San Clemente Sharks May 10, 2017

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Dani Z
Holy shit! I didn't know sharks live in the ocean.
Chris Jankuc
Dang I didn't know they come this close to the shore.
Alex Peters
Damn nature, you scary!!!!
Scizo Phrenic
come on guys go for a swim. i want to see blood.
dude this is getting out of control
Go Fish
That's Awesome! They are feeding on stingrays. Our local waters have experienced a huge increase in the stingray population over the last three or four years. If you notice, the sharks are slowly transgressing into the depths to hunt as if they are stalking from above. Pretty cool to watch.
Came here from Shockmansion, you've made it bro ;)
Alex Gatenby
Hi there, would it be okay for the Evening Standard to use this on their website with a credit to you?
Derek Perkins
LRF: ARMED. I don't know what that means exactly, but I was kindof hoping they were gonna blow some sharks out of the water. Don't tell me i'm not the only one.
Chris Stratford
what's up with the water that you can see the "tracks" of the sharks? That first one, you can see where he has been swimming as a different color in the water - how does that work?
Ty Tratar
I spent my teens body surfing up and down the CA coast, those days are over!!!
Leto Verheij
That's crazy, so many
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