Learn about Diggers for Children with Blippi | Parts of an Excavator

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Blippi shows you the parts of an excavator in the diggers for children video! Learn about diggers and their parts from Blippi. Showing the toy digger and the full sized digger, Blippi teaches the parts to learn about diggers for children. Watch more Blippi digger videos at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Mhem1xH2aA&list=PLWb2Eak1eoiiP1vZ1qcnCjXI2O8KLE3_q
If you enjoyed watching Blippi play with the excavator digger be sure to request Blippi to play with your favorite toy!

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You make the best videos.
Disney Cars Toys Collector and surprise eggs
Awesome video! :)
Kids Me BE
WOW, this is cool! I like this :)
Dees Life
Great 👍🏾 we live by farms and your videos help open my daughters point of view now the notice tractors
James Dooling
Who makes that toy ? looks like a real nice one . Thanks .
Magic Films - Kids
hi, just subscribed
Pizza Patrick
Jan Kunhart
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