10 Everyday Things That Aren't Legal In NORTH KOREA

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top 10 common things that the North Korean government won't allow citizens to do
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Every day people all around the world go through their daily routines without encountering many problems. We wear a wide range of clothes, watch pretty much anything we want on TV or the internet and drink and eat an equally wide range of products. We call friends and family all around the world and even visit popular tourist sites – all without a second thought. For most of us, this isn’t a big deal – so why are we talking about it now? Well, in North Korea things are a bit different. Actually, they are a lot different in this secretive and authoritarian state.

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10 Differences Between NORTH Korea and SOUTH Korea https://youtu.be/PPh8pBIUudA
6:57. WTF
Mickey B
Yuri Plisetsky
North - Hell
South - Heaven
Andy B
clicked for the booty pic
North Korea is stereotyping woman making them wearing dress’s no freedom at all
Васил Петков
Inferior , depraved , twisted , narcotized , tatooed aboriginal half-breed colonyal genetic garbage , of Romanized/Latinized barking whorish survived abortions , of Roman/Vatican(Jesuit , Masonic) signal dogs and human resource - living under the domination of their genitals and stomachs , which everyone with more money can bay as some whorish livestock = ''americans'' ..
kawaii cupcake 25
North Korea is hell
minsugagenius jjangjjang man bboongbboong
i love yall used that picture😂😂😂 3:28
FlabbyArtistYt :-I
Hamburger he said he invented the hamburger!
I heard from a youtuber visited north Korea that the hair style limit is a lie as well as many of the things said in this video are bunch of lies don't know what to believe though and don't care anyways.
Arav Shahani
The answer to the quiz is hamburger
Aletha Fahn
Kose Perez
charles dawson
8:56 then how is there adult content in south korea then? so so illogical
charles dawson
7:28 first nature and nurture then cats and dkittens and know morning and mourning? dis gets weirder everytime
candyce long
God Bless America, that's why I never take it for granted!
In most Europe countries you can not criticize immigration from the Orient, dress too vulgar, and there are many other unwritten rules. FUCK IMMIGRATION from the ORIENT!
Tobias Angel
lol there was a man wearing jeans
Ripp Thrill
The hamburger
dumbest thing in North Korea we can't wear jeans jesus
Keith Renaldo
How do she now so much about north Korea
Aus Luq
North korean should be disappear soon >:(
Raul Garza
Why don't these people start a civil war
Warrior Bro Shamikh
North korea..............WORST PLACE ON EARTH
North Korea is not awesome country!
coke n mentos lol
The burger
ronnette harvey
https://youtu.be/ufhKWfPSQOw please help
north korea is the lamest country
svinging roler coaster
maybe hamburgers
Adriel Victoria
Burger 🍔
Maria Gonzalez
Omg those women military's look in their faces.
Fallen King
Sucks to be there..
Did anyone catch the people wearing pants in the background of 4:44
Cameron Gilley
Please Follow My Channel
Sig. Luminare
I was here because of that sexy Asian girl wearing jeans, and I found myself watching a documentary about Kim Jung Un
stephen pack
piece of shit dictator
The ElderScrollsNerd
My thoughts In foolishness
see this it is abt a telugu movie
Konnie Bat
The pic at 10:05 is actually really sad. From the book 'The Girl with Seven Names; Escape from North Korea' Hyeonseo Lee states that, "In China a woman and a girl attempting to enter the Japanese consulate to seek asylum in South Korea are dragged out of the compound by the police. Due to international pressure, China later allowed the group to leave for South Korea. Since then, China has intensified security around foreigner embassies. China regularly repatriates defectors to North Korea, where they are severley punished."
Bionic Bane
Please kill that Kim Bong Bung.
eagle T
USA come straight to your point you want to steal
Aria Serenity
There's nightclubs in North Korea????
Dylana123456789 //MCPE//
Kavan Koko
Takes one perfect mustache for n.korea president.boom new adolf hitler
jayhope the shining one
Have you ever been to North Korea? North Korea is not as bad as some people think. This video is a lie.
Kwehead of talent reation CCO
There is no man in power there is a crazy fat kid in power
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