Japan or Korea: Did We Make the Right Choice?

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It's been one year since we announced that we were moving to Japan.  Now that we look back, did we make the right decision?  Do we miss Korea?  Where's better for us to live, Korea or Japan?  

We're talking about this a bit more, including our great fear in making this video, in our blog post.  Read more if you're up for it.
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Simon and Martina
For those of you who have seen the anger of the comment section, please don't think of that as a representation of Korea. The angry people here shouldn't scare you away from Korea, shouldn't make you think less of Korean people. This reaction isn't commonplace, nor is it representative of what all Korean people think. A big part of it is because our video was shared on some dark and angry Korean websites, which brought out the worst in the visiting commenters. So don't worry! This is a special kind of anger :)
You guys are hypocrites.
I remember all the good comments you guys made about Korea.
If you enjoy living in Japan, just enjoy it.
Why speak bad about them?
I am pretty sure they will speak bad about Japan when they find somewhere better than Japan.
얼마나 시달렸으면 이런 영상을 올렸을까 싶기도 하네요 유투브 영상 이것저것 보면서 떠돌다 이 영상을 보게됐는데 참 많은 생각이 들어요 한국에서 평생을 산 사람들도 어디에서 어떻게 어떤 사람들과 어떤 가치관으로 살아왔냐에 따라서 한국이 싫기도 하고 좋기도 할텐데 하물며 외국인은 어떻겠어요 처음엔 한국을 무조건적으로 까는 영상인가 싶었는데 한국이 참 잘 안맞았구나 생각이 들어서 안타까워요 누가 나에대해 너는 다른 사람에 비해 이런점이 부족하고 나에게 이렇게 대한게 기분나빠! 라고 뜬금없이 이야기하면 당연히 제 기분이 상하겠죠? 이 영상을 보고 댓글 남기신 여러 한국인분들이 이런 감정을 느끼셨을거라고 생각해요 그렇지만 사실 이 영상은 그렇구나~ 하고 넘기면 그만이에요 이 부부가 한국과 일본에서 살았던 경험을 비교 하면서 장단점을 이야기해도 이걸 받아들이는 사람들이 그저 이들의 의견일 뿐이라고 생각하면 별 문제 없다고 봐요 어차피 이분들이 이렇게 말해도 한국좋아할 사람은 좋아하고 일본 안좋아할 사람은 안좋아해요 아마 한국에서 일본으로 떠나면서 수많은 사람들이 질문했겠죠 거기에 대한 피드백 영상인건데 이게 무슨 절대적인 평가도 아니고 한국분들도 크게 신경 안쓰셨으면 좋겠어요 괜히 여기서 싸우고 물고뜯어봤자 좋을거 하나없어요
朝鮮 スラム

Youtube search, google image search
I had a feeling that living in KOREA was stressful. Sorry Korea. I've just continuously kept hearing how people were rude and you have to keep an image... Etc. I'd rather live some where relaxed and that has no negative vibes.
korean life my psv 2
I am team korea
k s
Hadir K
Why is everyone fighting here. Yes maybe they made it seem like Korea is bad and so on but please reflect on this video. They have lived longer in Korea compared to Japan maybe when they will live longer in Japan , "that first year of good impression" will change to be more balanced to : there are some negatives but also positive. I love Korea and their culture and entertainment, but you cannot agree or disagree based on what you have been through. This is their opinion. I like Japan as well, their food their weirdness (in a good way) and their anime and mangas. But here we see that Simon and Martina prefer calmness rather than crowded places. Some other people may prefer the crowds and the city that never dies more than the calm one. It's all about preferences and also about where you came from if that is a calm place or a lively one. I live in Stockholm it's very crowded, expensive and stressful but it's better than the boring city I lived in before it has more going on than the previous one I used to live in. It's not a good idea comparing two countries. However, their opinion is built out of experiences , they had a bad experience in Korea , that doesn't mean everyone will have it too. They had a great experience in Japan that means not everyone will have it either. 👏🏻 please calm down and try to understand what they mean.
Zu sin
I'm korean and iv been to Canada. i can say korea is better country to live. it is very uncomfortable to live in canada, whole country is like countryside compare with korea. i heard 'go back to your country' from random Canadian ppl when i traveling around. before you two canadian guys compare korea and japan, you guys should notice korea and japan are far better place to live than Canada.
응. 우리도 니들 싫어 괜찮ㅇㅇ 기회주의자ㅋ
Jee B
인정할 부분은 인정하고 넘어가는게 맞는 거 같은데요. 저도 한국 사람이지만 솔직히 저도 사람들이랑 말하는거 싫어합니다. 이사 온지 몇달밖에 안된건 맞지만 이웃이 누군지도 몰라요. 택배 와도 문도 안열어주고 걍 놔두고 가면 나중에 알아서 가져가요. 밖에 아쥼마들 뭐 마트 직원 아줌마들이나 걍 전체적으로 꽤 깐깐해요. 이쪽으로 가라 이래라 저렇게 해라 말도 많고 표정도 겁나 안좋아요. 뭐 올리브영이나 이런 곳 직원들도 톤만 밝고 상냥하지 표정은 걍 일하는 알바 표정이에요. 이해 안가는 부분이 아니고 저도 똑같은 한국 사람이에요. 한국 분들, 이 부분들 부정할 수 있나요? 밖에 나가면 전혀 이런거 없어요? 아파트 이웃들이랑 맨날 인사 하면서 지내요?
일본에 살아본 적은 없지만 여행은 몇번 가봤어요. 마트나 식당에 가면 밝은 목소리나 표정은 아니지만 그냥 상냥한 목소리이고 기분 안좋은 표정은 아니에요. 어딜 가면 솔직히 처음이니까 막 모를수도 있는데 한번도 명령하고 이런 느낌 안 받고 그냥 모르니까 도와주고 싶어하는 느낌을 많이 받았어요. 그리고 길 물어보면 솔직히 그냥 말로 여기서 쭉 가서 cu 애서 오룬쪽 뭐 이런 식우로 말해주잖아요 한귝에서는. 저도 마찬가지에요. 근데 일본에서 지도를 스샷했는데 데이터 서비스도 없고 가려던 식당을 못찾아서 해매는 도중 어떤 여자분한테 길을 물으니까 말 안통해서 엄청 이해하려고 노력해주고 자기가 가던 길 반대 방향으로 한 5분 걸어서 직접 데려다 주더라고요. 미안한 마음과 고마운 마음이 동시에 들고 그랬지만 단 한번도 귀찮은듯한 표정이나 말투는 없었음. 일본 가본 분들 중에 물론 안좋은 사람울 만나봤을슈는 있지만 이런 상냥한 점이 일본에 아예 없다고 할 수 있나요?
그리고 일본 거리가 깨끗하다고 생각한 적은 없는데 그건 그냥 아무 생각 없이 다녀서 그런거고 얼마전에 한강 가니까 쓰레기가 있는건 둘째치고 좀 더럽다는 느낌이 강하게 나도라고요. 그리고 솔직히 홍대나 다른 시내에 새벽에 놀때 땅에 전단지때문에 땅이 안보이는건 기본이잖아요? 가끔 걷다보면 하수구 시궁창 냄새 나는거 흔하잖어요?
인정할건 인정합니다. 그런 면에서는 일본이 더 낫잖어요. 싫으면 치우던가. 싫으면 님이 직접 나서서 상냥해지던가. 싫으면 정책을 바꾸던가. 무조건 한국 욕한다고 하는데 아닌게 있으면 팩트로 날려치기 하던지. 이웃들끼리 엄청 친하고 잘 지낸다는 조사 가져오던지. 그게 아니라면 인정해요. 인정 하고 바뀌고 싶우면 바꾸고 싫으면 걍 저사람들 취향인가보다 하고 넘어가요.
I am glad you guys like Japan. Oh yea... watch out for that radiation. I hear it's everywhere.
The inconvenient thing for Koreans is the fact.
When S Koreans face an inconvenient thing,
S Koreans tend to spew dirty words or run away from accepting the truth or tell a lie.
You know what I mean.
Fletcher Tim
You endured well in hell for seven years 너희는 7 년 동안 지옥에서 잘 버텨
harry narayan
i live in an apartment in Nagoya no one ever talks to me sometimes in the lift they won,t even get out on the same floor but go up a floor then come back down damn i laugh i find it quite entertaining japanese girls and korean food the perfect mix. PS if you think the driving is bad in Korea go to Sri Lanka you are right Japan is a damn peaceful place
Changyoon Lim
한국을 떠났지만 한국을 안 팔고는 성장을 못하니 이런 영상을 만들어내지...
영상제작자의 호불호는 판단 대상이 아니고 이친구들이 한국에서 대접 못 받은 이유를 이 영상에서 알 수 있지 않겠어?
Well, in my opinion, I agree that Japan is better than Korea and Kindness. Koreans who comment here are thinking samely. Also Simon and martina think like that too. But why koreans are angry about this video? Actually I'm a korean who have seen this channel when they have only 2~30 000 subscribers. At fisrt, They made the page named "Eat your Kimchi" and they had made videos about Korea which are Simon & Martina experienced interesting things like korean food, culture, kpop etc. So to many koreans like me or foreigners, they really enjoyed those videos so i've seen even they appeared on korean television shows and news. Through these activities, many people knew them so they become popular more and more. When we saw Simon and Martina's videos, they looks like having really fun time and enjoying their life in Korea so many subscribers especially Koreans had been support them. Through these supports and intersts who really likes simon and martina, As time goes by, this channel grew up and up from 20000 subscribers to 2000000. This result, To me, this is incredible. But sinon and martina moved to Japan, their attitude were changed. They have made videos about korea's bad things even though they have many korean subscribers like me who really likes them. So I think this is core reason. Of course, Japan have really wonderful culture and people are nice. I really like japanese too. But i wonder that since when they moved to japan, why they are making videos which describe only bad things about korea comparing Japan. I agree that some contents are right. But I think most of the contents are wrong. All of the countries have both bad things and good things or pros and cons. These are according to people's point of views or what they've experienced. I respect Simon and Martina's opinion but i don't understand that Is it necessary that only describes bad things about korea excepts a great number of your experiences about having good times in Korea and should betrayed your Korean fans... so..... that feels bad....
Spider 76
한국 이랑 일본이랑 애초에 비교가 되나.. 당연히 일본이 낫지
the road crossing thing...i think if they go to some of the south east asian countries they will get a culture shock hahahah...personally i think both korea and japan are great...as a country i feel japan wins for me cos different parts of japan gave me different cultural experiences and attractions plus the foood i loveeee sushi and sashimi whereas travelling ard korea seems kind of the same for me (aside from jeju) with mostly mountains and beaches along the coastal sides and food wise i dont really eat meat which is pretty dominant in korea though i lovee kimchi.... but as a city seoul wins for me over tokyo cos tokyo can be really fast paced for me like everyone walks so fast and the subway omg is literally one freaking maze hahahaa like my friends and i spent more than 1 hour in a station figuring out where to go (though the staff at the stations are all very friendly and nice thankful for that if not we wld have went mad)
きりさき ちとげ
Ok this is kinda offensive
I don't get how Koreans are colder than Japanese
Just because some Koreans were mean and weird doesn't mean the country is a bad place to live
You just choose a bad place to live in Korea
You said that you are living in a neighborhood in Japan
Why don't you try living In a neighborhood in Korea
it could be better just because you are just living in a small town
Sorry if this sounded pessimistic but im just trying to say that I felt a little bit insulted
きりさき ちとげ
Isn't it hard to get a Japanese citizenship for foreigners?
Fletcher Tim
I’m a European. I lived in Tokyo and Fukuoka for a total of 8 years. Good memory. I can't speak Korean.
세계에서 일본을 멸시하는 나라는 한국뿐. 세계의 많은 나라는 일본을 좋아합니다.한국은 일본보다 경제력이 훨씬 약하고 인구도 적고 면적도 좁다.
하지만 한국인은 왜 항상 일본과 비교합니다.

서울과 부산에 출장했을 때 불법 주차도 많은 가게에서 바가지도 많습니다.
구글에서 조사했지만 일본이 한국보다 훨씬 인구 많은데 한국이 교통 사고 사망자가 일본보다 많습니다.
일본은 도로가 굉장히 깨끗하고 청결이고 사람들은 규칙을 잘 지킵니다. 이것이 현실입니다. 당신들은 맞다.
Fletcher Tim
You are right. The fact that Japan is much better than Korea.
Japan is peaceful and orderly, but Korea is noisy and disorder.
Korea is hell. This is reality. I want to go to Japan again!!
Japanese culture and economic power ,all others are much better than Korea.
ns kim
과거 처음 이들을 유튜브에서 한국 관련 컨텐츠 영상을 보았을때부터 전혀 호감이 없었다
호의적으로 한국관련 멘트를 해도
이들의 관상 액션 몸짓 눈빛 등등...전해져오는 기운이 매우 느낌이 안좋았다
매우 야비하고 뭔가 모를 음흉함이 느껴졌다
이후 나의 그러한 부정적 느낌은 틀리지 않았다
일본인 단체등 이러한 나쁜 기운을 가진 사람들은 가까히 하지 않는것이 현명하다
진심으로 순수한 심정에서 조언 한다
사람이 지니고 있는 과학적으로 당장 입증할수는 없어도....
일본인들 중에서도 사람이 가지고 있는 기 라는것읊 느끼고 인정 하는 사람들은 나의 말에 조언에 공감 할것이다
이것은 한국 일본을 떠나 진심어린 충고이자 조언이다
Don Q Kim
Korea-Japan comparison seems a growing business for foreigners from Europe and North America.
diba goldar
Well if you look back to Korea's history... Those people were not really connected to other countries and could not see other reces and cultures they were always colonized by other countries so they are afraid of foreigners cause they have such bad memories and it has got roots inside the culture... The country which was one of the unknowns in the world in 50 years became one of the most powerful ones so it's a cultural shock and it takes yeaaars for people to adopt themselves! Well I'm not saying i don't get offended when i get those feedbacks from people especially since I'm from Iran people would usually ask offensive things and would talk down on me which is fine sometimes cause it gives me the chance to tell them if it wasn't for the revolution the Samsung like company could've been built in Iran... But again at the end of the day i can not blame them cause unlike others their country was never open to tourists and foreigners and it has been almost 60 years that south korea became south Korea and only 25 years that people actually go there for work and study so i understand!they are getting a little selfish but after a few years or more they'd become normal... hope i could help a little! 😊
Mark Lester Edrolin
I've not been to Japan yet I hope someday but I want to say about may experiences here in Korea since I am here for more than 2 years. I would say that older people are really noisy and some taxi drivers are so tough especially to foreigners.
Japan is Clean city ♡♡
Paddle and Pine
Sometimes I still wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and think about the fact that Simon doesn't know New York, New York.
Sooyoung Kim
Sounds like you guys are getting old. lol all the compaints I heard is like Oh... I got offended... It's so noisy... Japanese people are more kind.. I get it. Enjoy your peaceful life there as a youtuber.
S Koreans need to recognize the truth or the essence of their deeply flawed society.
Sadly no Korean can change this society.
Koreans refuse to accept the truth or only touch the surface of the problems.
In addition S Koreans try to flee to the comfort zone to seek something.
That makes matters worse.
Eunki Kim
I'm Korean but I enjoyed Japan more...
jon herrera
ok ok
According to the poll taken in Korea, even Koreans wish to get out of Korea

I think many Koreans are jealous of the success of Japan both economically and culturally.
Korean stick into the past. They can't overcome the fact that korea was a slave of Japan,
Koreans will be a bundle of their inferiority complexes forever
Noob Chicken Player

Jay Jeon
First of all, I am personally glad that you guys found a place, where you guys can be relax and less stressful.

I can clearly understand how pressured and stressful you guys were to living in S. Korea.

2. But at the same time I can understand why your Korean subscribers felt betray after listening the true experience of you guys. Because you guys hold it inside for 8 years and spill it out at once.

And more importantly you guys were depending on fame, asking for attention from people in a past, and now you guys are bitching them.

3. There is nothing wrong to search for better life standard and nothing wrong to take better options. Again, I personally glad you guys found better place for you guys seeing how you spread your wings and fly with freedoms.
kevin S
You kinda made me like Korea more. I like chaos and weirdness. Tho i don't plan to live there i just wanna go and explore. And a more serious night life is SSOOO awesome to me, i dont like sleep.
jc yoon
Your saying is right, as I'm Korean not liking Japan country(I like Japanese people so much). Angry commenters are mostly from Korean, the stupid. the true is the true. dont be afraid of it. I support you, with never losing pride as good Korean . In any country, such stupid exist and only the problem here is that there are some more than the others. Even in America, the most advanced country, a child adult shouting "America Great~ America First~ become a president. Do never expect that S/Korea is greater than America and their society is far behind America thou common sense. I expect, such the shallowness will be steadily improved here. The good thing here is to get to be far better than before, it was terrible.
jc yoon
What you say is very fair and neutral, thou I'm Korean. Korea and Japan is quite different. S/Korea is very unstabilized society, with enforcing ultimate competition. Many Korean themselves say "Hell Korea", with frustration. Korea ranks World No 1 Sucide ( It's south not north, Sorry NKorea but even, you sorry for Nuke). The more serious here is nobody to face such a realistic. the hopeless.
일본인은 근친을 너무 많이 한다. 끝.
일본에 가본적이 없어서 할 말이 없네요......
Xavier Dolan
한국도 일반 동네는 진짜ㅜ조용한데... ㅜㅜ 서울은 대도시라서 좀 시끄러운 것 같아요 근데 식당에서 나병환자 취급받았다는 표현은 진짜 충격적이네요 ㅠㅠ
Rooney Bunny
Lyra Lee
The most impotant thing is, that you´re happy. :)
Rasha T.farhan
South korea = Turkey 😷except older people r way nicer ❤️
HA.HA.HA. You literally just compared the negative sides of Korea with positive sides of Japan. This is why it makes me angry. I love both Korea and Japan but there you go. It's just.. wow. BYE.
Joung Geun
이 동영상과 이전 동영상을 보고 느끼는건 자신들의 경험을 말한다고 하는데 한국을 돌려서 깍아 내리는 동영상이라고 밖에 생각이 안되는 이유가 뭘까요?? 한국이 싫어서 일본으로 간거면 그건 좋다. 개인의 차이에 따라서 그럴수도 있다고 생각하지만, 한국과 일본을 비교하면서 민감한 부분까지 건드리고 있고, 한국어를 배우기 위해서 8년을 공부했다고 하는데 전혀 그런 느낌은 들지 않고요. 한국 네티즌의 비방을 많이 받아서 설명을 하는것 같은데 전혀 와닫지가 않는 아이러니함. 욕은 하고 싶지 않네요. 그렇지만 다신 한국에 오지 말았으면 하는 바램이네요. 캐나다 사람에 대한 편견만 늘어갈 것 같네요.
Lucy Lu
Someone has been watching drag race...
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