Game Theory: Hello Neighbor - Satan's Plot THICKENS!

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Like I mentioned previously, the day before I put out my Hello Neighbor theory I found another huge chunk of evidence. Well here it is. What ties does your Neighbor have with the devil? How did he get to where he is today? And what part does the Neighbor play in the larger picture?

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Ok, but... why? I mean, you don't just sell your soul to the devil on a whim. And yeah, I guess maybe something could have happened to his wife and children, he made a pact with the devil to revive them and now has to bring sacrifices yada yada yada, but that story's been done sooo many times, it'd be a dissapointment if this really turned out to be the truth.
IT was one of my favourite films. hell of a pain to pirate though so many things called "IT"
William Scally
the producers must be like,. DAMN even out yet and they have figured it all out!
SB Blue
Working for the devil
SB Blue
Working for the devil
Zenus BG
And he is WORKING for the devil
Zenus BG
But why does the developer do all this stuff like the bull and the picture and 14:14 ??? They cud just made the game and thats it !!!!! I cant explain it all cuz im eating crisps so .... ya
Ewin Dilao
This series taught me a lot of the Bible
I love it when dark games movies tv shows ect use Christion symbolism and references soo much dark material to go on lol
Amelia The Awesome
Yandere simulator??????????
Jeremy Disini aka.SimpleGames
In alpha 3, the 14:14 is gone
Sergent Anime
This theory will become a fact
Dessie Balz
working for him and this is crazy if this stuff is true my baby sis should not be waching it all this stuff ad out the devil she been acting vary wered she been stelling and said I went bye bye OMG😯😯😮😮😩
Jackeline Lee
Working for the devil
eric sunderland
He's the devil and at the end he seduces u.
King of Gaming
Iook at hello neighbor page and look at the first photo they posted
he is working for you know the guy
Alex Middleton
do more fnaf
DaMaGe Gaming
I wonder if the developers will put biblical references in the source code ala Scott Cawthon.
Pallet -
I got the Revelation joke #ChristainBible
the gaming hedgehog
Does anyone know the image of hello neighbor with him on the couch with the mug and the shadow figure behind him? brighten up the screen and look who it is!
see anything their interesing
Gavin osgood
working for
Kyler Post
for the devil
Kyler Post
So when he was listing the things in 6:24 if you look to the bottom right of the crib you can see eyes ya eyes and they aren't just anyone's eyes they are the devils
Yasmin Boneta
He's the DEVIL
Diet theories, named after the love of MatPat's life, Diet Coke. stay frosty my friends.
bluwizard 14
at 3:46 the head looks like bonnie
Jan Scarborough
Lily Popz
Didn't the bible say love thy neighbour and love your enemies
derp man deVries
I think he is a person who just likes the devil
Soupsup G
Matpat, doesn't the car look a lot like the car in Stephen King's "Christine"? :0
Wyatt Bazley
He works for the devil
Working for
I'm getting judas vibes from the painting
Reese Orta
I downloaded the Free Alpha 1 they released, AND THE FILE IS 666MB!!! coincidence?!?? I THINK NOT!
Tipoland Z
What if matpat's theory is right?Imagine how saddening it must be to put so much work into a game to make a compelling story, but the story gets revealed half a year before the game is realeased
Kaden Paulos
Did anyone instantly think of spn when he started talking about Lucifer
YourB friend
I want to know what he would have to gain from selling his soul to Satan.
ZekeRDoodle T
Jack McClain
I don't know it he'll read this but In the photo with the creepy guy standing over him, the door is cracked to the left of him or your right. There seems to be an outline of hair or animated hair... WOMMEN HAIR! That would explain the women like scream. I dunno if I saw that wrong or if it's nothing. But could it be possible that the neighbor is kid napping his own family? I mean he had a perfectly stable crib all neatly in his basement. And that would explain the women. If she where his wife, then she would be familiar with the house, but she saw him and the figure so she bolted leaving her shadow. That could be why the man was coming out of the shadow, trying to warn the neighbor that his wife is trying to escape.
Half Gravity
i downloaded the game and its 666mb
another stupid theory lol you idiots
Thats his family in the basement.
the hide here scream is the only thing that saves you if he sees you go under the bed.
Supernatural season 13 looks great
Fat Penguins
You know that picture when the neighbor is reading Faust? There's a shadow. And like you said, he's working for the devil. You said that when the devil gets what he wants, Faust DOESN'T get what he wants. So at the end of Alpha 3, when you look through the keyhole, there's another shadow that looks like a mad scientist and the neighbor is CRYING. I THINK that this is where "faust" (the neighbor) doesn't get what he wanted so he starts crying.

Give me some feedback on how you think this theory was :)
Nicholas Snyder
What about the guy in the in the brown pants and the green sweater vest? There is a picture on the website of this guy but I haven't seen anything about this in any theories. I figure you guys could find something on this!
Trenton Conley
Have you seen the text claiming to be Judas's story of how he betrayed Jesus? He claims he was just doing as Jesus asked. Jesus knew that that's how the course of time had to go so that people could be forgiven for there sins. Do with that information what you will.
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