Fails of the Week: Let's Do This Thing! (April 2017)

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Fails of the Week is here! There's no better way to start a weekend, am I right?!  Leave your favorites in the comments below and if you've got any funny fails of your own, send them into!!! 

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Aaron Crum Sauvage Loses Control of Off Roading Vehicle n/a
Mechanical Bull Hits Guy's Face
Guy Fails Scooter Stunt
Cheerleader Flips Into Teammate n/a
Guy Attempts Wheelie and Wipes Out
Combover Steve Fails to Front Flip
Girl on Roller Skates Tries to Grind on Rail
Guy Tries to Perform Skateboard Trick With Crutch and Falls
Pole Dancer Accidentally Kicks Self in Head With High Heel
Guys Pole While Dancing
Giant Stuffed Animals Fall and Knock Over Girl
Kid Laughs Hysterically at Brother Falling Down Slide n/a
James Foster Falls After Quadruple Backflip Attempt n/a
Goat Faints When Ball Comes Near
Skier Backflips Off Cliff and Misses Landing n/a
Guy Does Double Frontflip and Faceplants
Golfer Falls Over Bag
Gavin Godfrey Smashes Crotch after Landing Triple Tailwhip n/a
Woman Lifts Weight Above Head and Loses Control
Girl Trying to Balance on Friend's Foot
Guy Accidentally Rolls  Bowling Ball Into Foot
Guy Spins into Wall
Guys Hold Hands and Try to Backflip Simultaneously
Guy Does Scorpions in Sand
Guy Passes out on Giant Swing in New Zealand
Guy Down Slippery Stairs
Skateboarder Into Another and Creates Pile Up
Guy Accidentally Hurts Friend
Kid Accidentally Throws Frisbee at Dad
Guy Does Double Frontflip
Guy Loses Footing and Falls Off Boat
Ethen Roberts Can't Do Double Backflip n/a
Skateboarder Faceplants at the Skatepark
Guy Lands on Tailbone During Front Flip Attempt
Son Accidentally Kicks Soccer Ball at Moms Head
Goat Doesn't Like Soccer
Guy on Unicycle Runs over Camera

Which clip was your favorite?! Drop us a line below.
Mortal Survivor 0
do I hear a whistle or is that guy having a heart attack 2 minutes 17 seconds
fabian haller
Grace Selinger
Was I the only one who thought at 4:51 on the parachute there was a guy on top of it??
Alexander Kegel
What the fuck is wrong with people?! You don't scare a little kid like that!
David Stone
anyone get the reference at 1:29 when they start saying "Jerry of the day" If you watch Parks and Recreation you will 😂
W. A. Reid
3:58.....filming their own death.....FAIL
W. A. Reid
5:20.....not cool
W. A. Reid
.57 .....thats strong yo
Gimme Some salsa
2:08 - 2:10 was that a whistle??
jawad sarfraz
did you video it ?
5:38 And that is why, we don't twerk.
3:38 Okay, how did he not see this?
Dima dolgin Berlin
I see a dog
5:15 wasn't funny. That was just horrible.
Utopia Playz
5:20 such shitty parents
Josip Jurkovic
Dieses Video ist sehr lustig.
KsFreak ist ein HURENSOHN
Wer ist auch wegen Torges link hier XD?
Joseph Fisher
Segment pepper helpful female addition vast staff.
|| Co-Kane ||
Wtf happened at 3:26? Why'd he kick him? Can someone translate? :\
Marc Meier
ich ha gad gmerkt, dasi da locker irgendwas cha schriibe und di wenigste verstönds :D Geil! So mues das sii ;)
RageMage Craze
What's the song at 3:44 to 3:51?
StarBite Of Astora
The dude that ripped the thing he was on for gymnastics or something that one is my favourite by far
Arsu Guy
5:15 worst parents ever
El Jefe
2:07 that laugh would explode a dogs eardrum.
Nicolae B
Absolutely shitty parents at 5:10
5:38 thats where tweeking gets ya!
1:20 smoking is dangerous and this asshole prooves that!
josé jorge yunes
1:30 nao entendi
1:47 where is this song?
1:30 That guys a pedo hanging out with all those little girls... I Like him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Nolan Annable
the one with the dad wasnt a fail. it was bad parenting
2:25 best xD
Oskar Espinoza
here's your line___________.
How can I find 4:43. I think that's me few years ago haha
Denkmims Xd
Ines Deniz
please i wanna name of song 0:44
Datyella Girl
Those asshole cheerleaders...oh mygosh 😹😹 embarrassed the fuck out of her. Poor girl!
Remy Darling
Parents @5:08 -- not fucking funny. Fuck parents like that.
kyun iie
that baby was literally blowed away 😂😂
6:00 that was such a British fail
Best fails channel around!
Jane Doe
That clip with the so called bastard "daddy" scaring his kid could be actionable. I mean, look at good ole Daddy o Five. He's currently being prosecuted. Some people should just be enjoined from ever having kids.
Mr Michael McSween
2.09. Teas ready.
dilinger john
at 5:02 i can feel it man
Awesome Slayer
1:32 someone pleasse do a dubstep remix to that fart
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