9 True Story Movies That Lied To You

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Adding the "true story" tagline is a common way to entice moviegoers to the box office. But as we all know, Hollywood has a habit of sensationalizing things and twisting the truth in order to keep audiences captivated. It's time to look past the silver screen and see why being "based on a true story" isn't all it's cracked up to be...

Fargo | 0:25
Rudy | 1:34
Argo | 2:11
Foxcatcher | 2:46
American Sniper | 3:32
The Blind Side | 4:09
Rush | 4:45
Captain Phillips | 5:19
A Beautiful Mind | 6:00

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Steve Null
Schindler's list

Actually, the guy portrayed by Ben Kingsley did exist, but in the movie was a sort of fictious character combining two different people, Itzhak Stern himself and another man, whose identity I forgot, but could get to know about in the book by the same title (at least in Italian).
the rad roach rob
OMG I live in Connecticut
Teresa Kiser
how true was good morning Vietnam?
kevin brown
You gave away the ending to A Beautiful Mind and didn't give a heads up before doing it. That's not right.
HomeMade Studios
I believed I was getting 10 hidden easter eggs when I heard the narrator
American movies have lied to us????
Fabian-Eduardo Chacon
Jorge Gaytan
Fargo and Argo....how bout Cargo...and Largo......
John Alan Elson
Any list of "true story" movies that lied should be topped by the 1962 movie "The Birdman of Alcatraz" . The fictional character in the move bore very little resemblance to the real Robert Stroud, a hardened criminal psychopath who spent most of his life in prison because that's where he belonged.
Eazy Rodriguez
Of course there's gonna be bullshit lies in the movies. Hollywood needs to make the shit exciting so people will wanna go see it.
nunya biznez
Well I was extremely disappointed to learn that the Wizard of Oz was mostly made up and is only very loosely based on a true story.
Cheese Bread
so did Bruce Wayne parents really get killed by the joker??
Thank god they did change them. real life is boring.
Martina Acres
The avengers is a true story
Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story...

this movie *although entertaining^ has several inaccuracies in it:

1> Bruce worked at Ruby Chow's Restaurant in Seattle, not Gussie Wang's in California..he was an average waiter...
2> Bruce and Linda met at University of Washington...and Bruce was NOT a philosophy major as depicted in the film
3> Bruce Lee wasnt a combat participant in Ed Parker's Karate Tournament, he was there to give a demonstration(s)
4> There was no such person as Bill Kreiger in Bruce Lee's Life
5> Brandon was born with BLONDE hair, not black
6> Tao of Jeet Kune Do was published AFTER Bruce's death in 1973
7> Bruce was NEVER involved with the creation of the television series Kung Fu.
RW : V
Godzilla is a true story.

True story.
Wait so iron man isn't real..?
Cool Runnings? Basically every olympics themed movie ever made by Hollywood?
Carl Maese
I didn't watch any of those boring ass movies
Samus Aran
I think these movies would make so much more money, if they were just HONEST about their stories. Not a good idea to say that a movie is a "true story," when a movie is made up of some truths, half truths, and made up fantasies.
Balcon Frances
The same happens when Hollywood messes with History. Everything mixed up, and people think they have got to know about historic facts.
David Jensen
should have mentioned Bridge Over the River Kwai
daniel hirt
thered a reason they say BASED ON A TRUE STORY......
even after joining the NFL, Oher STILL needed to be taught how to play football. he kept getting offside penalties for starting to early during his time as a Baltimore Raven and was a constant source of frustration for the fans.
Thats why its BASED on a true story, you boob
Doom Gaming
Rush was one of the most historically accurate movies ever, nicki and lauda were friends, then both became rivals (not bitter) as their formula 1(and 2 and so on) took off. they still respected eachother but were rivals. Then later on became friends again, this time based more on respect. James Hunt did not punch out a journalist, he exclaimed there were moments he very much wanted to after similar remarks were made on Nicki, and in one instance fired off on the reporter for 5 minutes on how he was a cock sucking asshat.
jeff fay
john nash had two children, the one out of wedlock, and the child as shown in the movie. Good job Looper!
Pulp Tricycle
Dammit Dash, can you do a few takes first?
Not all that's true... That's as in that is, it's a contaction not a possessive!
Paca Zheng
True lie
John Nash was actually a very interesting person, and a cornerstone of psychological study. I really wish A Beautiful Mind would have taken less liberties with his life story, but that's Hollywood for you. If you ever get a chance, though, I'd recommend actually studying him as an individual. There are a lot of good documentaries out there.
The entire premise of A Beautiful Mind was made up. John Nash's hallucinations had no visual component. They were completely auditory. No made up roommate. No little girl that doesn't age. No Ed Harris. He heard voices and phantom sounds. That's all.
I mean, you can't always tell every single story fact-for-fact or word-for-word, but for crying out loud they could at least come somewhat close!
The "based on a true story" is usually malarkey. You could say that Star Trek is "based on a true story" because there really is (or was) a man named James Kirk, or that Lord of the Rings is "based on a true story" because there really is (or was) a short fat guy named Sam. The "true story" part of a movie is usually so small, so insignificant, that I no longer watch any movie or TV show because it's claimed to be "based on a true story".
This might come as a shock to you all,but...despite what Tim Burton would have us believe,Ed Wood never actually met Orson Welles.
natasha alexander
make the sequel because Forrest Gump is a great movie and I want to see part two
N Albertsson
Fucking stupid yanks will try to tell us that the Bible is a true story next!
Thatone Guy
8mile wasnt true either.
A list of movies I haven't seen and don't want to see. What's more boring than real life
Sean Wheale
I actually think if Hollywood would keep their entire stories completely true that the story will be better even if its not as exaggerated. The story will feel more real and cause us to react seeing realism. Of course most of the population is so easily influenced that yes the film may lose money and lose of potential interests for academy awards. However if the accuracy is addressed in the story before it starts, I believe people will respect the film and the movie will potentially make more money and appreciation than expected.
Every movie should have a journalist getting punched.
99% percent of biopic movies made today have discrepancies in them whether small or large!?
for them to say true story is it like 5% of a the og story i dunno fuck it.
Kemal Sunal
Hamburger Hill was also a huge lie. The movie shows Americans taking that hill alone while in fact the South Vietnamese army did the main fighting and were the ones who finally took the hill. The heroic Americans then threatened with an artillery strike on their position if they don´t leave the hill. After the South Vietnamese evacuated the Americans walked to the hill, raised their flag and claimed it as their victory.
Lee Flynn
Is that Dash commentating??
Try doing Redtails for "true stories" that lied to you. Make believe history anyone?
Aidan Yo
U should of done cool runnings the entire movie is fake
Timothy Sherratt
U-571 totally butchered history so badly it was described by the British PM as an affront.
James Spidey Esquivel
Didn't the other guy in Rush die in real life in the film's disfiguring crash
Erick Reed
In ABM, Nash's wife also left him, IRL. She "couldn't take the crazy".
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