Michelle Glass
you're a douchebag , as in the words of Sean Spicer do your own investigative work
Jacobe sweetgrass
First problem with this report: your source is CNN. All I hear is a version of assumption based on Jim Acosta's completely vindictive bullshit reporting
Ken Howard
more fake news from a real f.cktard
You all need Jesus.
Mizera Mykel
From the moment Spicer angrily told the world that trump had THE biggest inaugural turnout he has been covering trump's lies and lunacy so why choke now? Oh, maybe fear of the FBI ... if so it's the first self-preserving thought and/or action Spicer has demonstrated since January 21st. No, my heart doesn't bleed for him because he sold his soul for a paycheck. Next job for ol' Spicey after trump gets fired, "Do you want fries with that?"
Anthony 911
the young turds at it again.
Allard Freichmann
Spicy poop in the bushes.
Sean has the worst job ever. I don't blame him for hiding in the bushes
JP McElroy
You libodemtards hold the Monopoly on stupid.You have no respect for the office of the presidency of the USA,if you are not happy defect to red China I am sure they will give you a job and a place to stay
Trevor William
this turd should a get a job on SNL
Trevor William
young TURDS!
The life and the means
TYT is biased and corrupted media. I wonder why would they never attack Iran?
Tim Aycock
cenk, your a failing, babbling idiot. Crowder imitates you well!
Dean Labella
CNN and Two unnamed sources? enough said fat man. .
Dean Labella
This guy needs to take the dick out of his mouth.. I can't understand the blabbering. .
I was wanting to see Sean spicer hiding in the bushes not some Armenian genocide denying Turk talking about Sean spicer hiding in the bushes
Kyle Poynter
I just want you to tell me what happened cenk. I don't want you to lie directly or by omission. I don't want you to tell me the things you made up in your head because you don't like trump.

just tell me what happened. maybe a little opinion at the end.

what happened to you man? You used to be the man dude.
Zil Osorno
"I don't know", "maybe" "likely" Sure sounds like fake news.
Mellow Seller
"Well, you knew the job was dangerous when you took it." Super Chicken
Talk about Comey being thrown under the bus...

The Trump Bus.

And didn't realize that Spicer's belt is caught on the wheel and is pulled under.

Who wants to bet how long the other members of the Trump administration would stay until they also get thrown under the bus?
Sean Spicer has been setup to fail.
Why beat around the Bush when you can hide in one lol
Oh America what has happened to you my friend 😧
The Wolf Within
He was not hiding in bushes, he was hiding behind a bush coordinating with reporters and his staff. I really wish left-wing and right-wing outlets would start reporting things accurately instead of mindlessly pandering to an audience that doesn't care whether or not a story is true but want whatever makes their side look better. I feel remorse for Spicer to have to put up with a media that is exclusively liberal and kissed Clinton's ass throughout the whole election. The same media that undermined Bernie. And now they're butthurt that Trump won. When the next Democratic president comes in, they'll go back to ass kissing.
Gina G
I hate trump but I gotta feel sorry for spice. He has an impossible job the poor little man
Audio Video Media Services
How do i keep this YT of my feed? this guy talks about the stupidest things. He is intellectually dishonest most of the time. So far, in my humble opinion he's always on the wrong side of the issues. Go away, Sir. Just go away.
Sal C
Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a JOKE! If you listen to the way she speaks and to her cadence. She sounds as she parroting everything Trump is telling her in her ear via a hidden headphones. She lies like her boss, she claims she heard from many people even though she doesn't know many people.
pistol pete
hid in bushes? proof or die
Greg Dennis
The young turks are a bunch of morons
Mohammad Ali Fani
Spicer should resign and write a book
Poor Spicey,SNL has seen him as an easy Target and so he gets Roasted so often.Trump is so bothered that I feel he regrets ever hiring him.Melissa Mcatharthy really gets under the skin of the Trump Regime.
Christa Coupons
This guy is so stupid. They should just let the girl do the youtube videos.
nelda blanco
tracy caroline
He was hiding in the bushes because trying to defend Trump has gotten harder and emotionally draining.😂 This Country is in chaos and that's nothing to laugh about, the stock market dropped 373 points since the accusations of Trump may have committed Treason, The Republicans are throwing each other under the bus. Republicans are smart, I guess it's true, there's no honor among a den of thieves.
Jamie Ostrowski
More FAKE NEWS. This didn't even happen.
Paul Zozak
Sounds like he sneak out to try a smoke some weed
Emmanuel Cervantes
Spicy 😂
Next up: Spicer signs up for Navy Seal training to learn proper camo techniques.
Sean Santos
nahhhhh my dude got tapped hiding in busches. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ryan Best
Hire a new tailor Mr. Turk
Joshua Harris
TYT cancer.
Kelvin Adcock
Okay this is the first time I 100% agree with this guy.
Kraye Inluv
Maybe he was in the bushes trying to find the gum he spit out last week.
Kraye Inluv
He just gives Snl all the ammunition they need on a silver platter--lol
The Young Jerks ... LMAO! Cenk you have got the guts to put a mic/camera in my face. You phoucking coward. You sat by as Obama faked his birth certificate, bombed 7 countries killing innocent women and children, killed American citizens without due process, legalized mass surveillance and racked up nearly $10 trillion in debt, are now worried the current president will abuse his power? You worthless coward.
Jurgen Ruppel
Cenk the shill troll immature illogical non journalist.
Petr123 paco
The young jurks and SNL are a joke and so are the feeble minded that follow them.
YT=fake news
mike dar
Pretty stupid, someone goes outside to smoke and or call his wife and suddenly, wishing to have a private conversation is.. 'hiding in the bushes'. Stupid is the dependence on lack of critical thought and it seem there is no end of a lack of desire for the media to do American's thinking for them.I'm not falling for the medias attempt to make me believe this silly issue or that other Americans believe this silly issue exists outside the media.
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