10 Everyday Things That Aren't Legal In NORTH KOREA

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top 10 common things that the North Korean government won't allow citizens to do
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Every day people all around the world go through their daily routines without encountering many problems. We wear a wide range of clothes, watch pretty much anything we want on TV or the internet and drink and eat an equally wide range of products. We call friends and family all around the world and even visit popular tourist sites – all without a second thought. For most of us, this isn’t a big deal – so why are we talking about it now? Well, in North Korea things are a bit different. Actually, they are a lot different in this secretive and authoritarian state.

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10 Differences Between NORTH Korea and SOUTH Korea https://youtu.be/PPh8pBIUudA
There's a nightclub in North Korea?
Black Storm
You wouldn't be reading my comment if I was born in North Korea! PHEW
Ashley アシュリー
I bet the citizens think this is just normal. I mean they aren't exposed to the rest of the world anyway. I take my life for granted way too much.
This video would be a lot shorter if you just said what was illegal in North Korea, and didn't waste time explaining why it is legal in the western culture.
Zip Zenac
The North Korean Government controls its own media.The Zionist Jews control the American media.
Zip Zenac
At least North Koreans are ruled by a North Korean. Americans are ruled by Israelis
Diana M.
Deal with it
no porn?

someone needs to assassinate this man.
Someone should snipe him down and end his bullshit, better civilian war then years of prison
i come for that ass
Christianity would destroy North korea and Im an atheist. If people started to believe that there was an eternal higher than kim that contradicts what kim jong un pressures on people. Then there would be alot more revolutionary people.
Armela Sina
i truly feel sorry for the people of north Korea for not having choices in life. i pray for the ones suffering :(
Abhirami LS
Korea is just terrible 😫
kitsu kitty
Wait.... If you do take secret pictures and you post it online, they won't be able to see it right?
Quirllie Cattt
If I lived there , I consider that country living in a box :)))) okay sorry
Anna Goossens
Meaningful direction help payment review correct tonight particle rare.
Johnny Canuck
ONE thing that IS "legal" in the North, but NOT in the cough "freedom loving" "demoKratic" South: WEED. Go figure, huh?
Who wants to be born in North Korea anyways
Izmar XLordran
So this is the asian version of aladin the dictator ?
Tommy Roubos
that jeans thing is not that bad :)
Afsana Rimi
I'm seriously depressed now! 😒
Tiger Girl7
Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump are going to be the cause of world war 3.
Emerald Gamer
For the Quiz: hamburgers probably
hoped kim's death will bring changes to n.korea !
n.korea ...a big prison for poeple want fredom !
Sally Beckins
It's literally 1984 over there.
TheGamers 96
answer to question is hamburger (duh)
Zarek Beck
That's sad North Korea is shit and daaaam we aren't aloud 2 pray 2 God lucky in australia u can pray and tlk 2 religions
Gosh North Korea sucks
I Have No Name
On 9:19 you can see man looking woman on the left side😆😆😆😆
Jurgen Pagel
I AGREE 100% with NK . Religion must be banned ASAP !!!!!!
ConfusedGaming Channel
Avi Stark
Well I hate north Korea 😒
shana singha
i feel pity for them they are imprison in their own country without the need of going to prison...someone teach their leader some good laws
For 12 minutes.
I supported President Trump.
Then the video ended and Canada is looking pretty good.
PicsGirlz Picar
better go to South Korea than North Korea...
You all think this is so horrible. Propaganda is still in our TV's and everywhere. All those subliminal messages
adira hadi
Miha Miha
i wont be long untill the people will wake up and kill him.. and honestly thats what he deserve. just hoping someone in that country that its close to the leader to get the courage and do it
mr savage 707
maurice Fogel
idk who would want Korean hitler cough cough kim jong un's hair
Inceptionist Arijit
psycho patients
Aquatic Llama
"Ban Christmas"
Bruh, dafu?
awsome dude
hamburgers are german and i know that becuase i have a friend who is german
Saifullah Sufri
Do you ever feel...
Galvarus1 Wolfbite1
i dont care how racist i may sound with this statement but someone should bomb this country
Vinny Do
Vinny Do
Black_ Navillera
geez, kim jong un is selfish, geez, is impeachment not exist in north korea?? tss what is north korea?? a country for people who lost their track in life?,tch how selfish, i can't believe that the people there hasn't made a terror group or whatever, i think one day in north korea i'll die instantly it's super duper strict there
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