Justin Bieber Performs "Despacito" For FIRST Time

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Justin Bieber performs his new Spanish remix on stage with Luis Fonsi in Puerto Rico!.

Get ready to hear the Biebs sing in Spanish LIVE for the first time ever!
Two days ago Justin Bieber dropped his remix of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s hit Spanish song “Despacito”. (DES-PA-SEE-TOW) And last night in Puerto Rico we got our first taste of the collaboration LIVE on stage. Justin brought out Puerto Rican singer Fonsi during his Purpose concert, and the two performed the track minus Daddy Yankee. Despite one third of the trio missing, the crowd went totally nuts for the performance. Take a look!

Even though some think Justin was lip syncing his part of the song during the performance, we gotta say we’re totally impressed with his Spanish singing. We love that Justin branched out and finally took on a Spanish track. 

The only thing that could make this collaboration even sweeter... a music video. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you updating on that. Now we wanna know what you think of Justin’s live Spanish performance? Tell us by leaving all your thoughts below this video. I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi, thanks so much for tuning in!

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Reina Muro
I hate justin
Shareef Taylor
0:16 That thickness popped out the back of the room and surprised me, "Oh my goodness! God bless you child! Lawd!"
Lola Bella
Bieber better drop it! Cultural appropriation is not cool with us Latinos!
Rohit Nair
Sure he wasn't lip syncing ?
Toxic Pixel
dude he was lip syncing
Jesus Lopez
fuck justin
Lou Bottom
It's a good song, and it is nice that is has been translate to english...
Nana Flores
your doing so well justin.you got the Spanish down that's so awesome more hot Mexican chicks for you now!I mean you sound so good.keep up the good work
Joshua Maddison
no offence but I'm surprised the fashion police haven't caught up with Justin
Flor de Maria Barrientos
I love Luis Fonsi!!!!
Flor de Maria Barrientos
I ❤️Luis Fonsi!!!!
r Anjelica
estoy encantada
dragon slayer aka as xg xgamer Brandly Dejesus cruz
he was lip singing the Spanish 😲
Ashley Rose
Ariana Mendez
I'm Puerto Rican I can say anything in spanish nice singing guys your awsome
Not a big fan of Justin but this song was LIT👌👌
arce Samantha
Does anyone know this chick went to Clark high school in San Antonio Texas?!? Lol
Esmeylyn Acosta
FINALLY Justin beiber sang in spanish gracias por dios
Justin Bieber is Bae
kiss me justin😍😍😍😍😍
Indira Castro
Loydi Carrion
The 3 bummys Huerta
I love how Justin sounds
Jose R Suarez
ooohhh,shittt,for real?..wowww,amaizing!
Janelle López
Music video is all ready out
Justin bieber Vevo
Salvador Navarrete
juhi k
I am going for JB in India!!!!!
Oscar Vega
that's my mom's favorite song I sing it to
Oscar Vega
I saw him he was cool I talk spanish
Nnenna Roselyn
I am completely blown away buy Justin singing in Spanish,damn dat is so HOT
Not a man of JB but this song is lit
A Millana
I love it! Awesome song!
His concerts are literal shit
Fabiana Soto
I'm puerto rican and I was there❤ It was amazingg💗
Monica Garza
Subribe me please everybody:)
Rusul Kareem
he stans he's a legend my DADDY I LOVE U
y yo que hago aqui?
Kks K
Just Listen & ...... !
how fucked up this industry promoting lip-sink & marketing it as AAMAZING just coz of face value? like wr t fuck is real talent?! huh and the ppl.. well i feel bad!
ekta thakur
listening listening and still listening!!!!!!!!!!
jb ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Killer A
my fav song.....despaaaaacito
Siddiqui Afreen
only audio 46 million 🙁but I am not like this song..
yuli yulia
of course Justin bieber always best ....whatever he do is so amazing .Justin voice is most good .the him Justin voice pretty awesome ..
June Grey
justin your sing is awesome 😘😘😘😘😘
Amy Celine BHMPST
omg omg omg... Justin is soooooo damn talented and... I love him more than ever
monique howell
Lip sync?
pepper chilly
justin you are amazing🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸
Taylor Rootbeer
Justin had said that he forgot the lyrics at the end lol 😂
Hugo Medina
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