Nerf Gun Fight! Ethan with the Nerf Hyperfire Vs Cole with the Nerf Modulus Ecs-10 Blaster

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The Nerf battle rages on! This time Ethan is minding his own business, when he is attacked by Cole on "accident". The attack won't go unnoticed! Ethan quickly retaliates with the Nerf Hyperfire with a sight. Then Cole gets a Nerf Modulus with a lot of attachments. Who will win the Nerf battle this time?

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Nerf Guns


Music is Strong
It's a little bit funny πŸ˜‚
Daniyal and Adyan and rohembox
I love your videos so. SO SO much
Adyan Bhuiyan
awesome nerf gun
Awesdiger Playz
5:35 just just cuz u don't wanna get shot #NOOB
Nawaf Nasser
Hi is it yoghurt to hhjkloo
Nawaf Nasser
GamerBoy MC
he is funny al9t
Ezzie&J-Money Vlogs
olubukola akindeinde
chahatkumar patel
Ad free cbtccf sink I ugivgjkjjgtk lvhlh
Myra Sanchez
Zaiyon Harrison
The oldest put the red dot sight facing the wrong way c'mon now it's common sense
Brayden Blais
Go hyperfire
Dalisson Goncalves
Esse vΓ­deo Γ© um lixo ninguΓ©m nΓ£o
Joel Borunda
Hipper fire
Lamis Mahfouz
Kiahui hernandez powell
I like nerd too battle?
Dylan Vega
kinglord g
hiper fire
Ignacio MuΓ±oz
Lilia Albon
hyper fire elite
hadait sarwar
I like the small boy the big boy who good that much
Can you come to my house my address is Marietta Drive what is the last house
Ellie may Haimes
I like both of the guns
Nguyen Nhan
Can I have the gun the collies easy
Long Nguyen
Troy Cate
he put the Red Dot sight on the wrong way
I love your videos

Zannatul Ferdous
I want Nerf toys😒😒😒😒😬😬😬😬πŸ”ͺ
Daniel Chu
Cole nerf gun
Mellisa Pickering
Thuong Hoang
Christopher Fulcher
Love it πŸ‘
Javier Rodriguez
Eunice Ho
Babygirl McCauley
Caleb Catalanotto
On the way up at five
Tyler Copeland
do look at their faces when they first start like their eyes they're so funny and plus it's not know Mexican standoff or Western standoff
TNT Tyler
Glenda Caruana
Thilosh S
You put your scope on backwards
Eng sung
5:03 A Weird Gun
Kym Farmer
Eng sung
Everytime my baby brother sees both of your eyes he laughs
Joanne Guarino
Aryl Jan Madrazo
accosted one nei want
Aryl Jan Madrazo
I want the gun of cole I love't
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