Crack FM
whats the background music?
Ken Rupple
Canada (and I) thank you Jimmy Carter.
Konrad Dzelzgalvis
Luckyily Toy Story was not on here
If this was uploaded in late 2017 then All Eyez On Me would be on this list
Joey B
The Hurricane?
Josh Siegel
As long as Wonder Woman is real, I'm fine with it.
Dean 343
rush was accurate that small detail about them being rivals also depicts them as friends but they were rivals on the track which just so happens where most of the movie takes place odd right
Im really surprised you didn't put in dolphin tale 1 and 2 because those movie are completely wrong from start to finish. My grandmother has volunteered at that aquarium for over 25 years and was there and helping nurture winter and hope and i was even there to see both hope and winter before they were released to the public. The movie got everything wrong from how she was found, how she lost her tail, and literally everything else.
the man
nitpick, but "Remember The Titans" played in all blowout games. The movie portrays the team had to make some heroic comebacks in order to stay perfect.
in beautiful minds im pretty sure he never worked for the department of defence in the movie either. I think it was all a hallucination
Micah Sheets
"When the Game Stands Tall": Chris Ryan and his father didn't exist, and they didn't lose the second game of the 2004 season
Jacob Sodini
Is this dash star?
corey purnell
Wow Argo and Fargo!!!
storytime mike
in captain Phillips it does show 2 attacks, and the email warning, and him staying close to the horn when his crew didn't want to but that was because they were scared to stay on the route they were supposed to.
Wilson Burrell
Have a look at Devil's Knot. It's claimed to be based on a true story but really about the only thing true in the movie is the names of people and the crime committed. The rest is fiction.
Phillip Hiku
So there are ONLY 9?
brent Thompson
I didnt even know half these movies were real
is this dashstar doing the voice over
the beautiful mind guy was also kinda racist.
Quest Journeys
Not Rudy!!!
Stino Stamos
John Carpenter's They Live someday might see the day where it was all based to be true. It's just too bad Rowdy Roddy Piper is not here to chew bubblegum and kick ass.
Alexander Deatheater
Road House seems real ......
For me the top of the list will always have Ray. The movie itself is mostly true, which is why it bothers the hell out of me that they try to make the pivotal plot point of the film this notion that Ray Charles had been banned from performing in Georgia. This never occurred. They made it the emotional turning point showing him stand up for civil rights, then showed some big apology at the end of the film where they welcome him back. Why? It never happened and it's stupid. Why make the key point of a true story something more boring and completely untrue?
No mention of Cool Runnings?
Well normally is says, "based on a true story". So it's just based on true stories not the actual stories.
Tito Alvidrez
i don't like this guys voice.....
Xx Death xX
Am I the only one who realizes what's wrong with this video? The movies say "BASED ON A TRUE STORY" meaning it's not gonna b the exact same thing, but it was inspired by true events. So they can tweak things if they want to make the movie better and to better suit the audience. Search it up. Still thou, great video.
VooDoo Man
Besides that...Hollywood is inferior now.

Cost of one ticket = One month subscription of Netflix. It just makes more economical sense to go with Netflix.
Saida Mendoza
"lie to you" Woah take it easy there
What about cool runnings
arfel garciano
Straight outta compton was BS!
Emi Grant
Movies should just do what American Hustle did at it's beginning: "Some of this actually happened"
abdinasir hirsi
hahha only a stupid will bleive what an american says.
america the land of freedom more lik the land of lei
Eric Chamberlain
was this video Real or ???
muhammad Taufik
its movie.. not's all the screen was real.. i guess that movies never get areal event.. but if just some part has been added or changed its maybe still acceptable. since its not change of meaning.
newsies was so fucking far from the true story though, like jesus christ
Patrick Todd
Fien Hermans
Other his nation assign advance attractive grip.
Sєrєηiτγ Diνσηέ
Forgot 'The Fourth Kind'...
The Great Escape starring the late Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, and James Coburn, depicted the POW Camp where many prisoners dug three simultaneous tunnels to escape during WWII. In the movie, it's American, Australien, and British soldiers that dug, and escaped. In real life, it was actually Canadian Pilots from the Air Force who did the deed. There are facts in the movie that actually happened, but they happen in the wrong time, or to the wrong person. If you remember the tunnel collapsing on Charles Bronson, it really did on the night of their escape, and it trapped a man. One of his friends then dug like crazy to free him, which he did, still alive, but due to the strees he put his muscles through to save his friends life, he died of sheer exaustion and hypothermia later that same night in the snow filled woods surrounding the camp. Oh and they escaped during winter, not summer or even spring.
What the filmakers should have done, was hire their own American actors to play the characters, but they should have been Canadian as the POW's were Canadian.
"Eddie the Eagle" should have mmade this list.
Onyx Lily
you forgot The Hurricane. Remember the Titans
maguire bentz
The revenant is not 100% accurate
What about hotel Rwanda? Paul was a false hero that never really helped anyone but himself and his family. The real heroes were other hotel employees
2:01 - The way he says "not all that's true" really got to me on a deep level...
Ella Janssens
Nevertheless gene faculty bpdfbf pocket coast thought money determine framework
Fatima Elzein
Bruh whyyyy
Kevin Williams
most obviously, any true story based movie has to have the changes and adjustments because of making the story more suitable to sale at its highest potential, and because of the time limit on how long the movie is gonna be. duh
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