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Coco follows the secret musical ambitions of Miguel, who resides in a lively, loud Mexican village but comes from a family of shoemakers that may be the town’s only music-hating household. 

Newcomer, Anthony Gonzalez is the voice of miguel and Renee Victor will be abuelita (little grandmother)

For generations, the Riveras have banned music because they believe they’ve been cursed by it; as their family history goes, Miguel’s great-grandfather abandoned his wife decades earlier to follow his own dreams of performing, leaving Imelda (Miguel’s great-grandmother) to take control as the matriarch of the now-thriving Rivera line and declare music dead to the family forever.

But Miguel harbors a secret desire to seize his musical moment, inspired by his favorite singer of all time, the late Ernesto de la Cruz (Bratt). It’s only after Miguel discovers an amazing link between himself and De la Cruz that he takes action to emulate the famous singer and, in doing so, accidentally enters the Land of the Dead.

In the beautiful underworld, it’s not long until Miguel encounters the souls of his own family — generations’ worth of long-dead but no less vivacious Rivera ancestors, including great-grandmother Imelda. Still, given the opportunity to roam around the Land of the Dead, Miguel decides to track down De la Cruz himself. He teams up with another friendly (and skeletal) spirit — a trickster named Hector, voiced by Bernal — to find De la Cruz, earn his family’s blessing to perform, and return to the Land of the Living before time runs out.

Coco is inspired by the Mexican holiday tradition Dia de Los Muertos and is directed by Toy Story 3 director, Lee Unkrich.

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the book of life
S l
Little Bo Peep
Mexico is More than celebrating Day of the Dead......Stop trying to put mexican people down....with ur stupid movies....
Mia Lowell
I had wanted to see the Book of Life in theaters, but it passed over me because I was distracted.

I'm making sure to go to Coco. It's probably better for me since there is no romance here. I've hated romance in any type of media.
Omar Reyes
okay I keep hearing people saying this is a rip off of the book of life, fist of that souds kinda racist, so all movies based on the day of the dead are ripoffs? look the elements of both films are elements typical of the holiday and well, mexican culture in general, pretty much every mexican family has a member that wants to be a musician of some kind, family is the most important thing, and on "dia de muertos" we all celebrate with our departed kinda like they represent the main characters interacting with their dead realatives.

As a mexican I see no such rip off in fact I see HUGE differences among them and I for one cannot wait to add another film to my "must watch on dia de muertos" list, but I guess you should know the culture before seeing them, don't worry I'll tell you:

book of life: breaks from tradition and gives the director own interpretation for "dia de muertos" including demigods and two land of the dead, that's actually a very mexican thing to do, grab tradition and add a little something of your own how mariachi was born, and food like "burritos", hell the day itself is a combination of prehispanic rituals and christianity,

Coco: actually fallows mexican tradition more to the letter, including tidbits like how xolo dogs were actually belived to be spiritual guides for the deceased, how "Ernesto de la CRUZ" holds an uncanny resamblence to "Pedro Infante CRUZ" mexican actor/singer that arguably is the best actor of the mexican golden age of cinema... oh and how the grandma uses a sandle as a weapon.
Snoopy the Girl
Edna Mode because she is funny, inappropriate and triggered
ChromeBook Gaming
And then they cross the boarder
Would you guys stop with the Book of Life rip off!? It's getting annoying!
Angel S
I love Dia de Los Muertos!!!!!!
Angie Way
I can't wait to see it.
Tripper Getem
Book of Life will be forgotten the moment Coco hits theaters.
Dekarian Brooks
i hope the Disney Store will have a Miguel plush from Coco
Gabriela Becerra
Little Lynxs
this is book of life
Valerie Guerra
Did anyone remember Maya and Miguel?
Marifer Medina
You say día de los muertos in patzcuaro and the stare at you like you are an idiot I once saw a native lady from janitzio correct a tourist because is Dia de Muertos without the "los"
Blue Collar Men Productions
Jorge Ramos Roque
Wow, I am surprised. Everyone is talking about how Coco is The Book of Life. Similar themes but after a few trailers and sneek peaks, it's quite a different feel to me. And I am surprised no one has mentioned who's their favorite Pixar character. My favorite Pixar character is Joy from Inside Out. I love her positive spirit. :)
Manuel Ivan Mora
es increible q hagan un una pelicula de las raices mecicanas y sepan como selebramos el dia de todos los santos y recordamos a nuestros seres queridos q nos han dejado gracias Disney Pixar por hacer esto, like si eres mexicano o lo celebras igual
Mike Russell
my favorite Pixar character is Coco
Cody Wafford
day late and and a dollar short Disney.
Daniel EA #14710
President Donald John Trump[45] finds this movie RACIST. It is true. Trump[45] has planned to build a wall to protect and secure America and make Mexico pay fore our wall. President Trump[45] is against Mexicans who hates America.
Entre Klles
se ve que va a estar buena compadre :)
crash nebula
wow thats so captivating your last last name is reveria to i mean that must be why you are so connected to the character in a movie youve never seen i mean fuck character development am i right.
alien cutters
their making another book of life wow I cant wait!
They just blatantly ripped off The Book of Life.

Which released 3 years earlier by Guillermo del Toro with a story that began in 2007.
This one wasn't even worked on until 2012 - 2013.
Isaiah Harrison
Disney + The Book of Life = Coco
Mrs. Maam
you mean the book of life?
kid wants to be a musician but his family wont allow it, and he winds up in the land of the remembered to find someone. did i just sum up the Book of life or Coco
Carmelo Pappalardo
There is nothing that will make me wish to see this film.
Stella San Juan
Well The Book of Life is better and Legend quest is the base of all this
Ughhhh everyone, stop saying that Pixar stole an idea from the Book of Life >.> They didn't. Just because this is based off Día de los muertos, doesn't mean that they stole ideas from the Book of Life. I get that there's similar stuff here,

-Manolo goes to the land of dead because he wanted to save Maria & he fell for a trick. Miguel goes to the land of the dead to find his family's history to find the reason why Music is banned in his family.

-Manolo & Miguel both love music & are banned from playing it, yeah that's similar.

Yeah the plots sound similar but they aren't, The Book of Life is about 2 friends fighting for this girl while Cooc is about a young boy wanting to restore music back into his family

Don't have negative reactions to Coco just yet, you haven't seen the trailer or the movie yet!!!(which is this week as I speak)
I love The Book of Life & I'm sure Coco is gonna be hella good!

& who says there can't be more than one movie about a holiday? There's tons of Christmas movies & halloween movies & none of you all are bitching about it.

Don't compare the Book of Life & Coco until there's a trailer for Coco or after seeing the movie, but it doesn't matter in the end because Coco will most likely be a beautiful movie & it's not like they're competing each other at the box office .-. also Pixar is doing their best at making the movie look authentic to Mexican culture & not just stereotyping. (Not that the book of life did that, they did a little but that's not the point)

Anyways, just chill & don't judge Coco for being similar to the Book of Life when we haven't seen the movie yet. To me, they just have similar plot
Points & concepts, that's all. Who's to say both can be great? I say they can! :)
Honestly, who cares if "it sounds like book of life"
Like I can guarantee that Pixar can do anything about 2319 times better
Why do I feel like this is a rip off of the Book of Life Disney,come on you know better than that!😕I am a bit disappointed😞
Doris Winkler
to be honest i actually though this sound like a good movie before this underworld thingy came up . man this will be confusing as hell
I wonder what trump thinks of this movie
Super Spyro7956
I know that this is almost a rip off of The Book of Life, but I loved that movie and I want to see what Pixar will do. the trailer is coming out next week so I'm excited to see what they did
Sky Paladin
Sabrina Murray
This sounds a lot like the plot of the book of life and I hope I'm wrong and it's not going to be like that because I will legit cry if Pixar copy's any plot let alone one from a movie I already love
My Leg Guy
Why the fudge did i thought this film was gonna be about El Cucuy when the film i see its just about El Dia De Los Muertos?! 😂
Sara Lily
Sadness is my favorite Pixar character ^.^
Mari nette
uhmm..?? isn't that book of life?
william field
I totally think this is going to be a repeat of what happened to newt by pixar, cause book of life anyone?
Zachary Khan
Saying this now, grandma is dieing.
S. D F.
they stoled book of life idea
This is my 100% honest opinion when I realized what Coco was.... it sounds like disney/pixar is being competitive over that one movie called The Book of Life. Although I've never seen The Book of Life, from a surface point of view they seem undeniably similar....
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