Japan or Korea: Did We Make the Right Choice?

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It's been one year since we announced that we were moving to Japan.  Now that we look back, did we make the right decision?  Do we miss Korea?  Where's better for us to live, Korea or Japan?  

We're talking about this a bit more, including our great fear in making this video, in our blog post.  Read more if you're up for it.
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kosei n
I hate Korea.
Celeste Kim
I'm so glad to hear that you guys are happy now because I've been watching your videos since the beginning! However, I think that the this video should've contained a bit more pros over cons on Korea's side because it was more of a "why Japan is better" video. It was pretty obvious that this was going to stir up some controversy and most of all what all of the hate comments are dreading, generalizations. Many people will take into consideration that these are just your opinions and they're just based off of where you guys had lived, but there will still be those handful of people that will go off thinking that Korea and Koreans are the worst. I just found it upsetting that you guys had that many negative views of Korea when you guys had in fact started there and that's when I've started watching you guys as well.

On the side note, your smiles are beautiful! I love you guys <3
yudi saputra
you guys do made the right choice for your life, but you choose poorly when decided to make this video. worst part, you guys consciously realize that this video will hurt people's feeling yet you went through with it. why?! because it's the most asked question? classic case of "forget to asked should i....?" FYI I'm not korean nor am i japanese.
TF What
works 7 years in the shittiest neighborhood in Canada
moves to beverly hills
makes video comparing canada and US
lul I wonder what you two will think about the video.
Comparing korea and Japan is a really dangerous subject to touch on. You guys have to remember that there was a WAR where the Japanese occupied Korea and Japanese used korean women as sex slaves, killed thousands of Koreans, etc. in fact my grandma was a slave under a Japanese family when she was young...and this was my grandparents generation - VERY recent and still an extremely sensitive subject to Koreans. So I'm shocked you two are comparing the two countries... and I'm not surprised that Koreans are offended by this video. It's like comparing if Jewish and Germans and saying Germans are better @_@ I think this video came from a place of uneducated naivity. I wish they knew and tried to at least understand WHY maybe the comment section has so many angry comments. Especially when Korea fed them and gave them a job that allowed them to even GO TO JAPAN and live comfortably with this YouTube job. Pleaseeeeeeee learn the history behind Korea and its tension with Japan during and after the war before making videos like this :'( I understand Korea has its flaws like ANY OTHER COUNTRY and it's totally okay to voice it. However comparing the two countries, especially Japan with Korea, is absolutely wrong when you understand the context and history of these two countries.
welcome to war crime and sex slave, tentarcle porn country
Evelyn Morales
How unfortunate that people can't have a discussion without getting butt hurt.
Discussions are suppose to be uncomfortable, but at the same time it's also civilly speaking about certain points a subject has. Whether it's negative or positive.
Those who can't partake in such conversations are the type of people you just don't bother wasting your breath on and move on.
No country is perfect. Being close-minded just means you can't accept or tolerate change.
Jesus no wonder you prefer japan over south korea lol.
Matthew Riddle
You guys are so funny and cute. I'm glad you are happy
simon hendriks
fundamentally Koreans didn't comment because fundamentally they know it's true
そりゃ日本が1番住みやすいに決まってんじゃん( ˙-˙ )

Kikuli Kokuli
Did you have another "Japan vs Korea" video somewhere? I can't find it.
Some Body
영국남자 보세요!!!!한국 진심으로 좋아해주는 외국인인데요~ㄹㅇ 이딴 쓰레기 보지말고요영국남자ㄱㄱ
hoge hoge
The Towns of Japan and Korea are similar,
Japan is the same G7 country as the United States and Canada.
Korea is the same G20 country as China and Russia.
Even though it looks the same,
I think that the contents will be different.
개새끼도 여기붙었다가 저기붙었다 안한다 단물빠지니까 옆나라가서 개소리쳐주끼노
diane reyes
yjk kim
It's war to only that woman.
( not japanese, japan or westeners etc )

not only by this video. war started at other video.
Rachel Kathman
I have lived in Korea for 18 months now and like Simon and Martina, I really have enjoyed my time here but I see the exact same problems. Noise, road safety, and treatment of non-Koreans are all major issues that have been really draining on me. Also, Korea has a sort of "hurry up" mentality that values the end rather than the means which affects my work situation. That said, I've really loved experiencing Korea's culture and I definitely recommend this country as a place to work or visit. Like Martina and Simon, I'm hoping to make the move to Japan in 2018 for a healthier professional environment.

To Simon and Martina - I'm so glad to hear about your happiness, please keep sharing your experiences with us! Your videos have always been very helpful to me living in Korea and visiting Japan.
Hiroshi I.
Driving in Tokyo has mellowed out quite a bit in the last 20+ years. My wife and I visited Seoul very briefly in the early 90s and other than the intense smog, I don't remember being surprised by their driving, which could mean that nothing stood out for us as being unusual compared to what we were accustomed to in Tokyo. So maybe it has to do with the general sense of busy-ness within a society. Which I think may be true in some respects because when we moved to Vancouver Canada in the mid-90s, we were surprised at how mellow everyone's driving was at the time, but driving there has become quite intense over the last decade (commodities and real estate boom), and as Tokyo driving got mellower, Vancouver driving may have caught up or even overtaken Tokyo in intensity in some respects.
휴... 영상보고 한 번 열받고... 댓글보고 한 번 더 열받네... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 적어도 한국에서 7년이나 살았다는 인간들이... 일본과의 역사적 문제나 외교적 문제 때문에 앙숙인걸 알면서도 이런 편파적인 영상제작해서 뿌려대는 꼴보니 정말 너무 열받는다. 너네들이 한국에 있을 때 너희들에게 호의적이던 사람들에 대한 배신이야 이건...너네들이 한국이란 나라에 대해 어떤 생각을 하고 있고 어떤 발언을 하건 그건 너희들 자유니까 뭐라 못하지만... 다시는 한국에 발 붙이지 마라... 물론 일본에서도 몇년 살다 본국으로 가서 일본 욕하는 짓거리 하지도 말고...
School S
헐~ㅠㅠ I apologize on behalf of them as a Korean. Sorry. Simon and Martina. But I wanna tell you this. I do not know if you know, but Korea had been invaded and warned by Japan for 50 years mercilessly. so from only ashes Korea made the economy fast. And of course there has been other side effects. If Japan had not invaded us, it would have been a very quiet and calm country. This is for sure. So this country might have developed technically, but they had to work too busy (they did not want to, but they were forced by the government) and forgot that philosophy. And you guys have only been in Korea for a few years, but since I was born and raised in South Korea, not knowing it was abnormal that I've experienced, I've got hurt by yelling and rude people here. Please comfort me and young people in Korea. All I'm saying is, the reasons why you experienced here is largely because of Japanese government (you can't just judge one country without knowing its history) and it would be great if you could feel sorry for young generations in Korea. Thanks~! and have a wonderful day from now on.
john smith
제발 일본 그서 살아라 다신 한국으로 오지말고 오케이? 다신 니따위들을 우리 본국에서 보고싶지도 않다ㅜㅜ 왜한국이 싫은데 자꾸예능에 나오냐 8년동안 한국어를 공부했다고?근데 말을 그따구로 밖에 못하냐? 제발 그서 살아라ㅜㅜ구독취소!!!
i feel like you guys fit better in japan than korea :-)
you two don't even know how to properly read or speak korean. just reading and ordering restaurant menu is all you can do. not even tried learn korean even though you guys lived in korea for 8 years right? that itself disrespectful to that country. 8 years lived in korea and 1year living in japan. is that even comparable? and how rude you guys talking shit about korea like that. only bad things about korea and only good things about japan. so obvious that you guys are biased toward Japan. you like japan yeah i get that. and that's fine ,good, whatever. but you lived in some country 8 years and just talk bad things only about that country is really rude and so disrespectful to that country. you guys keep comparing korea n japan is so obvious that you guys want more ''angry'' views and more ''hate korea love japan'' views. you guys lived in korea so long so you know so well what pisses off Koreans. either way you guys are back stabbers for sure. please live long in japan or other country just don't go back korea. cause koreans hate back stabbers so..
Kristin Peterson
I've lived in both countries and get that question ALL THE TIME!!! I like both. I was in a different place each time and loved my experiences in each. I must say Korea wins though because it was cheaper hahaha
This video was not a good idea haha
Aquinus Seo
좋은 영상입니다. 항상 건강하세요! 응원할게요 thx~
Not "picking any sides" here but I saw a video the other day where a South Korean man was interviewing North Korean defectors living in South Korea. He asked them a whole bunch of stuff, but when he asked them what they don't like about South Korea, they said pretty similar things to what Simon & Martina said. What they said was that South Koreans are very cold and judgemental, neighbors don't talk to each other and that everyone is too worried about competing with everyone else. From these accounts from two very different sources, I can say they are probably pretty accurate descriptions or the negative sides of Korea. South Koreans have such a rich culture and history, and I think some of that is getting lost in pursuit of "success" and modernization. Obviously some things are wrong current cultural trends in Korea if it has things like "anti-fans" which are groups dedicated to hating celebrities, high rates of bullying among teens, and has had the highest suicide rate for the past 5 years. We love you Korea, you guys just need to chill out a bit.
Thoughts or Pensamientos
Speak your mind!!!! Im glad you guys are happy!
Sharon Kim
The comment section has become a place where Japanese people are proving Koreans that their country is "better" in this video and in response, Korean people are getting angry.
I've even seen comments that don't even relate to this videos like Comfort women for instance. Really guys? Quit being ridiculous!
But I am quite upset with Simon and Martina making a video comparing the two countries on which is better especially when tensions between the two countries are extremely high. I don't care if Simon and Martina chose Korea or Japan nor do I care that they prefer Japan over Korea. I just do NOT like the idea of this video. It is only making foreigners pick a side and hate on the other side, and Koreans vs Japanese.
I want this channel to be where foreigners can learn positive things about the two cultures and Koreans and Japanese getting along
동양인 비하 존나게 하면서 동양인들 덕에 돈 버는 님들 보기 존나게 싫어요 한국이 만만한 줄 알아 ㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 어우 드릅다
Korea sounds like Russia Oo (In terms of aggression )
Lowbatterry R
I am Mexican student that is studying aboard in Bangkok, you guys inspire me to travel but mostly to learn and live another culture. I am so happy you are happy in Japan I also want to go there one day. Thank you for always inspiring me and making videos 😁😁😁❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️
mo _x
great & fair video yet again, thank you for uploading :3 <3
★I'm korean and i like japan and japanese people. ★ i don't have any prejudice.
★But as you know , there were some issue like Japanese Military Sexual Slavery.
★Many korean think that there were no sincere apology of the Japanese Government and so do I.
★korean want sincere apology like gemany do. ★If there's no sincere apology , Maybe some korean hate japan and some japanese hate korean as a reaction forever ★ i want both country be friend but it's very tired issue.

Maybe it's hard for jap
"Eat your kimchi"... However, its kimchi is made in China. lol!!!
【Cheap Chinese kimchi completely grasped the domestic market】
The import value of Korean kimchi from China is 12664 times the export value.
(The Kyunghyang Shinmun September 14, 2015)
Shaun on Site 텍사스 사람 テキサス人
1. Right now, i'm in America, making my way back to Korea.
2. I'm experiencing a lot of personal, mental, and spiritual growth. I spent 2016 reading books, getting experiences, and growing up from them.

Honestly, meeting you two in 2013 was something that was necessary. I annoyed the crap out of you two and I learned nearly three years later on how and why I was wrong in what I did. Once I was able to "clear my teacup", I had room to grow. Glad I had a chance to meet you two to realize that.

As for the video itself, you guys are perfectly valid on what you said based on YOUR experiences. I love seeing comments from folks that have never been to/lived in Korea. Hardly anyone here could do what you guys have done for 8+ years.

Keep your head up in Japan, you two!
Inari Sushi
Do they have a studio in Japan too? I just want to know what happened with their Korean studio.....the one that they made by asking for donations from Kpop fans? Did they just sell that and decided to buy a house in Japan with it? Geez, I should move to Korea and start making Kpop videos, and ask for donations from Kpop fans, so I could buy a house in a nice quiet neighborhoods too.
This comment section is such a shit show. It's quite ridiculous.
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