ah this is the white bike parks George St? Crunch fitness
he just fined me 3 grand now via Police Headquarters building Charles St kos ommmm
fred nerk
Rapter 13 BAWHAHAHAHA. how official,,,,,,,,,,,,
mike greek
cops are assholes all over the world
krishan parmeshwar
whatta dog
What a passive aggressive little pussy. No wonder he picked this job
Craig Nicholls
Once again a cop being a complete fuckwit and showing the world what a fuckwit he is and simply showing us all what cockheads cops are
That cops a fuckwit, the motorcyclist isnt a gang member or anythin hes a damn humble businessman in real life with a passion for cars and bikes... people on here hating the guy and talkin shit dw we all know ur all too jealous you cant afford the bike hahahaha sadkunts
another douchebagfascist pig deserving of a beat down!
Josh AUS
I actually hate people that fucking disrespect cops because they pulled you over for the wrong reason thinks about it you call them dogs fagots you name it but who do you call when someone steals your car or breaks into your house
Tayyip Erdogan
you can fucking a perfect eggs bennedict on the cop's head and as a punishment you should make the dirty lebo muslim bikie eat it with bacon hahaha
matthew breheny
Surprised more hasn't come of this,.3 other videos of the same cop have hit the charts since, dude is a fucking scumbag
Haza Razor
fuckn dick 13 vrod for life
jason jackson
Cops outta control in Australia! that's why u don't give a person so much power over another person! It will be abused
Damon Manda
No matter what the rider says, or how many insults he gives, the cop wins in the end.
The rider got a ticket, had to get his bike towed, while the cop drives away.
A Last
That copper likes tucking his trouser cuffs in, thinks he is hard core, lol.
Canaan Banana
typical nsw police scum. they should all be shot in the street like the dogs they are.
We need more cops like this.
You tube
fyi Constable Murphy
Murad Talukdar
Is this an episode of Fat Pizza?
Sheila Bheekhun
His name is Voldemort
not a big fan of lebos, bunch of gobby cunts and not generally opposed to police. most do a job that I would rather not do and deal with people that I would not want to. But; this copper seems like a real fuckwit.
You've got a slack jawed idiot that says 'fings' instead of 'things', do you really think he was in the right? Laughable.
i read every comment in that Australian accent
He's attached to the New South Wales state crime command, a.k.a. Task Force Raptor. They are a highly sensitive unit in which members have been targeted with all sorts of personal threats. I understand the severity of himself not wanting to identify himself. He's a very thorough and professional officer by what I've seen in the video
blair melb
If ears have super vision" do eyes have super hearing"
LeJacz Chamchowski
Their insults are so funny like they should result in a fight but they just say more funny stuff
thats a sweet car
gorgeous bike. faggot is just jealous his mrs gets fucked by cunts like you ;) ride on brother
Where do we get these "super vision ears"?
good on him. fucking scum
Hayden Not Brayden
Liam O'Sullivan
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