Monster Truck Gear Up n Go Lightning McQueen CARS 2 Buildable Toy From Disney Pixar Toys

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Hello cars fans, this is the gear up and go lightning mcqueen monster truck with big wheels from Disney Pixar Cars 2 and Mattel. Comes with 15 parts to mix and match. Hours of fun. Up to 48 combinations. Monster truck McQueen, triple hood scoop McQueen, foglights McQueen, Radiator Springs Mcqueen, Tongue McQueen, nightvision, turbo monster truck, foglights monster truck and many others. 

Click to watch the new cars2 gear up n go mcqueen.

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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Great News! John Lasseter, the director of Cars has announced Pixar is working on a Cars3 film about town of Radiator Springs. No worries, i'll review all the future toys diecasts and playsets.

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