Gmod Hide and Seek Fun - The Slender Owl! (Garry's Mod Funny Moments)

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I love the fact that Brock actually made the sound change at 2:08 in order for the song to sound like it would if we were under water. Well done on those details. Very well done. XD
Love how the music distorted when Brock was underwater!
Aj Davis
I think slender owl should be a game
Umbreon Gamer
Oh no, Brian has caught on that he's been used for these past years! Quick, someone dispose of the witness!
Peab's Poultry
i like how when you were in the pool the music changed like you were actually under water that was cool nice editing Moo Snuckel
Faolan TheFox
"I'm just happy to listen to Brock laugh." -Nogla. I'm just happy when they all show there affection as friends.
Ratchet gamer
Lampy saved Brock
🔥🔥🔥 Quality 🔥🔥🔥 lol...
Poet Vlog Channel
lol at 12:51 lol
KevinGeo Alejo
We are twins look at my blue ting
I how this comment section is "NOT" complete cancer :)
Jovon Pulido
Moo snuckel is a good guy
Kswiss clan
I'm 14 today
Samuel Schilmeister
What's the name of this map?
nice video I think I'll not downvote for once lolz jk
Yolo 1020
Had you continued climbing the diving board you would've lived
Dingus Dongus
They remind me of hallowgasts from miss perigrines home for peculiar children
fallen vigilante
I meant nogla at the end
fallen vigilante
seeing that part at the beginning I think nogla is mentally challenged no offence nogls
P Vasquez
🙂🙂 you are cool
The moment earn an Achievement but the cheats are enabled. Like if you cri every tiem Q~Q
Owl 漢字
mhhh the serender me hah okay
I would love to see Mario in this gamemode
Rebecca Geddes
That fuckin body mod is terrifying
Ggi smith
Moo can you reply me with a little hi ?plz
Salmon Camon
u should stay as early bird in good
5:56 is as scary as fu... this comment has been deleted from swearing XD
Shaun Robertson
weird? I saw another youtuber doing the exact same intro.....
Clyde Lost
omg the fan on my laptop kicked up while moo was in the vent and i scared the fuk out of me
Andrew Leyton
what map was
Hey Moo, do you have a PS4?
How to tell that you're trash; you fill a post-it note with the times and explanation of a video's ship moments
jarno van herreweghe
I love how you did the music underwater, it's a very cool detail
daniel debraga
I lovee moo hes funny#cool
Toàn Phan
Nogla is DNF!
Frank Formosa
Brock with Halloween music /Michael Myers music
8:53 what is the name of that song
Rocco Paulmeno
why is everyone that makes a video of this calling it Slender Owl?
Tajvic Tazwar
MOOOOOOOO!!!!!! (Robot Hitler in Bikini Bottom! - Modded Killing Floor 2 Funny Moments w/ Nogla)
Angel D Flores
Ai Correa
He was so lucky in the beginning of the video! Lmao
Dont pin me it hurts
2LT. Mudkip
I gets so intense when your being chased XD
Cj Daque
Love the editing for the pool brock, its pretty moist XD
Benjamin Lo
kees dna ediH dmoG ot yalp sti emit ;)
When moo is in the vents, he acts like Joker, or Jigsaw
Terroriser is a Tool! He's a complete Spanner 🔧 🙀
Jarno Datema
nogla is one of the scarier things i've seen in my life
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