Japan or Korea: Did We Make the Right Choice?

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It's been one year since we announced that we were moving to Japan.  Now that we look back, did we make the right decision?  Do we miss Korea?  Where's better for us to live, Korea or Japan?  

We're talking about this a bit more, including our great fear in making this video, in our blog post.  Read more if you're up for it.
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le sigh
They are so right about being awaken by Koreans. Honking. Arguing loudly. Fighting. Drunk singing. Construction at 5 am. It was like ugh!!! I think Seoul is like New York when it comes to the noise. I lived in Incheon and the noise was still crazy. And when I went to Tokyo, it was so clean for a city of it's size. Korea (no matter what the city) is so dirty. Koreans hock and spit everywhere. They don't throw their trash in bins. They just throw their trash on the ground. They absolutely do not give a damn about keeping their streets clean. They don't cover their mouths when they cough and they don't wash their hands after using the bathrooms. I had a good time in Korea but I'm so glad to be gone from there.
한국은 급격히 발달한 나라입니다. 세계에서 20세기에 후진국, 개발도상국, 선진국 단계를 모두 경험한 나라는 한국이외엔 없죠.
나라안에 선진마인드를 가진 사람과 그렇지 못한 사람이 공존합니다.
애석하게도 그것은 나이가 많을 수록 선진 마인드와 거리가 먼 분들이 많죠.
끼니 걱정하며 사는 것이 힘들어, 젊을때 못 배우기도 못 배웠고요.
어차피 이런 것은 시간이 해결해 줄겁니다.
저희 입장에서도 몇몇 사람들의 낮은 시민의식에 얼굴이 화끈 거리는 일이 많으니까요.
하지만 일반화는 좋지 않습니다. 안좋은 면을 전체로 확대해석 하지 마세요.

개인적으로 한국에 대해 부정적인 건 상관없는데, 두분은 원체 위에서 아래로 내려보는 시선을 갖고 계신 것 같아서 별로더라고요 ㅋ 저희 입장에선 그저 많은 외국인 노동자중 하나인데요 ㅋㅋ
더구나 한국에서 그렇게 오래 사셨는데, 한국말을 잘 못 한다는게 신기합니다.
애초에 한국에 대해 마음을 닫고 계신 분들은 당신들입니다.

이해를 하려 하지 않으니, 무언가를 평할 입장이 아니죠 ㅋ
Japan and South Korea are top on my travel bucket-list!
claire kim
채널을 재미있게 봤었는데 일본으로 가셨군요! 한국에서 겪었던 가슴 아픈 일들에 대해서 유감이에요ㅜㅜ 다시 한 번 생각해보는 계기가 됐어요. 다행히도 지금은 더 행복한거 같고 앞으로도 행복하기를 바랄게요!
애덜이 참 공신력 있게 생겼구먼? 풉
그렇게 좋으면 731부대 마루타 지원해라.
Maria Z
I watched the video again and it got me thinking, is it possible to have experience where all the people you have met in the course of 8 years were cold and distant? I am sure there were some people who were friendly to them, but by saying all the people they met were bad is pretty rude thing to say to those who were nice to them.
유튜브해서 돈버는 재주가 남다른가 보구나.
엄청 부자로 사네.
아베 마루타가 스카웃 해간거냐?
거 참 이상한 사람들이네?! 부부에요? 스타일 오지다.
저러고 다니는 사람들 다 그렇지 뭐......
자기들도 우리 화날꺼 알면서 이런건 왜 올렸을까
아무리 개인적인 경험이라도 구독자수가 많은 유튜버가 이런 동영상을 올리면 다수가 동조할 수 있다는걸 잘 몰랏을라나?
생각이 짧았다는 생각이들어 슬프다.
ok fuck it y r u comparing two great country japan and korea has their own good things and to be honest i think thisr video is fking dumb i love korea fuck it
that guys just look like doesn't like korea. korea is a lot of people living in the small ground and seoul is capital of korea also seoul has high population density . therefore seoul has no choice but to complex. I think that if they effort fot understand korean culture,they could enjoy enough . for example you guys have to try to go outside of seoul . you guys judgment only one part of korea. anyway all korean doesn't like that like you guys saying. and im living in canada now anywhere there is various kind of people.I have not good experience too in canada for example i saw lots of racist in canada but all people doesn't like that guys so i understood.therefore i think don't say like that about the other country. anyhow korean guys doesn't care about youguys lol
Now, I do feel sorry for both Simon and Martina to have this kind of opinion of Korea. I myself as Korean do agree some of their thoughts and understand their point of views. However, there are some points that I would like to point out to have better aspect of you two.

First, I do understand living in Korea could be very stressful and you two claim running an entrepreneur while in Korea gave you two more stress. Okay. Now, is that a Korean's fault? You two decided to do business and attempt to make a profit for better living. No one made you two to do the business while making youtube video. Because you are making videos only in Japan doesn't necessarily make Korea is more stressful place. This logic is not added up to me. What if you two again run the business in Japan? Will that make you two more stressful eventually? It was your decision, not Korean's. You can't blame this on them.

Second, feel welcome in Japan. Alright, this one I can agree with. The cultural aspect between Japanese and Korean are (as you already know) very different. Over eight years living in Korea, I'm sure you two have met many people and I'm sure a lot of them welcome you two and being kind and helpful as well. I do know that Korea is still a country that is not very friendly to foreigners. But I'm sure they are changing too. Also, If you two made this video before left Korea and trying to communicate with more people while staying there could result better solution. Koreans felt (as I mentioned in first paragraph) betrayed saying "KOREA SUCKS" after left Korea and living in Japan. If you think this isn't really a big deal and shouldn't be matter, you might need to put your hand on your heart and ask yourself, "am I really that ignorant?"

Third and last, I see now many people blame and criticize Korean for being rude and angry. I'm positive that Korean aren't mad because they chew out my mother country and its people. Koreans are mad because you two went two faces and slap their faces like nothing. I was one of big fan of EYK, I watched very first video and participated many events as well. I remember EYK was all about telling how great Korea is and that's the one of the biggest reason people have risen. People get angry because EYK treated my country as money-making tool. At least that's how I felt. Like you two express your opinions about Korea.

I would like to ask Simon and Martina to remember first they start their youtube career. I truly believe that this two people put many afford and time to make their channel great, yet I would like to ask you two recognize that this could be happen because you two had big support from Korean and fans of Korean culture. I'm darn positive that you two wouldn't make up to here when there aren't support from these people and fans. 1 million people wouldn't be here if you didn't have great experience in Korea. If you two really do appreciate what you guys have right now, please show it to audiences.
Thank you.
Shu Yam
I simply appreciate that you love and respect our society.
Erik Lopez
The RuPaul introduction gives me life! Hahaha love you guys
Patrick Lee
The aggressiveness of Koreans is built in their genes. Nothing can change it. They try to be a modern country like Japan, but they just can't. Every Korean I've met is jealous, xenophobic, narrow-minded and selfish. And people like talking shit behind their backs. They really avoid foreign cultures and foreign people.

Having many unpleasant experiences with Koreans, I've lost my hope in them and in their society/culture. If I were to choose one of these two countries, I would definitely choose Japan because of its well-known rule-oriented society and good manners of Japanese people. Most importantly, everyone in the world knows Japan is better than Korea, and that's an undeniable fact.
Eugene N
에고.. 여기 일본 혐한 놈들 소굴이 됐구먼
good for u guys!, hope u guys survive from nuclear infection xD
tim jane
Talk about your country without relying on any other country anymore. Stop making money from other countries and introduce yourself to your culture.
It is like dog sound...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
처음엔 이해하려했는데 영상을 볼수록 어이가 없네요. 분명 어느 나라나 호의적인분들도있고 그렇지않은 분들도 있어요. 한국에대해서 호의적으로 말할땐 언제고 굳이 일본과 비교하면서 아주 사이비인들만 모인 사람들처럼 말하는건가요? 두분에겐 호의적인분들이 한명도 정말 없었나요? 그렇게 이방인취급받고 눈치보면서 살았으면 그럼 진작에 다른나라 가시지 굳이 왜 사신거에요? 정말 이해할 수 없군요.
그런데 솔직히 말해서 한국과 일본이랑 역사적인 문제로 사이가 안좋은것을 이 분들도 아실텐데...굳이 이걸 영상으로 만들어서 올리는것은 아니라고 생각해요. 한국 사람으로써는 기분이 나쁠 수 밖에 없지 않을까요...??
Heather McKinney
This comparison is really about city living vs. country living. Of course in a busy city as in Seoul,you hear all the traffic and city people arent as friendly. Of course you will see and hear about more crime in the city vs the country. Whatever the case, Im glad you guys are happier in Japan.
Max I'm
Please, angry Koreans, were you hired to prove the point of the negative experiences S&M talked about? Because it seems so. Before accusing others of making bad jokes about your country and culture, stop making a bad joke of yourself.
flower the best jpop group
Since you guys really like Japan you guys should try out jpop!!!.

Some groups I recommend would be: faky, j soul brothers, happiness, da-ice, exile the second, generations by exile and flower. I could list many more but these are the ones I highly recommend :) you guys should also make a video on jpop in Japan!.

Glad you guys found a place you guys love unconditionally!
한국이나 일본이나 이상한 사람은 있고 제대로 된 사람은 있죠. 하지만 가정교육이 더 엄격한 나라가 일본이고....일본인들은 남에 대해 배려를 많이 하니 개인주의가 발달한 서양에서 나고 자란 인인 마티나와 사이먼이 지내기는 일본이 제격이겠죠. 한국이 더 지내기 좋은건 중국이나 필리핀 사람들 정도일까....한국의 문화가 더 성숙해지려면 아직도 한 세기는 더 지나야 된다고 생각해요. 그 때도 똑같을수도 있긴 하죠....타고난건 변하지 않는 거니까....
이게 다 박정희 정권의 잔재 때문에 그렇다. 대기업, 자국기업 몰아주기식 행정이 아직도 남아있어서 외국이에게 매우 불편한 구조임. 다음 다다음 정권때 청산해서 더 나은 사회를 만들어야지.
There was a feeling of rejection of this video because of the comment,
It is a story to be sympathetic.
이번 영상으로 의도를 확실히 알겠네요. 전문 유튜버들이라서 모든영상이 다 계획하고 만든거니까 괜히 어그로 끌리지 말고 그냥 관심주지 마세요.
Emily Lyons
teacher in japan - generally i love it here but i definitely go through my phases of microaggressions/culture shock. so funny to me that comparatively you think the driving situation in japan is great! i'm totally the opposite, but i'm sure it's because i came here straight from america. i ride a bike here and every day in my little suburb i narrowly avoid getting hit by a car lol. definitely has a lot to do with how the streets are so narrow here, but also i've noticed that so many people here take stop signs and crosswalks more as a suggestion. i always have to stop and wait to see if a car will slow down because for every car that abides by the signs, 3 more don't. :p however! people are definitely not aggressive about it. if they see someone coming at a cross when they weren't planning on stopping, they'll slam on the breaks, but they won't honk or yell like people do all the time in america... also since the streets are narrow people have to back up all the time for cars going the opposite way. i've gotten jammed in the middle of these situations on my bike so many times haha. not anything to make me want to leave immediately, but it totally gets to me on a bad day.
before start, i'm Korean high school girl.
well, they have their opinion.
but you have to know that we are very sensitive with this topic.
i can't understand WHY they still don't know that this is not a thing that foreigners can say.
made this video,was VERY VERY unthinkable.
Motti moti
Is anti-Japan Korean attack on this channel continued?
Their "grudge" is vindictive and abnormal.
Let's be honest. I am Korean myself, born from Korean parents. I am 20(international
age), and I lived in Korea(mostly, Seoul) more than 19 years. Korea and Japan
are both such a highly homogeneous society, and as a Korean I know how
exclusive we are towards foreigners. Although Korean and Japanese people would
both oppose, I believe that two nation has a very similar culture in terms of
exclusiveness and many others.
Having been to several ‘developed nations,’ I came to this conclusion; Korea is not a
developed nation, in terms of sexual equality, racial equality, openness
towards others, social welfares and our attitude towards the nation itself. (I do,
however, recognize the opinions that we can’t measure how developed a nation
is.) However, this has much to do with the education, not the people of the
nation. Under the circumstances of having been divided for over half a century
and situated in the middle of four biggest nations; US, Russia, China and
Japan, we were taught how great Koreans are. The nationalistic way of thinking
was also educated in school so as to protect it’s ‘legitimacy’ over Korean
peninsula. Furthermore, Korea was influenced heavily by Confucianism, which emphasizes
the society rather than individuals. Yes, Korea is also a very collectivistic,
and the members of the society are not much welcoming towards the people who
are outside of the society. This makes them feel the coldness and difficulty of
getting integrated into the society. Also, the Korea has a little history of
encountering foreigners. For more than thousands of years, we have only faced
China and Japan; it hasn’t been that much that we began to interact with the
other continents, which makes us more exclusive towards foreigners. This is the
problem we should improve on.
Moreover, Korean society emphasizes both the courtesy towards others as well as competition
against others. The courtesy manner itself is highly hierarchical and one-way.
We were taught to pursue obedience to those who are in higher position, such as
boss or elderly. The reason why this is one-way is because the ones who are in
higher position would force only the weaker ones to obey and be courteous to
them. Patriarchalism and monarchy from the past 1000 years are highly
responsible for these stuffs. This makes not only younger generations but also
the foreigners hard to adjust and get integrated. The competition, on the other
hand, is a very recent thing. As the Korean economy was set on the growing
track, there has been an overwhelming growth in population largely due to the
economic boom and baby boom after the Korean war that broke out on 1950. Without
any essential natural resources, Korea had to compete inside the nation. More
than 50 M people living together in the area smaller than Pennsylvania, we had
no choice but to make ourselves busy to make a living. We lack relaxation and
break time; we had to work and work and work every single day, making the
quality of life lower than ever, and the suicide rate highest in the world.
These two together, has created a synergic effect what now we call ‘hell Korea.’
I also do recognize the past historical relations; however, this has nothing to
do with ‘living’ itself. And mostly, current generations are not directly held
accountable for those what the ancestors have done. Set aside the
dokdo-liancurt rocks dispute, what needs to be done is the recognition of the
history itself and the sincere apologies from the Japanese government, not
blaming Japanese as a whole for what they have done to us.
To all the Korean monkeys here: Don't think too highly of yourself just because you have Kpoop and plastic surgery. If i remember correctly you were one of the poorest country a while back. You're just a third world country pretending to a first world country. So GTFO. You can't compare yourself with Japan or China, they're leagues above you.
Andy Sang Yoon Hwang
First of all, I understand you guys stood up and talk about your experience. it seems that you guys were sort of forcefully stopped by Koreans during the business because of kpop based on the video. I think that made a huge blow to your experience, sentiment and business in Korea. driving, quietness, general behavior of peolle and etc, I understand you guys are making comparisons on those. but I think what gave readers, especially Koreans, a little bit of yellow flag is you are just comparing without giving any credit to what Korea has offered you for the last 8 years. As a korean canadian, I would not necessarily make a video saying U.S was 10 times better because Canada did not offer this and this after living in Canada for more than 14 years or so; because it is not necessary to talk about bad things anyway. I would just give Canada credits by stating some positive experiences and etc. Or i would not just make a video for comparison listing who is better or whatnot. i personally think comparing country to country is pretty bad idea and you would know that Koreans are very senstive about Japanese issue in general if you have lived in korea for more than 8 years. I watched couple of your videos giving positive images of korea and all the sudden you are in different country not giving any positive credit for korea is sort of weird. I think video would have not caused any trouble if you have listed both positive stuff and negative things at the same time and just ended there. not too sure what really happened to your business before you guys left though.
Kaitlyn C
I work in Korea, and will soon be a student. And I have experienced the same things. I've been here (back and forth) for a total of about 3 years. But this last year, after I came back from living in the US for a few years...everything seemed to affect me more (cuz I older lol). And it has been difficult. I feel that same coldness, and I feel exactly what S&M are talking about (apart from the business related issues). I'm at a point where I don't know what to do with my life anymore. I thought Korea was where I wanted to be, but I've realized that I need to be in a friendlier and more welcoming place. I love Japan. I've visited there, I've lived there, and I can see myself moving back. But it's quite difficult when you're outside of Japan, because there are so many foreigners already there, that no one really needs to hire anyone from abroad.

Anyway, I am having a hard time in Korea because of the things S&M talk about, and more.
Q&A를 한국과 일본의 장단점 비교로 했다면 훨씬 좋았을것 같네요. 두가지 대상의 장단점을 각각 언급하는 것이 공정한 '비교(Comparison)' 입니다. 한 쪽의 장점과 다른쪽의 단점만 언급하는 것은 '비판(Criticism)' 이죠. 이 영상은 한국의 문화와 환경에 대한 비판에 가깝습니다 ㅠㅠ. 문화를 소개하는 컨텐츠가 많은 유튜버인데 이런 영상은 조금 아쉽네요. 원래 1년동안 거주할것을 계획하고 한국에 왔다가, 한국이 좋아서 7년동안이나 거주했던 사람들이, 이제와서 단점만을 언급하니 서운함이 큰것같습니다.eat your kimchi라는 타이틀을 공식 홈페이지에서 쓰는 분들의 영상이라는 점에서 너무 아쉽죠. ㅠㅠ결국 본인들이 7년동안 소개했던 한국은 일본보다 못한곳이 되어버린것 같은 느낌이 나니까요
sunni bae
한국이랑 일본을 비교하는 것 자체가 엄청나게 예민한 문제인데 그걸 몰랐을리가 없지 그냥 감수하시길
지네들이 살기 좋다고 전체를 일반화 하지 맙시다 일반화 하는 사람들은 원숭이 취급 받는다 어딜 가나 좋고 나쁜데 있는거지 원숭아
한국인들 진짜 이 영상 보고 반성 많이 해야 돼요.....이게 무슨 나라 망신입니까. 어휴....저도 어릴때부터 일본만화를 보고 자라서 일본의 예절문화를 잘 알아서 주변에 예의바르게 한다고 하고는 있지만 일본인들이 보기에는 여전히 예의없는 한국인들 중 한 명이겠죠. 일본같은 경우는 예의의 허들이 상당히 높아서....일본문화를 잘 모르는 한국인이 한 실수 한번 조차도 부모님을 죽인 원수를 보듯하며 절대 용서를 안하는....
Thunde r
한국 까는 영상인듯
because you guys are 'white'
I lived and worked in China for two years (i'm back in the Philippines right now.) In my whole two years there, i had lots of surprising and shocking WTFs living there but I am quite surprised that I began hating living in the Philippines more when i can came back. China lakced a bit of finesse and manners TBH but it isn't as bad as my own country. Chinese people were friendly to foreigners like me and i surely had a blast. I do wish i could come back...

but hey! I LOVE JAPAN! i'm so jelly right now. you are living the life, guys!
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