Uncle D is Scary
Yuzuf Equiz
don hezca
If she was my wife i would divorce her dumb ass next day after watching the video how in hell she will move from the pump side when there is a roof!
WHERE was this?
Michael Langley
You don't go outside when Chuck Norris is playing golf.
Old grampha- yeah, ive been in a worse situations. I love the attitude.
Share the Road
That how people get killed because they leave the safety of the vehicle or shelter and run out side just for the fun of it..
William Burton
DAng I mean there was a roof over the gas pumps that probably would have done the trick
Why Women should not be driving. Period.
Michael Langley
You should never run outside when Chuck Norris is playing golf.
D.L Gritter
And why is she stupid? It's not that hail can kill you. Yes, it might hurt, but she protects her head. She is a grown up, let her make this choice, why the fuck do you care?
A Potato
She was "dashing through the snow"
Mary jacob
did she wanted to pee??
Matt Adams
She was running a "Hail Mary" play.
First Last
dumb women
King. AyeJ
"1T t0OtAaaled mE FUuking CuRr!"
Frederick Buckler
Hey Black Guy you said that like you've been to Nam? Was just asking no disrespect...
I'm POSITIVE the man at the end the video is a WINNER! He just laughed it off and continued his good life!
I gotta learn to do that...
Come rain, hail or shine, some folk are beyond help.
paul scarth
Hailelujah that's nature at It's best.
Typical woman panicking.
Dumb. DUMB.
would insurance write these cars off?
He is totally right.. stupid lady.
comon how stupid is this... just.. i dk if i think someone cant be more stupid.. you see this.
but there are many, many many many of this kind of people..
i know probably you think im stupid because of this grammar etc..
my Mane Language is not english.
but i think its ok.
Seth B
LOL only a women would do that !!!
Somebody scratched their car!
Dhannov Faris
she gonna get headshot by that hail
Vivi & Bigfoot
So move somewhere that doesn't have killer hail??
That poor impala ☹️
Anayansi B.
Laugh to the problems the truth that is the best.
Colby W Burleson
😂😂 you stupid lady
Stop it. It WASN'T softball size hail. Almost baseball sized, but definitely not softball size.
martin lopez rod
she drives a chevy i mean you know she is fucking stupid
Jimiel Joseph
I'm so glad to be a Canadian Living in Ontario we don't get crap like that coming out of the sky around here
Gas Man
just buff it.
"You're a, you're a f***ing idiot"
neo night
the hell was she thinking leaving that Chevy out there Like that!!!
Clear Adventure
It was raining like hail out there!
Pack a smokes on the hood
Duryl Cook
she made it, so... Chances make champions
Gazzy Bishop
That guy saying he'd "been in worse situations" had a great attitude about all of his windows being blown out!! I'm betting he was a Viet Nam vet. 😉😃
hope the truck was ok
Maher David
I thought she was gonna catch one in her mouth
M Dutchy
Park beautiful truck out in the open instead of under the canopy at gas pump....Check
Get out of vehicle and leave its protection....check
durangotang 1
She lived, but then her husband killed her when he saw this footage of her driving his beloved truck as far away from the shelter as she could.
Women acting retarded, other news at 10
BadCompany 2
Bro disable your ads damn!
Micheal Taylor
I want to ask the commenters as to what info they had about the woman that prompted their comments about her.
Well, she was blonde....
Hullo I'm Scott
It's safer to stay inside your truck. You could've punctured your head. I would jack your truck since you left it on.
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