Game Theory: Hello Neighbor - Satan's Plot THICKENS!

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Like I mentioned previously, the day before I put out my Hello Neighbor theory I found another huge chunk of evidence. Well here it is. What ties does your Neighbor have with the devil? How did he get to where he is today? And what part does the Neighbor play in the larger picture?

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alper saltos
The neighbor is working for the devil
Jakub Baloga
Hello internet and welcome to Behi-- Game theory!
maruati hmar
I'm a Christian
Get a real Bible, Judas was one of the twelve disciples, not an Apostle
Gwen De Jesus
what if the brother is THE DEVIL. kissing him to tell god he's going down with him!
GalaxyTear #Pograjmerciątko
0:53 Eleven! [ My fav youtuber]
The AppleClan
MatPat, I think I found something in Hello Neighbor. In the double jump minigame, if you use fly and ghost mode to fly up to the top, you can see the face of a shadowy figure that's been throwing cans at the player. On the other side of the wall, you can see the full body. Also, if you use fly and ghost mode to get under the neighbor's house, you can find the golden apple vision room. In the doorway, you can see the shadowy figure without it walking away. I think these two figures might be the same. But hey, that's just a theory. A Game Theory that you can figure out!
jazzy gar
the neighbors eyes change in every teaser image
Half Hearts
When you know most of the Bible's stories.
Sanja Warrior
4:38 ... I said a song in a choirs conster just a few days ago, about about that... 0-o
my name is aaron.
really lte, but has anyone considered possibly a ritual for the antichrist?
Kat Raynor
I don't know if it was conscious effort or you are just a vigilant researcher and or both. Thanks for not being lazy in the biblical research. I've seen a lot of people just gloss over stuff and so it made me reject their theories but you were pretty thorough :)
Judas didn't go to hell due to betraying Jesus, he went to hell because of committing suicide. As he could've paraded to god for forgiveness when he betrayed Jesus.
Mr. Blue
If the neighbor is PENNYWISE then he would've taken the children to eat them.
What if the neighbor heard you're a registered sex offender moving into the neighborhood and being the paranoid over-protective father and husband he is, he hides his wife and kid and sets traps around his house to prevent you from coming in. When you break in, he obviously assumes the worst and attacks you.
I found a theory hell o neighbour
Izzy McLeod
Who else noticed how in some frames the neighbor's eyes are blue and then a few later they are green. Idk if it's important but I just wanted to point it out.
Fushicho Kurayami
Its Just A Theory. A Diet Theory....Keepin' It Tight! New favorite slogan of 2017.
Rainbow Girl

Mei Quinn
what if the child and mother are his wife and child!?
Hey! This is great, but the pentagram is wrong... :/ If it's upside down its Demonic, if it's rightside up its Pagan
fox girl world
for the devil
avenzoar saser
the guy at the back is in hello neighbour alpha4
Alice Duren
Golden calf = biblical video games
You learn something new everyday
John Phan
I'm glad I'm Christian.
Gavin C
Joesel Pante
David Salas
Juan Pablo Palacios Olguin
what about part 3?????
Bread Gremlin
Ruthie Hyry-Weintraub
3:38. MatPat, I caught ur Wicked reference
Ionian Warrior
working for
Cool cat Cay
The neighbor is a puppet of the devil who agrees
Emelina Ortega
I am so not sleeping tonight
ZKAP Gamin
Mat did u ever consider "what the neighbor wanted" u just jumped to the conclusion that he serves the devil but how can u tell he wanted money maybe he wanted his wife and child back out of grief struck a deal with the devil?FYI sorry for the late comment love your accurate theories keep on it!
Rebecca Clifford
Sorry for the bad spelling🙁🙁🙁🙁
Rebecca Clifford
Was your school ecc emerald cristrin collig
Working for
Tomboy Gamer
Daniel Shah Garcia
he's working for the 😈
I think the neighbor was a good guy but, like in excirsist, got possesed/corrupt by the devil
Ashley Mae
MatPat's theory is ridiculously similar to CaptianSauce's theory, which came first. I'm not saying anyone copied each other. But I think it's far too similar to be a coincidence, and for MatPat not to credit or even mention his sources for his own theory bothers me a bit.
Potatowz Potatowz
It's revelation not revelations
Cole Thomas
also apple common depiction of the fruit that adam amd eve were told not to eat and we know how that went
Audrey Neucks
Is the devil
leia's Random vlogs
mat pat! you have to look at alfa 4 and find the secret cutsene by growing the golden apple tree!
Dean Winchester
Pawn. I do'nt dout the evidence that is given to me
Aiden Looper
I love it matpat I even subscribe love yu
Remember I love bees, from Halo 2? Well hello neighbor is becoming very similar to I like bees. Check it out, I'd love to see anther theory on it.

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