sauce. lmao.
ella claes
Entire rear thought except lately express Greek slope
2222 Ben
10:38 They are literally just eating toast and they are practically food orgasming... xD
Mycah Lim
i loove how the three of them balance each other out = cheerful + cool + chill :)
'flowing like a river, streaming like Netflix'...
Isaac Looi
ur from malaysia!! Me too, satay!!!
Imani S. H.
Adam looks like a puppy when Andrew asked if he'd keep the burger haha
Do 3$fidget spinners vs 100$ fidget spinner like iff you agree
Esmeralda Rodrigues
Who else thinks the cheapest meals look the tastiest?
Hannah Banana
"This is a caviar anyone can enjoy"

had to borrow money for a $8 burger the other day
Craig Bray
I have been eating peanut butter and pickle sandwiches forever so the pickles doesn't shock me, i'm surprised it doesn't come with it off the top.
nadia aziba
Omg i just knew it steven has that malaysian chinese look! So he's american malaysian chinese (lol is it correct). Loving all the worth it videos!
Vesper Venom
Put truffle or caviar on anything add a little bit of gold and it's over 1,000 dollars
Christina Scott
I live to watch Adam eat lol
Marina Mub
You guys are living my dream.
Dave H
Someone tell Steven there's an "L" in the word "gold".
Je pense que le chef du troisième restaurant est français, écoutez son accent
AlipBr H.Bagul
Dude . . kau Malaysia rupanya. . boleh try gula2 paling mahal vs murah? . . Ty
Christine C
I would totally pay $30 for a burger where the cheese is melted in a tiny cast iron skillet
So Steven's partially Malaysian?! ohmyGod
Lemon Citrus
penis sauce..
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