SNL: Melissa McCarthy delivers over-the-top impression of Sean Spicer

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Melissa McCarthy made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live delivering an angry and over-the-top impression of White House press secretary Sean Spicer during a press briefing.  

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Angel Gray
More more more more
ironically, Lambchop is Jewish
Muhammed Sabid
Never before i think i saw such mockery of the most powerful country's administration and it's staff.what a pity.
Sometimes I feel bad for Spicer because he has to make the stuff Trump posts on Twitter look good and smart.
I'm waiting for a comment about #covfefe xD
love this!! OMG!!! Melissa McCarthy is too much!! hahahahahahahahahaha
this got to be one for the books. 10 years from now it will still be hilarious. too bad spicey!
Helen Garcillano
Radical Moose Lambs xD
Hidayat Azimy
Is he a woman?
kota .y
Ann Yu
Is 1:08 Kristen Steward???
"and our President will KNOT be deTURD" lol
liberals cant digest a defeat so sad
Soo funny.... NOT !!!
"Moose lambs" completely destroyed me hahahahhaaha who ever wrote that joke - I LOVE you! hahaha
Mitch K
how is this on global news? i should watch it wayy more
HoneyB SweetNectar
Eduardo Almeida
radical moose lambs
Over-the-top ? More like spot-on.
Fat cunt is about as funny as a hand grenade in a daycare.
glen gemmell
She is fantastic and that's how spicer is
Diane Nicdao
had me at radical moose lambs
Black Terry
Can't dice the Spice.
Black Terry
Melissa looks better as a man.
Adventure Time Gamer 77
sean spicer looks like a pissed off Mcdonalds manager
Sean Spicer is the new Baghdad Bob.
Mister Anthropy
Ruthless persecution of a Trump sympathizer? This is new McCarthyism.
Nav Sohanpaul
"Moose lambs." Oh god, that hurt my lungs.
Emily Aster
The funniest I have ever seen. You are a comediac genius Melissa
hercules land
if ppl love it ) is fine )
Boy Girl
G'zuzs I nearly pissed my pants. Only intelligent people find satire funny. That's why all the Trump supporters are mad lol.
Martin Lee
fuck trump
Nurlinda F Sihotang
...omg could you keep a straight face....
I lose it every time she brings out the turd.
I gotta say can we just get Melissa to take Spicers place? Can we have Spicy in the office, she would do a MUCH better job lol
Luz Vallada
that was sooo cute😂😂
Gary Crowder
I do not fear "radical Moose-lambs".
andy mo
This is a preview of what happens when you elect Conservatives to power, you get an army of idiots in positions of power.
andy mo
This isnt over the top, its actually toned down.
Jaynome Roma
Exactly how the bias press needs to be treated. Like Children, I would love to hear her say something about the pedophilia in Hollywood, would that be funny to the audience's.
Mr. White
so funny!
I am not a big SNL fan but that was friggin HYSTERICAL!
This is where Global new is at? STUPID SNL SKITS? Cancelling my cable for sure....SAY NO TO GLOBALIST FAKE NEWS!!!!
Dano Duncan
drumpf ; "watched snl last night... so lame... could not have been lesser funny... rosie O'Donnell looks terrible"...
Justin Trudeau Cringe Channel
So now we know where global "news" gets their information from! #FakeNews
Earth Changing Extremities
Fight against the media!! Hilarious!!
Loraine Helen Truther
language war
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