Thor: Ragnarok Official Comic Con Trailer (2017) Chris Hemsworth Marvel Superhero Movie HD

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Thor: Ragnarok Comic Con Trailer (2017) Chris Hemsworth Marvel Superhero Movie HD [Official Trailer]

farach brian

Ashley Ling
Theory: Heimdall has the soul stone, in thors the dark world thor has a vision where heimdall is blind
Hela has soul powers at 0:55 so thanos will get the stone in thos movie
Francis De Leon
1:34 Are those M-16's?
Litivious Spartus
So Valkyrie is "black" now.....ok
Raiken Xion
1:06 hey its Commander Vaako whats he doing here?
Mohamed Essam
pj wanzie
1:47 Is that Loki getting disintegrated? If so this will be me:
smoovie soul
the hulk sporting a new cut lol
Snailablazta !
Ragnarök is a swedish word for apocalypse
Nocturnal Toothbrush
So they turned Hulk into Drax now?
Alfred Nkosiyapha Gxarisa
Hulk is talking, like for real
¿Malefica? 0:55
Juliette Royer
Hello Damn poster truly looks strongly awaeewque author B^D
1:26 "Oh, hi Mark"
jafari nuhu
This looks retarded.
Ninth time 😂😂
bridget mckinney
I lIke This Movie
Jose Roberto Braz
Xander Heisenberg
when marvel does things right
ghost rider
Smoldering? That moment when the hulk has more vocabulary then u
Vojtěch Nitra
So I guess she has taken the Ring after all ...
RIP HULK 2008-2017
Justin Scott
This looks dope af
Damien Drake
🤔 what's the name of this song, sounds like a warriors jam 🤔
GreatNate Bolton
Probably gonna suck like the last Thor movie...fucking hate how the MCU treats Thor.
Nicole Leroy
okay i was holding out on watching the trailer just because i didnt want to be disappointed but ohhhh mmmmyyy gaaaahhhhhhhhhddd!! i am so excited i literally have no complaints, quarrels or 2 cents to put in! amazing is all i can say!! this trailer aone destroys JL!!
Chris Levine
Interested in sharing our new trailer? It's the first steroid abuse movie in HDR color. Thanks!
Sebastian Castellanos
What's the hotline miami music doing around here? ;D XDDD
Andreas Harris
Did hulk just talk... I thought they were never going to make him talk... It about time
Sim Cele
HULK'S hair cut!!! My goodness!
Rika Efendo
Chris Hemsworth Marvel Superhero
jeet sharma
0:25 which tune is this
Trevor Rotan
Hulk talking is the best.
Oh man.. cannot fucking wait!!!
FourStar Pictures
Again Hulk got " NEW " stupid face.... They keep changing Hulk's face... As you can see...
The Rainmaker
Everything Medieval
"Thor like...smoldering fire." Too funny.
1:12 - "So I'm putting together a team"
(Starts looking frantically for Dr. Strange)
(Stares at the floor melancholically at the end of the trailer)
Karabo ManneZA
Amy Horn
Catholic border fight birthday persuade.
I want it, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D
Gregory Romero
Troop ticket wonder deeply few rush completely.
DC trailer like raging fire ,
Marvel trailer like smaller in fire
what happened to hulk..did they neuter him or somethin..
Kalem Ates
Every body looking at Thor ragnorok and all I can see is Planet Hulk.
Dante Lenko
First Thor movie I might see in theaters
Flat Stanley
oh yes
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