Game Theory: Hello Neighbor - Satan's Plot THICKENS!

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Like I mentioned previously, the day before I put out my Hello Neighbor theory I found another huge chunk of evidence. Well here it is. What ties does your Neighbor have with the devil? How did he get to where he is today? And what part does the Neighbor play in the larger picture?

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six siege queen
working for devil
Trevor Brenan
Could the woman and child be the neighbor's wife and child? Like Abraham and Isaac from the Bible? (Even though Abraham wasn't following the devil)
Ultimategamer306 Thantony
Alpha 3 is now HERE!we need this to continue!!!!
I think the Judas-esque painting signifies that the Neighbor had to sell out his brother/someone close to him for his deal.
Xavier Bennett
I think he works for the devill
Nicole Vasconselos
my brother thinks he's been working for the deval and I believe he is the deval
Andrius 2005
Reika Akemi
h j shy 🍸🍫🍟🍕⛄
Angel Abundis
I thought the other in the painting was probably his brother but whatever 😄
Angel Abundis
I've seen that movie it wasn't scary 😞
More More More !!!!! Hello Neighbor
Celtic Shobe Monroe
Paradise Lover
The golden calf sounds just as bad as cheating on your girlfriend
The One That Was Not Chosen
this video was published on my birthday... woot
Ana Carrillo
working for the devil
Gabriel Laureles-Arias
Tell us the story Matpat!!!
Inuyasha TT
I repeated the Cenni Di Peppo part like 10 times
Look at the title Hello neighbor Hell One somethin it might be a clue
Fire & Water
dangit i was scared of stephen kings it and i was so close to forgeting about it THANKS ALOT MATPAT! >:(
Z. A.
He is the devil he stuffed people in dummies
what if the neighbor is in fact the devil and the character you play as is being used by the devil somehow, idk it just poped in my head. something to think about
Nova Brewer
for the devel
DEDSEC 4life
hay this came out on my b day
Madison Luckey
Are you going to do a theory on who the player plays as?
What if the neighbor is possessed by the devil, it makes sense because he dresses as the devil in that Halloween picture as if to say this is who I really am. The only reason people where masks is to show who they really are.
A Soviet Tank
He's probably just a rapist.
Kate Billingsley
its revalaTION not revalaTIONS
Revera Novorro
Am I the only one that saw how the neighbor and the other guy in the picture really look alike. Maybe, their brothers. It could be a reference to Cain and Abel. Probably.
Matpat in that picture look at the neighbors hair
Megan Berk
In Faust, doesn't his girlfriend drown their illegitimate child to hide her shame before killing herself? Gross I know, but first thing that comes to mind when you combine Faust analog and a lady with a baby.
Amanda VanWinkle
why is this gay?
Arnold James Death
I think he is the devil because it shows a lot of references, but I don't think that it would it would be a story about a victim
adina afrin
Hello neighbour is working for the devul because the neighbor killed his family am not shure if am right
Master Osh
i think hes working for the devil
Flora Sweetheart
3:28 or baby elephant
Gingerninja 0023
Originally, clowns were the devil's servants so that picture might link to the whole devil thing
Sharee Bearden
YOU are not rite about the beast he took his part of the deal to kill one of his kids as we know that shado figer in that blank room and that is the shado figer and that is the reasean why he is crying
Tingle Lingle
I think he's a ditto.😐 (serious face)
shan uchiha
do fran bow
Stephen Croteau
A question I've had since alpha 3 was released is why the hell is the neighbor in the house that you wake up beside and why does he wait till you move in to steal your house? The only thing I can think of is you unlock the front door before you move in but this guy jumps through windows, I don't think a simple lock would stop him. The neighbor is squatting in the house across the street before you move into your new house, unlocking the door and moving your stuff inside. Then he shows up, drugs you, and gets to work making traps all over your house to keep you out while he does god knows what in your basement. Every theory I have seen never mention this and I feel like this has some importance to it. I saw one person mention it but went no where with it. Do you have a theory? A GAME THEORY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Mega Lucario
the hello neighbor file is 666 mb
Paula Henderson
Dawesome Panther
You have the best theory's ever!
Sophinia BB
working for the devil = dislike
is the devil = like
(im not asking for likes)
Wait, you'll do all this research but won't do enough research to get your For Honor theory correct?
Rainbow the wind sage
I don't know if this is related to anything, but the whole clown thing reminded me of John Wayne Gacy Jr. Probably has nothing to do with anything other than I watch too much dateline.
he's working for the devil
Clarke5G TV
This wasn't a game theory, this was Sunday school
Alex Arreola
With the devil
Jennifer Muniz
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