Japan or Korea: Did We Make the Right Choice?

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It's been one year since we announced that we were moving to Japan.  Now that we look back, did we make the right decision?  Do we miss Korea?  Where's better for us to live, Korea or Japan?  

We're talking about this a bit more, including our great fear in making this video, in our blog post.  Read more if you're up for it.
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Simon and Martina
For those of you who have seen the anger of the comment section, please don't think of that as a representation of Korea. The angry people here shouldn't scare you away from Korea, shouldn't make you think less of Korean people. This reaction isn't commonplace, nor is it representative of what all Korean people think. A big part of it is because our video was shared on some dark and angry Korean websites, which brought out the worst in the visiting commenters. So don't worry! This is a special kind of anger :)
Don quijote
I lived in S. Korea for 4 years. S&M is right. They are homogenous culture. They dont accept defeat and criticize Japan. Most Koreans have so much hate in their heart. It is a stressful place to live in. Thank God am here now in Canada.
Sangwook Jin
한국은 후진국입니다. 일본과 비교하는 자체가 모순입니다.
Eliana Deshli
I actually stopped following your account when you were still in S.Korea and followed back after watching a video from Japan.
In my subjective opinion, after creating the studio in S.Korea, with each next week you two looked bit more tired and I got the vibes that it's getting difficult for you to create a positive content, when fans want to see this or that and you had a schedule to follow.
Now you two look more relaxed and your videos are back to being creative, which makes me happy! It's like you got your creative freedom to film what you want back (and with it inspiration) . At least it feels like that to me.
I am glad, that your decision was the right one for the two of you!
(sorry for bad English)
햔귝얘셔 됸쳐볅교뉸 이힐뵨 갸셔뉸 햔귝 꺄대네. 진쨔 재슈엽뉸 년뇸듈
adams trasd
You guys lived in korea for 7 years and yet can't speak the language. I mean... really? Just doesn't seem right you guys speaking about cultural acceptance.
syuici Siraisi
Michael Angel
what the fuck happened to these freaks
Nicki Chiara Moore
I don't really know which country I prefer. I mean, first I was like, all into Japan (because the badminton quality there was great), but then I watched the 2017 Asia Team Championships and Korea (the country which I thought was just normal or even bad at badminton) impressed me a lot. Like, the brilliant performance was right before my eyes! It was amazing. Then I considered more about Korea. The plastic surgery there had high quality, and people were beautiful, the cosmetics and other products are of high quality too. I wish I could just choose between the two.
potato sweet
well win-win situation will be you guys never going to Korea again and happily living in Japan. I've noticed you guys don't like Korea long ago so it's not surprising at all. Hope I don't see you guys again. But still I love both Japan and Canada cause they both made me happy childhood memories.
Sue Lim
Then Good luck.
Ian Lee
I am a Korean but many Koreans are very superficial and how handsome or pretty one is can make a huge difference in how people treat you. I suspect this may have been one factor they did not feel welcome in Korea. It is unfortunate and sad but a harsh reality.
너무 디스 하지 마시라우~
Elle Im
i see a lot of people are saying how japan is better and well i get that japan is more developed. But please know that japan basically was cancer to all east asian countries especially korea(to koreans they're equivalent as nazis to jews execpt japan never apologize) and it would be weird for them to not be so developed. Also simon and martina... i can see why you chose japan over korea but did you really had to shit on us like this after all the korean content you did to make profit? if you didnt like korea you're more than welcome to leave but you didnt have to touch the sensitive part make a lot upset. Maybe the reason why you didnt have that great experiences in korea is because you never bothered to LEARN ANY KOREAN to COMMUNICATE WITH KOREANS. Isnt that the basic thing to do?
Im korean~ but i think it is personal favor! Hahahaha
I can not make a serious comment when I see a guy with a ridiculous hairstyle like yours and whatever is sitting next to you. Obviously you both made the wrong choice before you even moved.
Their experience of Japan vs. Korea very much mirrors my experience of Japan vs. China. I lived in Chengdu for 1 month and visited Tokyo for 1 week. What I loved about Japan was the order, the calm and the politeness, whereas I found the disorganized energy of China to be somewhat exhausting (the driving was even more chaotic and terrifying in China than Korea). But My travel-mate loved the energy of China and felt stifled by the rules of conduct found in Japan. It really is all about personal taste.
T T.
While I insult the Canadian couple who left Korea, 4 million Koreans come to Japan for one year. This double standard Korean. Work, prostitution, sightseeing, theft, Olympics, Korea always depend on Japan.
yushyasama sikkoku
It's easy
Cuz Korea just sucks
That's it
Sarah Pittman
Simon. How can you did Frank Sinatra like that?! Like I love both of you, but Martie is definitely my favorite Hufflepuff now
Rafael Muniz
You can tell just by watching the videos that the people of Japan are more friendly.
Aaron's Special Life
i really don`t know what to say. it`s just personal thought and that's all. u know one of the features of korean is over-nationalism. of course japan has many problem. if his choice was korea, comment might be quite friendly. after all, don`t be serious dude just my, ur opinion.
Mochio Yossi
Korean Who write abusing coment to simon and martina
I ask you one question.
If you would reborn again which country you chose Japan or Korea ?
씨발 ㅋㅋㅋ 장난하냐
지금 누가 누굴 선택하고 있냐 ...영상보니 거의 한국 극혐 수준인데 한국 관련영상 좀 다 지워 주면 안되나요 갈거면 깔끔하게 가야지 이중성 역겹네요
Donny Smith !
Great video, I love the big city life Korea but I sometimes feel I'm not really welcomed here, I understand the culture to a degree but it is what it is. However I will visit Tokyo in a few months, I love the channel and keep up the good work
ゾウイ_敦獅 Zowie_Atsushi
Mina Song
여기 관종 지리네 진짜;; 우익들아 좀 아닥
jozy cozy
Haha, You should've compare it with North instead of the South cause South is called Hell Korea
K-pop you'll see Koreans and Chinese,but you would never see a mixed white or a black
Christine Choi
Simon, Martina...두분 채널 구독하며 응원했던 사람으로 이 비디오 컨텐츠는 조금 실망이네요 ㅠㅠ 두 나라의 비교보다는 그냥 일본에서의 좋은 삶을 얘기해주는것이 두분을 좋아했던 한국구독자들에게 최소한 예의 아닐까요? ㅠㅠ 아무리 본인들 의견이고 criticize할 자격은 없지만 그냥 팬으로써 마음이 좋지가않내요... 댓글들 보세요...한국인은 두분과 일본 욕하고, 일본은 한국 욕하고.. 마음이 찢어지네요 ㅠㅠ
Naxi ii
가증커플 안녕 오랜만이야^_^
영상보러온거 아니고 욕하려고들어왔어^^
한국에서 오래 살았지만 어차피 한글 1도 모를테니 존나 욕해줘야겠다^^ 일본가서 방송시작했으면 새로 출발해라 제발 자꾸 한국 돌려까대면서 비교영상 처올리지말고 가증스러운커플 ㅠㅠ 냄새 나니까 제발 유툽에서도 꺼져줘 힝 ㅠㅠ
Martinez Luis
근데 보면 일본은 외국인이 그냥 동네에도 많이 다니더라 많이 가봤는데.. 그리고 문화차이도 있는듯 한국은 좀 새로운 걸 받아드리는것을 바로 바로 힘들어해섴ㅋ
66 77
한국 줫 같은거 사실임!!!!!한국 이랑 일본이면 당연히 일본이지!!!한국을 다른나라와 비교할때는 대만이랑 해주셈!!일본이랑은 좀 레벨 차이가 나긴함!!!!!
Try posting a video preferring Korea over Japan.
There won't be much Japanese blaming and hating other country or the Youtuber like these people do, I promise.
Paper Crane Trips
You guys seem a lot happier and more excited in your Japan videos :)
Epin Hervin
korea both north and south is sucks
I've never been to Korea, but I have spoken to many Koreans and have asked them about things to do, places to see, experiences, etc. of course hey had good things as well as bad things to say. I do hope to visit it one day.

On the opposite side, I have lived in Japan (Okinawa) for several years. The taxi drivers there are absolutely crazy. Very nice people, but you do go into a panic attack in the back seat. lol otherwise, I can highly recommend visiting Japan. Great food, I also experienced very kind neighbors, easy to navigate around, sales people tried very hard to help us even though we were also trying to learn the language. Everyone's experience is their own. I'm glad you two are happy!! I love Japan and am making plans to move back in the near future.
shudra park
This one has anger and bitterness written all over it.
Bonggyu Lee
I was born in South Korea and lived in Australia and the U.S before. I'm studying in Japan now. I think the comparisons are pretty accurate. And I know some Koreans wouldn't be happy with this video but I am pretty proud of seeing someone comparing two countries. We gotta admit Korea is behind Japan and we are always trying to catch up with them. This wouldn't be a fair comparison 20 years ago. Japan was much wealthier, safer and more organised country compared to Korea. But, now people start thinking which one is better. lol
Jennifer Kim
I as a Korean who lived in both Korea and Japan can understand you guys and relate very well because I lived outside of Korea for 10 years and sound and look like a foreigner. It is my home country yet I was mistreated and alienated so many times and I truly miss America and all the other countries I lived at and Japan is really calming and soothing and Korea is so different compared to 10 years ago. foreigners are not monkeys in a zoo. we are all humans. Neighbors are no longer treated like family like the old days. Driving gets more and more dangerous. My country's people mostly freak out around foreigners because there aren't many foreigners here in Korea plus they mostly all suck at English and have stereotypes stuck in their heads about foreigners. I admire you guys and love you guys and apologize to you guys representing my country for all that you have gone through and it's too bad you had to go but I'm glad you're happier and I do have noticed too how you two look much much more at ease in Japan than Korea. Go visit Osaka sometime Simon and Martina! I used to live there it's a wonderful place!
I'm sorry to those who may think differently and those who may feel offended by my comment.
I also can make canadians happy or sad to compare with US based on my personel experiences as what you are talking about.
カナダ人とアメリカ人を区別するのは本当に簡単。ノースアメイカ云々すると100パーセントカナダ人。US又は Statesとはっきり言うとアメリカ人。
Japan is Japan..Korea is Korea.
Everybody knows it except you two.
one more..
Lol. They are trying their best to cover their ass. Good job so far.
Jay June
애초에 이 두분 한국에서 채널명이 eat your kimchi였던가? 조금은 시작부터 한국을 비하하는 뉘양스로 시작했던거 아닌가요?(한국인은 김치냄새난다 ...뭐 이런 느낌이었는데) 저는 캐나다에 단기간 체류했는데, 캐나다인들의 일본 사랑은 유별나죠..그런데 캐나다 커플이 한국에서 eat your kimchi라는 채널명으로 체류 할때부터 뭔가좀 이상하다고 생각했던 것이 사실입니다. 한국떠나 일본 가셨으니까 그곳에서 잘 사세요 ^^ 다시 한국에 올 일도 없겠지만, 와도 별로 유쾌하지 않을걸요...
I'm in Korea and wish that I was in Japan.
Simon have you ever heard of Funhaus? Because you good sir have the identical voice of one of the show host and its amazing lol
South Korea seems to be a more popular destination here in The Philippines as many Filipinos are into K-Pop and the number of Koreanovelas shown on local television. Plus the number of South Koreans living here.

Though I prefer Japan as I like their pop culture, food and their people!
xpatp jtpkptm
Sun-Ah Sin
I would also be one rather picking Japan over Korea. . . just compare the temper of those two countries. There's no doubt that there are equal nice and bad guys in all countries in general, but see how much more Koreans tend to get angry or frustrated easily and show it openly, too. In Japan, meanwhile, it is considered a higher moral and politeness to not let your anger and frustration show to the others. I can already tell which country people would be more of a nice way to deal with if they were customers. Definitely NOT those, who are so ready to show their temper! Every time I stumble upon Koreans and Japanese, it SEEMS more like the Japanese tend to be more reserved and polite. Koreans are also a very polite culture, no doubt, but I do prefer the type of people more who Know how to hold themselves back.
이사람들 생김새 웬지 비호감이더니 내용보니 예감 적중이네
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