Gmod Hide and Seek Fun - The Slender Owl! (Garry's Mod Funny Moments)

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Outro: "Nyan Cat [Bunnymajs 8bit version]" by Bunnymajs

Dark Vader alex9 Good
Finn Murtons
Why is this comments section so much less cancerous than vanoss'?
Aron James
They hide on top of the chimney even though it makes them more visible!
Anas Uchiha
moose laugh is like a guy that tries to hit the high note
is terroriser a swimmer? cause he knows Breastroke
josh yang
nice music edit. great quality
Juan Quechol
soo mnuckel is how doing u
Luke Price
Thumbnail on point.
Brock does very good editing
Animal Familie
Robert Holloway
Slender Owl,Slender Nogla,Slender-iser,and Slender Snuckel
Noct The Last tenno gamer
Whats the name of the map they used
Spencer Sharpe
Oh God tall brock is horrifying
What map are they using this episode?
Nice Contra lettering.
"For the past 5 years I've been a tool." True, he has been a tool.
Riley Green
I love brock's laugh. It's so cute.
Isaiah Daniel
Where's mini ladd when all of this is happening
The creator Of the multiverse
When I scrolled down I thought I saw a comment that this vid made me jizz lol😂🖐👋👌 boi
'i like to watch' from BO2 hiding tactics xD
Jesyca Hdz
Song 8:40??
Skeletor The Undead
Brock deserves more subs
GK Royal Flush
Brock is literally one of the few people who doesnt laugh when somebody walks by him or doesn't see him.
The new horror game
Sonic the hedgehog
20:19 moo's laugh made me laugh until I cried XD
Hypeocritical Fox
My god it's the Sims all over again...
Guys please let me know the amazing music moo used in this video
Guys please let me know the amazing music moo used in this video
Justin Walker
Moo's laugh will never NOT make me happy ☺
I love the fact that Brock actually made the sound change at 2:08 in order for the song to sound like it would if we were under water. Well done on those details. Very well done. XD
Love how the music distorted when Brock was underwater!
I think slender owl should be a game
Umbreon Gamer
Oh no, Brian has caught on that he's been used for these past years! Quick, someone dispose of the witness!
Peab's Poultry
i like how when you were in the pool the music changed like you were actually under water that was cool nice editing Moo Snuckel
Faolan TheFox
"I'm just happy to listen to Brock laugh." -Nogla. I'm just happy when they all show there affection as friends.
Ratchet gamer
Lampy saved Brock
🔥🔥🔥 Quality 🔥🔥🔥 lol...
WolfGang Gamming Vlog Channel
lol at 12:51 lol
KevinGeo Alejo
We are twins look at my blue ting
I how this comment section is "NOT" complete cancer :)
Jovon Pulido
Moo snuckel is a good guy
TheLegend 27
I'm 14 today
Samuel Schilmeister
What's the name of this map?
nice video I think I'll not downvote for once lolz jk
Yolo 1020
Had you continued climbing the diving board you would've lived
That Guy Adrian
They remind me of hallowgasts from miss perigrines home for peculiar children
fallen vigilante
I meant nogla at the end
fallen vigilante
seeing that part at the beginning I think nogla is mentally challenged no offence nogls
P Vasquez
🙂🙂 you are cool
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