Game Theory: Hello Neighbor - Satan's Plot THICKENS!

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Like I mentioned previously, the day before I put out my Hello Neighbor theory I found another huge chunk of evidence. Well here it is. What ties does your Neighbor have with the devil? How did he get to where he is today? And what part does the Neighbor play in the larger picture?

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Ice Gamez
I think the Neighbor was Bullied from the Person you play in the Game. And as a late revenge the Neighbor steels the Players Children and Wife and locks them in his Basement. There's even proof in the FearSchool file in the Games coding.
Jordan Crossan
How did you not find biblical references in the book? I have the book and the bible is mentioned many times. Also IT is basically the devil as his enemy apart from the chidren is the turtle who is CREATION (or God)
beaver day
working for the devil
Twister Tale
for the devil
Really Confused
"I wonder what the rubber gloves are for!"
Kaleigh Alcocer
But what if the people in the basement his wife and daughter?
Slasher Sam
the thing on his chin is a backwards 6
Goddamn. I had no idea that this game was so biblical.
Jone Done
Your theory about the devil is all wrong because the devil looks nothing like a weird dinosaur in a suit guy actually looks like any normal angel...
Mindfuck just a fukin Mindfuck
duh im a pawn
Kierstin Hall
Can you do a bendy and the ink maniecne theory. 🔎✒🖋
Raven Wood
BTW he kissed him on the cheek .
Billy Wohlwend
rong rong
Magdalen Bloomer
What if the woman and children were his family? In the picture of the neighbor looking through the blinds, he has a band-aid on his ring finger. What if that's supposed to represent a broken marriage or something? IDK, something like that.
Jacobinator 101
Hey mat pat with all this religious talk I want to know are you a religious person like a Christian or atheist?
sean wickerson
diet, diet Coke maybe he on a diet I don't know
where da new 1 bruh
Sheep TV
Everytime I prank someone in the future I'm gonna say "but remember, IT'S JUST A PRANK
Trippy Mel
retro gaming
working for the devil
Doggy Dab
Sandy de papo
Ultrajames360 EX
FizzySoda TanWong
oww my guinea pig is biting ma noseeee
Water Sausages and Company
Hello MatPat! I have not read each comment on this video. But I may have a theory of my own. Perhaps someone already stated this, but could the painting be of the three faced Jesus?

A google search of three faced Jesus will show a lot of pictures. Most of them have beards and mustaches like the neighbor and his friend, and the Jesus painting also has curly hair like the men.

I'm not sure what it would mean, but this could be a possibility! Thank you
Jack Boston
He is
Jason Marte
I get all of this but i have ONE question that keeps on making my theorist blood boil. WHY was the neighbor crying? Matpat could u explain that?
Jason Marte
I get all of this but i have ONE question that keeps on making my theorist blood boil. WHY was the neighbor crying? Matpat could u explain that?
FedeZ Medina Rangel
Does the creators of the game think about all this before releasing the
Murray Stenhouse
I wonder if 4chan could be trusted with this research... I mean, it'd make your job a hell of a lot easier.
KanePiotrek Wilson
0:54 there's Eleven!!!1!!!!!11!!
Heidi Griffin
Hey MatPat, this doesn't affect the theory that much, but I just wanted to correct you by saying that Jesus is not arrested right after the Last Supper. In each of the Gospels it says that before he is arrested and right after the Last Supper he goes and prays in the garden of Gethsemane, AND THEN Judas shows up with the mob and kisses Jesus. I know it's doesn't really change anything to do with the theory, but I'm just kind of nitpicky and wanted to point it out. :)
Black ButlerFan
when u can't speak Spanish😂😂
Seth Kashefska
working for
Callie Meyer
You taught me more about the bible than I ever learned at Church
MagneticBashur X
Yes the picture on the cup does seem
like a representation of a "bull" but
remember that the golden cow is still a "cow" and not a "bull" the possible representation of this "bull"-like figure could possibly be Ba'al who is a demon that comes in the form of a faun (mix between goat and human) and this is shown as it could possibly be this since there are horns and this wasn't on the golden calf, meaning there was no correlation between the "bull" and the golden cow. This could be other things as well, this is only just my thoughts
super sableye
thats who nabor is for so he sucks
super sableye
for devil
Tina M
Am I the only one who was disappointed when there wasn't Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer?
Ashton Reyes
The neighbour is working for the devil.
Jamie Crawley
the gospel of luke and john could just mean that judas sinned. they say that the devil entered him, but that could just mean that he sinned, as the devil entering u, represents u being corrupted by sin and in this case greed taking over ur actions.
Wonderx Gaming
My favorite thing he says is
" Cenni di Pepo!"
I think he works for the Devil
Jennifer Vazquez
I think he works 4 the devil
Sniper Wolfi -
a little thing that bugged me: notice the bandaid the neighbor wears on his finger, in the picture where he looks out the window? in common belief, dark magic and rituals require blood, ranging from a few drops to far more
fight to honesty they came of the skulls
Dis video iz so cool i jumped once
Holee Frize
I was learning about how Judas betrayed Jesus in seminary today
ms.marvelous 815
why do all these indy horror games seem to be connected to satanism?
4600 Rico
you have to do a theory about micheal Afton fnaf update
Wyatt Butterfield
working for him
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