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Éric Brunet élève
I have add legit i need pill to keep me Focus in school
bubble Lux
I subscribed
Caitlyn Kerns
I felt bad when he chased her :(
Autumn Kneeland
I Think u forgot someone me I want to go to Jakes house 😂😂
Maisin Onsager
Youer girl has big boobs
Brian Cheney
they are colod fiseys
Sara Adam
https://youtu.be/9tHx5vPMk7Q u can watch
Ryan Webster
I I'm your best rfriend and
Victoria Robertson
Are you on bizardbark?
robloxgamerhaylie! hey
no tanner! no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u need too do a meet and great
Adam Moore
Were you with the Martinez twins????
Lea Tabinowski-Anderson
Valerie North
Jake's house
Ivan & Chief
roses are red
taser are blue
guess that candy or get tased
was my lit vlog that you should watch
and this does'nt ryhme
Elisa Berry
She is way order than you she is 21 and you are 17
Nathan Knoc
Can I have one merch please Tanner fox because your the best
Rocco HH
I want to see "vibrator meets girlfirend" not taser...
Blair Murray
Can I have a scooter my name is Bentley.
Nicole Bloomfield
your dumb
Sean Bristow
Cool vids
Hannah Jenkins
he forgot to say roll the outro!!
Nate Savage
cool vedeo
Dawn Carnes
I cat say shes a Gold digger but shes a Gold DIGGER PUT ME IN A VIDEO PLS
Phillip Allen
Tanner can you please send me a t Fox pop socket
I got tasted a lot by cops like if believe.....
Hamish Fergusson
I love you love hamish fergusson
Grace Owens
You should bye a mansion
Cedric Abellar
why not wrap your focus
Brooke Wingate
I like your GTR it is rilly cool and I like your vlogs
W 2S
Roses are red grass is greener when i think of you i play with my weener
Savannah Schield
Tanner: chasing taylor
Taylor: I'm not playing
Tanner: oh you're not?
Tanner: continues chasing Taylor
PRO doesYT
You should not be living your girlfriend behind
btw logang is the best family no youtube
Alayna Gardner
You should have tried to taze Nick .That would have been hilarious
Lawrence Berkeley
Tracie Mememe
Lol dts "dare me bro"
Patrick Jamaica
Tanner play taser tag
Mirelle O
Tanner:who wants to get tazed?
Martinez Twins:We are savages! We're in!
Mirelle O
Tanner:who wants to get tased?
Martinez Twins:We are savages! We're in!
MegaKids Boss
Best Youtuber and can I meet you and check out my YouTube
Savage Dude Vlogs
roses are red
team 10
Lou Cox
fafa hama
Team Ten Bro
Trump´s final rally "THE END" .......................... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHTBvIG2YJc&t=40s
Harry Potter
I bet you this comment won’t get 100 likes
Harry Potter
Roses are red, vilots are blue, This doesn’t make sense, but suck a Kangaroo
Cheyne Burroughs
Rocco Lopez
I want to steal your girlfriend
Pakaditha Mokhitli
Can you please come to Africa
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