FREAKY Joker RUN OVER SpiderBaby School Bus Toys! w/ Spiderman, Baby Doll Toy & Hulk in Real Life

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FREAKY Joker RUN OVER SpiderBaby School Bus Toys! w/ Spiderman, Hulk & Baby Toy in Real Life with The Wheels On The Bus Go Round & Round Nursery Rhymes for children!

Hey guys! today we have Spiderbaby and Spiderman ! Spiderbaby is playing with toy as usual. This time it is School Bus car toy! It's an amazing shcool bus (that reminds me of the popular music wheels on the bus song for kids) but unluckily the school went straight under joker wheels car! Joker as reckless and careless as he is, don't even watch out and crushes the big bus toy ! Spiderbaby is shocked and run to call Spiderman! Spiderman come with nerf guns for kids ! Joker give him a Newborn baby doll but SpiderBaby doesn't want it! Spiderman launch a bullet with his nerf gun to joker, who run away. Spiderman then come to see the crushed toy and call mechanic Hulk! Hulk ride his red ford Car power wheels. He come and take the damaged bus to repair it! He successfully repair it and give it back to spiderbaby ! Spiderman gives him a chupa chupas lollipop as a reward! We also have many episodes of freaky joker/reckless joker in this video! Enjoy!

Please watch more videos of Spiderman and Frozen Elsa and other superheroes on my channel.

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The Wheels On The Bus Go Round & Round
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