Japan or Korea: Did We Make the Right Choice?

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It's been one year since we announced that we were moving to Japan.  Now that we look back, did we make the right decision?  Do we miss Korea?  Where's better for us to live, Korea or Japan?  

We're talking about this a bit more, including our great fear in making this video, in our blog post.  Read more if you're up for it.
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Simon and Martina
For those of you who have seen the anger of the comment section, please don't think of that as a representation of Korea. The angry people here shouldn't scare you away from Korea, shouldn't make you think less of Korean people. This reaction isn't commonplace, nor is it representative of what all Korean people think. A big part of it is because our video was shared on some dark and angry Korean websites, which brought out the worst in the visiting commenters. So don't worry! This is a special kind of anger :)
솔직히 여자분 화장이나 남자분 머리모양ㅋㅋ 한국에서 하면 미친 외국인 취급 당할 만 하죠.ㅋ.. 한국은 단일민족이라는 그럴싸한 핑계아래 조금이라도 다르면 엄청 대놓고 차별하거든요. 그런 이유도 무시 못할듯. 반면 일본에선 개인의 구역을 침범하지 않는게 예의이기 때문에 겉으로 티를 안내니까 훨씬 편하게 느끼셧을만하네요. 한국에 잘 적응하는 데이빗인가 그런애들은 잘 적응 하잖아요 ㅋㅋ 본인의 개성 다 버리고 한국에 맞춰서 살아가는..ㅋㅋ
tkdlek tkdlek
As a Korean living in Seoul, I am very sympathetic to your opinions. Japan is much more advanced and stable than Korea in many ways. A day in Korea is a continuation of tension. I wanna live comfortably without feeling impatient and nervous.
Indalao Joan
i lost it when simon used rupaul reference 😂😂😂😂
namdi siagi
남자 눈이 너무 작아요 동양인인가요?
la jinsag
한글 자막도 넣지마라 ㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗ
박쥐같은 새끼
la jinsag
한글 자막도 넣지마라 ㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗ
la jinsag
박쥐같은 놈 년이네 한국이 좋타할떼는 언제고 ....
일본에서 바다에 수장 되길 빈다 !
한국 으로는 두번 다시 오지마라!!!
Like XD
I am sorry Korea I am Japanese.
Passion Leidenschaft
Korea and Japan are not the same at all.
Korea is next to China.
Japan is next to Hawaii.
( ´・ω・`)
woopwoop ee
TLDR: They don't know wtf to do and you will end up in a horribly uncomfortable situation. Just have 1 person pay and pay them back afterwords.

We know not to tip, we know to use more quiet voices compared to Canada in Japan, we know not to ask to "hold the pickles" aka ask to change a dish slightly, we knew all these things, except not to try splitting a bill. Our tour even told us tips of what not to do in japan in our tour book, eg. blowing your nose in public, but instead sniffing it back up. So there was no way of us knowing we couldn't split a bill.

Our group of 5, at the beginning of our week trip was at a restaurant in Kyoto. We asked if we could split the bill, and they literally did not know what to do. They understood what we wanted. They would nod yes to the person in our group speaking and then turn their head to another friend nodding no. All the workers gathered around staring at our group as we tried to ask to split the bill so we could all pay separately since we are all friends not a family. One of the workers asked if we had enough money to me on the side as this was happening and I said yes. The woman trying to ring us out had to call their manager on the phone, while other workers that gathered are kind of giggling. After all this happening in the span of just 5 minutes we just paid all together and paid back our friend separately afterwords. This was at a restaurant in a hotel which got english tourists from tour agencies, staying as well. (we were part of one of these tours)

I guess they were too polite to just say no, they can't split it? Which in turn causes much confusion... the whole situation was uncomfortable and could have been avoided if they just said no straight up, and they felt a little rude towards the end with us as well :/ Never again did we ask to split a bill, since it's apparently just not done there lol

BUT OTHERWISE OUR TRIP WAS AMAZING!!! Traveled from Osaka to Tokyo and it was wonderful. I also love the transit system, SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE TTC. (other than booty grabbers, which didn't happen) totally great experience... THIS COMMENT IS HUGE.
I am Korean and I love Korea. Sometimes we might be a little too straightforward but thats just in our DNA 😂 I did not watch the whole video but I am at least happy that you guys found a place. love you guys xoxo
별로 화안나는데 일본이 살기엔 낫지않나?
Mersy Lee
Japanese are warm and kind to others but just for outside.
Koreans they are not that friendly at first but their heart is warm
미친 병.신들 이런거 왜올리냐 ㅋㄱ
할말이 이거밖에 없다. 이영상은 왜찍으셨어요? 그러니까 이거 요약하면 이거잖아요. 한국이 싫은 이유 일본이 좋은 이유. 저를 포함한 한국인들이 필요이상으로 흥분하고 화내는게 당연하잖아요. 한국하고 일본하고 안해도 될 비교를 굳이 해서 니네 나라 이래서 싫었어. 근데 일본 여기 니네랑 다르게 겁나게 좋아. 이 소리잖아요 지금. 아 빡치네. 되게 구체적으로 앞에서 앞담하는거 듣는 기분인데요. 누구라도 자기나라 싫었던 점을 10분쯤 정리해놓고, 역사적으로 우리나라한테 했던 좋은일이라고는 더럽게 없는 옆나라 좋다고 말하는 영상 보면 화나요. 꼭 이 주제로 영상을 찍어야 했어요? 굳이 많은 한국사람들이 보는 앞에서 니네 나라 이래서 싫었다고 말했어야 하냐고요.
한국은 영어로 말해주려는 사람 많은데 일본인은 영어 못하니까
일본어 겁나 공부 열심히해서 얘기하네
남자가 쫌더 일본을 좋아하는듯... 저런 쓰레기 빼먹을거 다빼먹고 가냐
우리동네 겁나 조용한데 니네가 시끄러운동네 사니까 시끄럽지 여긴 겁나 조용함
한국에는 적극적인 또라이가 많지... 일본은 더하지만 나대지는 않음 왜저럴까 같은나라사람인데도 이해안가는사람들 있어요
Walls Kuma
꼬라지를 보면 딱 한국에서 무슨 경험 했을지 대략 감은 온다마는. ㅎㅎ 그러치 뭐.
Mia Hansen
Why are people getting so offended? Why do people associate themselves with an entire country? Are we not individuals?Also, I didn't see any hating on Korea in this video whatsoever. they were just professionally explaining their experience and which one works for their lifestyle. While even being careful to take all factors into consideration. Very surprised seeing the hate.

When people actually become afraid of sharing their opinions, that's when you know something is terribly wrong with society.
Thanks for your explanation. From your point of view Japan is a better place. I have never been in Japan but I have lived short time in Seoul. I agree that Koreans are cold and distant. They are polite but sometimes I felt unwelcomed too. And it can be a noisy place. About driving. In my country this is an issue so I'm used to it. But in order to change bad habits our municipal police gives a lots of fines.
ng ちろは
I totally agree on the Koreans being so cold and distant to the neighbors, even if I'm a Korean myself, I don't like that either. When I heard Japanese people are so welcoming to foreigners or strangers, I knew that they are very kind after chatting with my new Japanese friend. I love Japan, too, even if I haven't been there -_-
I would really love to visit there at least for a month >_< fufufufu. It's not like I don't love Korea but there are more friendly people in Japan than Korea. So I want to go there sometime, after my studies, but it might take forever -_-
Takutyan 569
Living in Korea is so noisy. I do not want to. Well, if you have a chance, please come and visit Japan again
Moi Gizalien
Why can't we all get along and just accept everyones opinion for what it is. I revisited this video cause I know it's getting a little hate. I think we should all get along and instead focus on how AMAZING Martinas lipstick is and - oh simon, thats a very majestic beard! Also that wine bottle in the back, brilliant. LIGHTEN UP PEEPS.
Imogen Capes
I'm a New Zealand born university student who loves watching your videos and plans to visit both Japan and Korea in the near future 😊 glad to hear that you are both living happily in Japan
Did you watch your Korea vs Japan video from 2013? You should have watched it for a little perspective maybe. You should have known that people will be butthurt if you portray it as onesided as you are now.

Or did your views on things like: Sidedishes, Korean Subway, WiFi and the snazzy Business attire change? ;)
It's totally fine if you guys prefer Japan than Korea, but in this video you guys are just saying all the bad things about Korea and all the good things about Japan. But what you guys are explaining as common things in Korea are NOT COMMON. You did say that not all korea is not like what you said but the whole video just shouts out that it is all like that. You guys are saying as if Korea is always dangerous and aggressive place and Japan is always safe and polite. I don't assume all foreigners are rude like you guys because you two are rude. So please stop making Korea a bad place to be (which is not) and Just live your life in Japan. STOP TALKING ABOUT KOREA YOU GUYS ARE JUST BEING RUDE
Chanel Boy
I lived in SGpore for 7years, at 1st year is hell for me. I was 17 with bad english, homesick from warm hearted friendly country which all abt togetherness. In SG? Mind ur damn business!! I was so stressful & cried every nite wanted to go bk home. But I hang on. After the 2nd years, I find I suit SG, I blend in & try to think like a true Sgporean. I love SG for its best and worst. I talk singlish, curse in hokkien, hanging like truly sgporean, learn abt blogger & sosmed influencer (SG has them as celebrity since SG doesnt hv so much popstar that could talk abt) ,and so on. I think its all in our mindset. If we acts as we belong to this country, we will be never feel like we're guest foreigner in certain country.
Chanel Boy
S&M, and all fans, TBH I was ur big fan when u still eatyourkimchi. I don't know what other fans said u guys look happier now, but as EXACTLY what u said the different energy from J & K, has injected to u. Last time in SK, u guys look energetic a bit here & there crazy zanny n full of life n talks faster, after move to Japan, u guys seems aged (not physically), both talk slower, calming & talk in moree carefully and a lot hesitation. I dont know, i love eatyourkimchi, TLDR was GOLD, & for now still? Korea is still going far conquer the world with their beauty medicine tech & KPOP. I just thinking how much u guys can still cover if still in korea :((
People deserve to own their own opinions without having to explain why, excessively.
Little Miju
I was so happy for Korean YouTubers 😭❤️❤️❤️ BUT I STILL LOVE YALL😂😂❤️❤️
같은 한국인으로서 여기서 화내는사람들 참 부끄럽다... 외국인이 그렇게 느낄수도 있는거고, 한국과 일본, 캐나다에서 모두 살아본 사람으로서 굉장히 공감되는 이야기다.
동영상에 나오는 이야기들 사실 전부 맞는말 아닌가? 한국에서의 무질서함, 소음, 외국인에 대한 반응은 분명히 문제점이고 고쳐할 부분이다. 이걸 반성하면서 듣고 고칠 생각을 해야지 사실대로 말했다고 비난할 부분이 아니다.
이런 문제에 대해서는 아마 상대적으로 질서가 잘 지켜지는 서양에서 살던 사람들이 봤을때 굉장히 무질서해보이고, 외국인에 대한 이런 반응은 불쾌하게 느낄수도 있을꺼다.
특히 서울 한복판이라면 몰라도 부천같이 외국인이 많지 않은 동내에서 사람들이 외국인을 대하는걸 봤을때 내가 부끄러웠던적이 한두번이 아니다. 이런건 고쳐야지 이런걸 말했다고 비난할게 아니다..
Park Minje
You shouldn't have posted this video as comparison of Korea to Japan, it is more like city to countryside.
Park Minje
한국에서 이웃간의 커뮤니티가 붕괴되었다는건 다들 알고 있는거 아님? 특히 서울은 심한편이고. 당장 서울이랑 지방이랑 비교해봐도 서울이 더 이웃간의 교류가 없고 차갑다고 느껴지는건 알 수 있음. 어릴때부터 경쟁에 찌들어 살아가는데 이렇게 되는게 어찌보면 당연하다는 생각이 들기도 하네.
But seriously, you guys do know that Korean community has less to do with where you live, but what you are interested in. If you enjoyed neighbors being affectionate to you, good for you. But it seems like you are comparing urban to rural areas. rather than differences between Japan and Korea. It is ovious that magalopolice like Seoul has its own unique way to socialize to rural areas where you guys currently live in.
hi tak
한국은 심한 나라입니다
Y 띵이지용
한국 문화가 맘에 안드는걸 알겠는데 굳이 단점만 말할 필요가있나???
이건 비교하는게 아니고 그냥 비난아님??ㅜ
I am an American born citizen, a manager of a fast food restaurant, making $8.50 an hour and still barely able to pay for bills. 😅 It's enough to get by, but living in America hasn't been the easiest recently.
Jy K
stop bashing korea any more.
i fully appreciate that Simon and Martina have the kind of relationship where they can question each other's choices. Oh my goodness, 30 seconds in and I have tears streaming down my face 😂😂
you should change your Channel name in to "eat your kimchi"change into something like
loveing japen stuff.I am korean but it sorry to hear you guys off the korea.
I dont know about living, I just think that japan is a way better place to visit since I have been to both countries.
I am from Hong Kong and I love K-POP, I am not gonna say Korea is bad or Korean are bad, BUT JAPAN IS JUST BETTER!
Cabbage Lettuce
와... 한국인들 쓴 댓글 진짜... 쪽팔리게 행동한다..
Cabbage Lettuce
I'm so so sorry Simon and Martina on behalf of the Korean commenters below. Like you said, it's not all Koreans who are angry like them. I'm Korean and I know many other Koreans (unfortunately only American born Koreans) who understand you both! Hope you're happy in Japan! One thing though, moving to a new country won't treat your depression.
Japan is a much better place to visit than South Korea. Fact.
Marco Andaloro
South Korean mentality...
Robin Yi
I'm Korean and in all honesty, Korea is better than Japan for KOREANS, not foreigners. Japan is good for both Japanese and foreigners. I don't know if it's because Japan was developed far earlier than Korea, or if Japan has a more appealing culture to foreigners and quite frankly to Koreans as well.
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