5 UFC fighters that stood up to Dana White

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5 UFC Fighters that stood up to UFC President Dana White! 

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Malik Habib
I'd be nice to hear the fighters talking and going against Dana but the background musicccccccc. Nonetheless someone needa kick tht man Dana out or less power ole roger goodell
Ethan Marhefky
I might be a retard for asking but what the fuck was Diaz goin on about wolf tickets?
Sam Thanks Zein
Well he's got one ass leaking bitch who's called Connor , he probably suck his dick for the peanuts he gets from white.
The UFC doesnt pay thete fighters for what they bring its so wrong. Conor apparently made the UFC 400 million, yet there are reports saying his net worth is 10-15million. Its so wrong and unfair
Magic Mike
dana is bitch
John McLaughlin
What about Demetrious Johnson??? Dana kept pushing for the Dillashaw fight and when it couldn't reach an agreement they were making false accusations. Mighty Mouse wants the real money and he won't get it by fighting Dillashaw as a non champion
Jarrod Nagy
Then don't take the deal... once you take the money shut your mouth.
Marcos Mercado
dana should fight the fighters in his weightclass
Jack Smith
The only disagreement I have is Mark hunt. This guy has one occurrence PROVEN where he had a reason to bitch then after any time he lost it was "the other guy must be on steroids". I remember right him fighting a guy and winning then saying "he must not have been on steroids then". How much of an arrogant, victim narrative fuck do you have to be to only say someone's clean IF they lose to you but if they win then you automatically assume WITH NO PROOF that he's dirty? Fuck Mark I hope they can his fat ass after his contract is up. I stopped watching except a few fights here and there because of his bullshit whining.
Son ofaglitch
I am a new fan of that kind of sport. I was shocked about what this guy "Dana" and the UFC is paying to the fighters. That's a freaking joke what they do.
chad ollenburg
The background music ruined this whole video.. Cannot hear what any cunt is saying
Bill Gerlach
How about shutting off the melodramatic music so we can hear what the fighters are saying? The horrible music only detracts from the video and interviews..
Electric Momentum7
That Nate slap looks fake and staged...Eddie bravo was right on that 1
M. a
Zody Kelley
You shouldn't be allowed to fight if you fail a drug test for striods any other performance-enhancing drug. That's bullshit. The fighters are the ones taken all the risk. They shouldn't be afraid to fight because they don't know if Dana is letting the other fighter slide for failing drug tests. Striods someone could get killed fighting someone on striods. Riod rage think about it. They could start punching another fighter and not stop. Wtf is going to happen if someone does get killed? Come the fuck on.
Randy Glenn
I am the best who wants to try me
Ciaran Mcintyre
nick diaz said that right in front of dana which a lot dont have the plums to do
samy laranja
Mark Hunt vs Dana White ! Please Joe Silva make it happen !
ufc fighters should all have free passes to any event, any gym, any medical care they need etc., for life
Adam Mather
Just a recommendation. Chill with the music
bullshit u do shit against dana ur done just know it
Can't fucking hear what they're saying because of the shitty hype music playing over it.
flyback 2me
I like Tito Ortiz more now.
William Bingham
Dana is the man! Fighters are gonna fight! Dana does his job very well! Just shut up and fight, thats what you do!! Dana does what he does better than anybody in the biz of fighting!
Skinny Dick
Bruh it's about the people that step into that octagon the UFC makes big bank and I think that switching everything to rebok was bullshit now the UFC gets 90% of the add revenue because the fighters aren't wearing the brands and sponsors anymore. Fuck Dana and all his money grabbing bullshit
Not to let the UFC and piece of shit Dana White off easy..but what CORPORATION treats people with respect
and dignity..? FUCK Corporations! What ever happened to pay it forward?
Bunga Laliberte
Fuck dana
King Jiggah
Dana is a snake
Aron Lessard
the only time I liked dana white is when he called out Woodley for fighting like a bitch.
Dana white should be in prison
Reg Robert
Why the shit music in the background
Your stupid music over Mark Hunt. Bad idea....
Fart at 5:05
Frank Gonzalez
They need to strike and form a union
glem chally
Tito has been around since UFC 2 or 3 I think, he is a warrior and always been a class act. Nick Diaz and Mark Hunt also are bosses.
UFC always done this fighters all underpaid. ⚾️ 🏀 🥊 🏌 all getting paid. George St pierre made about 22 million for his whole carrier. Really...that's bullshit. Meanwhile you got Dana getting paid about 25 million a year. Main even fighter the champ barely making shit for that fight. Ask Dana how much he get for a PPV sales+ticket sales. Is sad
kila ninja Videos
nick diaz lol
NYvarsity Sports
Add Might Mouse to that list. People are trying to pass him off as a complainer but he's been company man all the way until he insisted on getting ONE thing his way.
cant hear crap over the music..really?
meizi xxx
please go somewhere else, or , shut the f**k up!
Got a crazy ass video of Nate Diaz beating someone's ass check it out
Cant wait for the UFC to fold, and watch the next company succeed that learned from the UFC's mistake of screwing fighters.
kane Poe
Dana has to answer to people, he is just dumb enough to put his face out there. There is other owners.
Didn't understand a word those guys said #music
Alex M
no idea what Mark Hunt said on the phone, what made you think it was a good idea to have music that loud in the background.
Only a nigga from Sacramento would say wolf tickets!
Luke Swaby
Dana is a prick
Nate slapped that bald twat!!
Nick Hughes
used to hate the diaz bros and saw them as mouthy little fucks. now, i love seeing them call out Dana white and loved that nick diaz exposed conor having no ground game, plus they are pro pot activists and smoke weed like chimneys. could do without their homophobia, but i hope they help legalize weed in ufc and in general
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