9 True Story Movies That Lied To You

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Adding the "true story" tagline is a common way to entice moviegoers to the box office. But as we all know, Hollywood has a habit of sensationalizing things and twisting the truth in order to keep audiences captivated. It's time to look past the silver screen and see why being "based on a true story" isn't all it's cracked up to be...

Fargo | 0:25
Rudy | 1:34
Argo | 2:11
Foxcatcher | 2:46
American Sniper | 3:32
The Blind Side | 4:09
Rush | 4:45
Captain Phillips | 5:19
A Beautiful Mind | 6:00

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George Kelly
I've seen some based movies only use the book title and characters for example Born Ultimatum.
George Kelly
of course it's Based on a true story
Skywalker 7
The crowd wasn't chanting, nobody threw in their jerseys. he did get in the game. he got carried off the game.. ahaha 😂
I hate Argo it states that nz didn't help in fact we did help
bill bixby
What about Cool Runnings and Patch Adams?
Brothers of Men
In a beautiful mind, when he was working for the Dept of Def. I am pretty sure that was an illusion. One of the things that only went on in his head. I could be remembering it wrong, its been awhile, but I got the impression that, that whole scene of him staring at the numbers on the wall, didn't actually happen.
well uh yeah that's just like your opinion man
0:48 FRANK??
dangit everyone always forgets about us Canadians.
Rhiannon C
The fact that Hollywood fictionalizes some things in movies that were about real people and/or events is news? The first time that I know that they did it was in 1957 when The Three Faces of Eve was made. The woman's real name was Chris Costner and she had more than 20 personalities, not 3. Plus, her happy ending wasn't so happy and she didn't get fully better until well into the 1970's.
Alejandro Fauré
You can't deny what happens in a galaxy far far away... can't you ??
Lauren Mentink
The History Channel proved that the story Hildago was actually based on a fictional story by the man Viggo Mortensen portrayed in the movie.
Dustin DeHart
Remember the Titans also has quite a bit of horse shit to it.
K Saunders
Braveheart. That movie is full of mistakes.
Albert Grant
these are movies not documentaries so Accuracy is great but so is watchability
Skyler Poland
Pain And Gain Anyone
The Prophecy
0:47 hey Frank!!
Sarah P.
Jonathan Seaman
In the movie catch me if you can he does not study for two weeks but two months and he did go to law school for a short period of time
On 2Wheels
Only thing they got right on Lone Survivor was spelling Marcus Luttrel's name correctly...
Manufanatic 99
Maybe a update is necessary for movies like hidden figures
everything about chris kyle was a lie. he was a racist, narsacistic, pathological liar.
Monkof Magnesia
The Sound of Music - in the movie, the Von Trapps escape the evil Nazis by staging a musical number to cover their escape. They then hiked over the Alps to Switzerland. In reality they walked to the local train station and boarded the next train to Italy. From Italy, they fled to London and ultimately the USA. Salzburg is in fact only a few miles away from the Austrian-German
border, and is much too far from either the Swiss or Italian borders for a family to escape by walking. Had the Von Trapps hiked over the mountains, they would have ended up in Germany, near Hitler's mountain retreat.
Fernando Anguiano
sniper is fake its American propaganda
Ciobanu George
...some americans are full of shit. So..what`s new?
Europeans have a serious problem with truth.
i thought the fargo intro wasnt meant to be taken seriously it was just part of the mythos
Blader Hater
You forgot yuub
RailGun Gaming
Hunt and Lauda were never buddies. Watch the documentary
and Nash's wife divorced him, later letting him live in her basement
michael adams
its called artistic licence
There has not been an accurate portrayal ( true story) in Hollywood history... they alter or change things to suit. even Apollo 13 had so many distortions or untruths it was a joke ... Bu a good film anyway
Spencer Smith
The American sniper movie is simply propaganda. It's clever in how it tries to portray that it's hard to kill people and whatever, but that's just to sell the lies of americas invasions that they call a war. I could say a ton about this but I'll just stop there.
Brian Taylor
Rudy!!! I cried a little.
Brian Taylor
As a Canadian, wtf. If someone puts there life on the line for someone else, Don't give the credit to the people that got the help. Argo was a fail.
Steve Null
Schindler's list

Actually, the guy portrayed by Ben Kingsley did exist, but in the movie was a sort of fictious character combining two different people, Itzhak Stern himself and another man, whose identity I forgot, but could get to know about in the book by the same title (at least in Italian).
the rad roach rob
OMG I live in Connecticut
Teresa Kiser
how true was good morning Vietnam?
kevin brown
You gave away the ending to A Beautiful Mind and didn't give a heads up before doing it. That's not right.
HomeMade Studios
I believed I was getting 10 hidden easter eggs when I heard the narrator
American movies have lied to us????
Fabian-Eduardo Chacon
Jorge Gaytan
Fargo and Argo....how bout Cargo...and Largo......
John Alan Elson
Any list of "true story" movies that lied should be topped by the 1962 movie "The Birdman of Alcatraz" . The fictional character in the move bore very little resemblance to the real Robert Stroud, a hardened criminal psychopath who spent most of his life in prison because that's where he belonged.
Eazy Rodriguez
Of course there's gonna be bullshit lies in the movies. Hollywood needs to make the shit exciting so people will wanna go see it.
nunya biznez
Well I was extremely disappointed to learn that the Wizard of Oz was mostly made up and is only very loosely based on a true story.
Cheese Bread
so did Bruce Wayne parents really get killed by the joker??
Thank god they did change them. real life is boring.
Martina Acres
The avengers is a true story
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