Women Break Plus-Size Fashion Rules

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Bring on the crop tops!

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ezra cruz
OMG i wish i could wear those kinds of outfits without people judging me.
ezra cruz
the girl with pixie hair, has a gret sense of fashion.
As a plus size girl I love seeing these women in videos! It makes me feel like I can be happy with how I look even though lots of people tell me I shouldn't be. I'm not sure I'll ever be confident enough to wear what I want because I know I it may not suit my body type, but I love seeing other woman paving the way for woman like me.
Marenna Boutilier
Have people go through Financial peace university or read the total money makeover and try it!!!!!!!
Pernilla Bengtsson
Well this does not look good at all so please dont break the rules...
Tia Jaims
But who the f*ck made those rules?
No cookies allowed
I'm a bit chubby for a 12 year old, and I love doing things that fashion says I shouldnt, and it's fun! XD
Jay Jay
im actually proud of them for doing that because i feel like i cant because of society judging me :|
Lena Zhu
Sheridan slayed the whole week tbh
Melissa Mcmonagle
They are saying its offensive that these "rules" were created, which it us, but i find it offensive that one of them said that a bunch of white europeans created them, not stereotyping there at all!
Kartoffel Toast
They look all sooooooo good
Emily X
The girl with short hair actually slayyyyed her swimming costume 😻😻😻
Boo hoo.
Kristin is so adorable I cannot-
Rose Tapioca
It's not a positivity video if you can't blame whites because of your lifestyle and how it's your fault that you're fat.
Keaton Caulfield
No, sweetheart, it's not society that's telling you not to wear certain things, it's the seams.
fuzzyllama 011
idk why society thinks that plus size women aren't beautiful for whatever they wear. everyone is beautiful.
Its Zoe!
they look fabulous in those outfits
Julia Leland
The only people who said these things were made by fat people so
Rose Walt023
Blame the europians its always their fault (she said sarcastically)
Elizabeth White
I love the two price lemons dress so much! I wish I owned it!
The 8th Sense
Please stop
Maya Crawford
Sheridan looked gorgeous on literally every day
Shanna Van Ausdall
am I the only one who is offended that she stereo typed European women by calling them small little women in europe? But she doesnt want to be stereo typed I will guarantee. If I said " the big women of africa" she would flip that nappy wig! Not to mention the fat jokes!
Jo Bently
They look gorgeous
It's cool that you're trying to teach women to love their bodies and everything, but where are the men in this? I mean I'm a girl myself but even I know that men are insecure about their bodies as well. Where is the gender equality? I don't know about everyone else, but I've never seen a plus-size male model.
Katerina Stepovikov
Each and every outfit on every one of you was FABULOUS. Love love love them . Just WOW
Bryce Nelson
Everyone supposed to dress in a way that's flattering men have to put a razor sharp knife up to their necks every day normal size women have to remove every inch of hair if you don't want to live by "plus sized rules" than its this new thing called a Treadmill
Monet Orr
Yeah I could NEVER do this. I'm 6' and 200+ pounds and I've never worn shorts in my life I always wear black 1 piece bathing suits and I hate my body. I could never wear anything tight without being self conscious. They were so brave but I don't have the smooth Meagan legs I have cellulite and ripples. Ugh.
I love THE old fashion rules.
kristin looked INSANE in that cropped top look 😍
Mateo Miramontes
If they rules then you would NOT find those types of clothes in your size
Mateo Miramontes
They're not rules they're recommendation 0_o
TarA Witt
y'all looked amazing I'm so inspired.
Traicy Robelle Almeria
For me, there are no rules on being beautiful even if you are slim or curvy. it depends on how you would like it in your own opinion. no one has the right to embarras you for what you look like.
So be positive about yourself because God made us equally 😄
SpookyBoogey Garcia
this girls are my hero's 😍
Kate Petersen
once I saw you guys in the body contact dress, I jaw dropped so hard!!! slay girls slay!!!
Maryum Syeda
That one "hate" comment was right. Why don't you guys make videos for slim girls who get judged and made fun of for not being curvy? Why do you think only far people are oppressed and slim girls are in love with there bodies? Me personally, I've always hated my body because of how skinny I am, I've always wanted to be curvy so how does this video make sense? I mean ur breaking fashion rules so why don't you break the rule that tells people to have a big but and boobs or there worth nothing?
Allison Peck
Sheridan is so beautiful 😍
Lee Tsui
get straight guy opinions
Lee Tsui
chafing? Must be a larger person's issue
Stina Boden
These women are so beautiful
"Rules are made to make people feel like they're behaving."

.... I aim to misbehave.
Antonia Livingston
they all look amazing!
Small white people in Europe yeah, sorry for still having our original people and not living on fried chicken and hamburger. :)
Grace King
can we pause a minute and just take in their beauty
Kitty power Forever
( °^° )
/>☕️ They look so pretty
Next fashion rule to conquer: showing your belly button
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