Nerf Gun Fight! Ethan with the Nerf Hyperfire Vs Cole with the Nerf Modulus Ecs-10 Blaster

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The Nerf battle rages on! This time Ethan is minding his own business, when he is attacked by Cole on "accident". The attack won't go unnoticed! Ethan quickly retaliates with the Nerf Hyperfire with a sight. Then Cole gets a Nerf Modulus with a lot of attachments. Who will win the Nerf battle this time?

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Kun King Yang
Ana Alvarez
👍 from Jose Armando and brother juan luis and julan
sjxhan dwDenis
Erma Ash
I have the hyperfire so it wins also it is the fastest fireing n-strike elite gun
Esther Muhmoud
but soap Michael Jackson video with jump-scares in Five Nights at Freddy's
Nicole Davis
the small boy one
Abraham Halaoui
the oldest boy runs out the door and theres a rifle right next to it but leaves it makes sense
Jillian Fullerton
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Tim Schwass
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Ariel Santander
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Hyperfire Elite
Nackvs Nack
Maddie Alyse
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Will Patterson
You put the red dot sight on wrong
Bob Bob
future school shooters
Cole is better
Trent Jones
jack jones i like the hyper fire elite
Temihingakingi kingi
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Hortencia Garcia
I vote for the hyporfire alite
Isay Villazana
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More nerf wars and gun
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Jesus Ochoa
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Jesus Ochoa
can I have a nerf gun
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the scope is backwards
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Dragon Gamer
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Bucky Foster
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the 1 that you said first
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I like the hyper fire
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