Pete Mccain
19 ways to make your child a millennial. (Only a few actually)

Personally, wouldn't want that.
A Kentish Bell
I hatid the view.
my mom would even feel bad when I cry cause I'm a black child
am I the only one whose mum is still the same I'ven I grow up
Mumsy & Bub
Very motivating and inspiring both for child and mums ♥ Thanks for sharing!
Kelsy Aguayo
Beauty Queen same here
BTS's Lover
I'm a kid and this is making me jealous.
that's not me in the thumbnail, I'm more like the "older" version of 14 yr olds
Lily Ting
For the Mom thing in the begging there should of been "she picked your hair for lice"
imtiyaz Khan
mom you'll always at first position
Jermaine Misajon
I'm so emotionless I did not cry
I love my mom she do everything for me 😍😍😍😍
Melissa Garcia
Hey , who put onions in my face!?!?! 😐
Biscuit Kookiey
You always repeat the same part
Heart 78
My mom is not like that to me
Madalynn Wilkinson
on the 7things kids should hear I only heard 2 I love you and this ls your responsibility my mom really hates me because I have not heard via I love you ina long time
Maya Menard
Beauty Queen u r right. 5 Minute Crafts will do that.
Enchanted Kindgom
my mom never have gave me the last piece
Christopher Andujar
This sucks because my mom she does drugs and she said she love me and I love her to but she never got to raise me
The Living Muffin
I started walking at 9 months so...
The Milkshake Gamer
Wait, what? If you're 12, 13 or 14 you should ONLY use your tablet/smartphone for school stuff...

No, just no.
Gaming with Amanda /oliver vlogs
I love books and videogames
Atharv Sonar
India is so good.
Every Mom loves their child.
And has 1 in 10000 chance of divorce
Itz Ava
I'm number 4 for my mum an mistake xD
Sara Saiyed
really video ever seen.😭😭😭😭😞😞😞😔😔
Cure Moon Light
I have never heard of nuber 4.
ya the things parents should say, I vet the exact opposite. that may be why I'm depressed.
Muna Pun
I love you ama 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
I hate Alexa Bliss :D
Im 13
Liliana081 Gaming parents gave up on me a long time ago...
Goldengirl 3456
My mom said / did all these things
sometimes happy
0:12 what about a gay couple it's not only girls that can be a mom!
random person
am I the only emotinless fuck who just doesn't cry?
Noufabc Noufabc
I love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Mom :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :): ) ^^:
JireCyclone girlygirl
Even your mother is angry at u she love u she's there for u
JireCyclone girlygirl
Even your mother is angry at u she love u she's there for u
JireCyclone girlygirl
I love mum even she was angry from me u made my life mum your the number 1 at me your tge best mum ever
JireCyclone girlygirl
I love mum even she was angry from me u made my life mum your the number 1 at me your tge best mum ever
FluffyBunz the Hamster
wait... im watching at 1:40 am and im getting strsight as... i just turned 11 and finished 6th grade... what does that mean
AnimalLovesYolanda Vu
Brush that's a lie my mom never carried me any way even when I was born
Tianna O' Connell
Is it bad I cried at the start when the mom was doing everything for her child and now I feel like I'm missing out ? My mom died 11 years ago so I don't know what it's like to grow up with a mom as she died when I was 2
I just have to point this out. Who goes to bed with a full face of makeup?
Agata Paszek
my mom cried when the condom broke
my mom is dead and i cry
but my mom was always said for me that im stupid and when she hurts me and i cry she said for me "yes cry and cry for a years you stupid" ahhhhh she was always hurts me and now she dead and im 10 years old😭💔
Donald J. Trump Isn't Selfish For Rasism
I Am An Orphan, And I Don't Live With My 'Mother'. I Live With My 'Brother' Because My Mother Died... And I Don't Have Any Idea Who My Father Is.. 😢
Person That Makes Videos
My mom would never give me or my sisters the last peace and she didn't even want kids
over frisk
awww everything now i know i will be there for u mom!
my mom is da best
Felicia Stephanie
Who dislikes this video hates his/her moms
Lari Larisa
my mom is dead and I have 11 years old😢
Afsheen Shaikh
I love my mom so much if you love your mom give me a like
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