Game Theory: Hello Neighbor - Satan's Plot THICKENS!

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Like I mentioned previously, the day before I put out my Hello Neighbor theory I found another huge chunk of evidence. Well here it is. What ties does your Neighbor have with the devil? How did he get to where he is today? And what part does the Neighbor play in the larger picture?

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8 -bit
he is the deevil
Aquari's Aquarium
Mattpat! I've noticed that the house in the game is vary similar to the Winchester Mansion, a house made by a widow of the man who mad the Winchester Rifles. The reason why she built the mansion with twist and turns was because of a physic telling her to keep building till death because of the spirits killed by her family's rifle. Could this be a connection to something big or just a reference to us horror junkies?
Creative Gamer
women and child are his wife and child mabye
wait...devil getting money after someone gets money? Wow, satan invented the pyrimid scheme!
Thecoolkid 220
Look on the ladder next to the Neighbor laying in the bed well not exactly in the bed but still there was blood on the ladder so maybe he is a murderer murderer
Brandi Smith
At the very end one of the neighbor looked like Bendy and the other looked like Alice angel
Evantures _
7:10 does the bandage on his finger mean anything or am I looking to deep into this?
Joey Mccune
Matpat the priest
Fez Master
You may have missed that the Golden Calf has a song about it in the Faust Opera, the song is called "Le veau d'or", just thought it might be something to check out.
The Burning Ruler
I got a question. If the neighbor did sell his soul to the devil, what did he get in return?
Tristan Payne
you missed the chair with the all seeing eye with is illuminati
cole notyourbiss
he is 100% the devil
Ai Aikawa
Can I just say the promotional art for this game is beautiful
Detailed Giada
The neighbor is not a bad guy the devil came to his house and made him possest and the devil has the magic to possest people to make them bad its like sister location when enard got into purple guy's body and made him kill people but its more like you are the neighbor and at the end the devil gets in your body and controls you to get the player I would love to make this theory in a vid but lets get back to the theory and Its like the book he was reading its like the devil hade to give up his body to give it to the neighbor so he could work with the devil but the devil hade to give him a favor to work with the devil the neighbor hade to kiss the devil to work with him but when the neighbor was a good guy he hade to make his family safe from him before he turns evil and kills them So he checked on his family so they would be safe so he knew where they where but when the player heard RUN he goes down there and there is no one so what im saying is that the whole time the neighbor was good but he went evil and never turned good again and the player was not there when he turned evil so the player does not know why the neighbor is chasing the player alot so this whole time he was good but now he is the devil but hey this is just a theory a GAME theory :)

Judio Rulez
What if the gold cow is the golden bull the Greek torture method in which its creator was tricked into going in and was killed (I guess you could say he needs some milk)
Ali Feagan
the song gives it away
Mew 1537
Joe Baxley
The woman and the child are the neighbors wife and kid. Think about it, if satin did possess this man it would make sense that to prove his willingness to the devil he would sacrifice the two people most important in his life. His wife and kid.
Shoot2Thrill 44 Presents!
Are u a Christian MatPat?
Charity Cowart
I don't get it... (I just derped) Balls? I like Balls Q-Q (Not the Balls balls, The Shape Balls balls xD)
Time Forest
3:24 I just.. oh my god. That leg though...
NiOmi Bisoú
Can u make a kindergarten theory
Mine Brothers
Wilson is working for devil The reasons y he is the devil because Alpha 3 the ending We see him crying for reasons! 1.He family got murdered or 2. He murdered his family this Alpha 3 thory was running around since a long time??????? Wilson has to be hiding dead people inside the basement because Alpha 1 we see a grave In a room Alpha 2 in his basement the whole basement we see the tip of the grave!!! Golden Ox, And him with that guy in the pre-alpha. So we see he is a clown he works in a circus right so we need to find out in the final game but their is a second Nieghbor as Wilson's brother did u know Wilson In E3 Beta trailer be is warning us of something about the devil! So this guy is evil like Wilson So that's my Thory
SRSLY you didn't recognize the pennywise outfit?
Ricky Murray
map pat i thot the devil is the nebgher
Plushi videos 64
100 percent working for the devle
Maybe just maybe the neighbor made a deal with the devil for ect. and he promised his wife and son/daughter *which would fit because technically we never heard a man* so he now is trying to convince the devil not to kill them and instead will offer you.
But HEY that's just a theory a ViolettaFire theory,
(sorry I stole your catch phrase)
turn to god
Badbread Badbread
Jo-Anne Murphy
mattpat I have a theory there was a man called darush can won the lottery but he has the same clothes as the neighbour
shadow hacker
if he kidnaps why doesnt he kidnap you?
shadow hacker
if he kidnaps why doesnt he kidnap you?
shadow hacker
what if the woman skin was from one of the like 99999 manikins he has
recognized the catholic school all girls dance from gt live lmaooo
Ethan Bisaga
He IS the devil
Jack Brennan The Diamond Dynamite
Sorry to say this and pick at ur hard work but sadly the shadowy figure is not satan but the REDACTED. A shadowy figure with crazy hair and the thing in the keyhole from alpha 3
Ñøvä čřýbãbý
Ik it's super duper late but if he was controlled by Satan and he wanted wealth like what happened with the picture's origin then why did he want to kill the person beside him? why was he important? and the most imp. WHO is he?
Golden dragon ,Ender dragon
The neighbor is working for the devil 😈
Narrak Bloodaxe
mother and her child? didn't satan want to give his son earth? and take over heaven for himself?
nika zaridze
i think neighbor is helping a devil
*im a pawn,said the neighbor
Aqua Blue
oml, well RE was worth it...
Rogue Banjo 64503
My school told me it's was 60 pieces of sliver
nia porter
I am in my bible bowl shirt watching this and my friends and I plan on seeing it in a few months like if you were in bible bowl
this really makes me wanna reread Faust.... Feels like I missed some things. Maybe at some point in time I could even contribute to the theory mania
Jennifer Webb
Matpat you met my brother Ryan Webb
Bob Harrison
After all these freaky as all hell (literally right now) theories, I really want to see Mat's search history.
Vanessa Sotomayor
He works for the devil
Rebecca Jane
I'm not sure if someone had already commented this, but the founder of Satanism was a Carney. This can explain why the Neighbor was dressed as a clown.

Just a suggestion. 🤡
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