Davieon Xavier
Migos T-shirtclaean! Mr cheaters!
ozgur berk
he got a banana XD he got his winnee he gonna make u choke on it watch out XD
Damn i love Dwayne
Samantha Sans Wife
My science teacher is going to let us watch this movie in school
evan vlogs
Yo the last part where they jumped out of the window was Savage level 1,000,000
Watch out he's got a banana
I wish movies were more realistic with magazines, he shot at least 20 bullets with a 7rd magazine and didn't reload
Charles Hernandez
Central intelligence. 2. The rock. Randy orton.
Davido Must8
this is a fucking shit
Cooper Slays
My favourite parts are when Kevin hart says he got a banana and when he hit the guy and goes like OHH SHIT!!!!!!
The rock's aim in one word potato 🥔
ImJust Sayian
Boob Stone
Matt Jolly
The Rock cool 👍🏾✌🏿️
npyakasupermann skaret
Haha banana vs knif lol love the rock
Jkl Hji
Bob : ป้ามๆๆ เอาปืนฉันไปเจ็ท เพื่อได้ใช้ฆ่าคน !
Cj : 😨
Bob : เอาไปเจ็ท ! มันไม่กัดหรอก !
Cj : ไม่ ! ฉันจะไม่ฆ่าคน
Bob : รับรองจะติดใจ
Cj : ไม่มีทาง !
Bob : ของมันต้องใช้
Cj : 😨😨ห๊า~ ไม่ ! แกสิได้ใช้ !
Sten Kytt
I bet you it was his stunt double
Charles Hernandez
Central intelligence. Look like. Attribute. Eternity. Wwe. Immortal
trevor pietruszka
trevor pietruszka
i bet the rock can shoot a fifty cal with his pinky
Alan Barwari
The rock: beats someone up With a banana Kevin hart: O OO OOOO
Michael Merino
look ay the agents arms at 2:49
sammy chandler
what is the movie called??
Hamid Mohammadi
The Rock
Lee Jonas
I laughed so much xD
Kevin Park
How u kill king kong
Isaiah and Kiah show
They so crazy 😂😂😜
Infinite ammo activate
Dylan Glass
Didn't know a 1911 could have 22 rounds in a single stack magazine
Khalifa312AA UAE
كيف تجيب لي
John Michael Kane
lol unlimited ammo 1911
Everyone has fucking storm trooper aim
4:01 how the hell can the cops not hear them talking about their plan?
Kevin Hart is so f**** annoying
love how that 1911 held like 20 rounds or something
Haidar Aidid
I love blur
A trained CIA agent with a gun, was beaten by another CIA agent with a banana. How embarrassing
El Diablo_SKULL
Dwayne is so cool and rocking them police!!!
Cesar Gomez
That Was funny
Yash Yash
Kevin Hart is a good actor, but a bad comedian
ChalenBeChillin Cringe
2:06 lololol lmao
Robert Pogorzelski
Aim for the bushes
He's got a banana! 😂😂
kyara white
they are both funny
kyara white
lol he said your gonna need it
Ethan O'Connor
watch out he got a banana
Susana Keck
what the song call at 4:37
Evan Diaz
That's how I'm going to do against the cops shoot the light and it hits them
Evan Diaz
That's how I want to do against the cops and agents
Charles Hernandez
Aperture Innovative. Future. Duty. BMW. Custom made. Snitches. Route. Immortal. API. Bystanders. Psycho. Meunière. Armpit. Extreme.
Bryan Badillo
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