9 True Story Movies That Lied To You

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Adding the "true story" tagline is a common way to entice moviegoers to the box office. But as we all know, Hollywood has a habit of sensationalizing things and twisting the truth in order to keep audiences captivated. It's time to look past the silver screen and see why being "based on a true story" isn't all it's cracked up to be...

Fargo | 0:25
Rudy | 1:34
Argo | 2:11
Foxcatcher | 2:46
American Sniper | 3:32
The Blind Side | 4:09
Rush | 4:45
Captain Phillips | 5:19
A Beautiful Mind | 6:00

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Thank god, we have the Planet of The Apes, to remind us of such a great war and catastrophe we humans faced in the past
Got an ad of a movie about a true story. Skipped it because I couldn't trust it 😠
Motormouth Kelly
I absolutely knew the Blindside would be absolute, complete bullshit. You couldn't pay me to watch it. They taught him to play football, huh? Did they teach him to read and write and wear shoes outside? Such saintly people.
Videos that lied. Oher is not a star...
Eric S
Mustafa is Keemstar!
Base on a true story...
Please look into American Wrestler: The Wizard. I'm not 100% sold on the story
well obviously.
Tate O'Bryan
Hey it's Dash Star
hurricane lied Ruben was as guilty as fuck. and everyone knew it except Dylan lol but he never plays that song anymore lol
Trey Bolton
"Pursuit of Happiness"
charles lewis
Rudy is the greatest player ever. In a let's boost up a cheesy midwestern kid as a hero kind of way. He got a sack and we all cried, if a black guy did that they'd frame him for assault... and the cops would shoot him.
David Mosteller
The biggest lie in Blindside was on Thanksgiving when watching a football game, it showed Tennessee leading MY Clemson Tigers 44-27. That game was actually played on New Year' Eve in the Chic Fila Bowl, and Clemson won 27-14. They fudged the score to make it look like Tenn had 44 instead of 14.
miguel rojas
honestly I don't really care. plus I expect them to make up stuff it's a movie. they have to make it interesting
American Sniper was all Hollywood. Just a terrible movie.
not rudy! not the blind side! not captain Phillip! my whole movie life is a lie TT___TT
Wow the Blindside one
To quote the comedian, Mitch Hedberg "I like when they say a movie is inspired by a true story, because that's weird; it means the movie is not a true story, it was just inspired by a true story. Like, hey Mitch, did you hear the story about that lady who drove her children into the river and they all drowned? Yes I did, and it inspired me to write a movie about a gorilla!"
orc at war 98
the strangers movie is based on a true story well 2
Scott Romani
Remember the Titans was heavily fabricated also
Anthony Lawrence
Why would you think a movie is accurate in the first place?
Killed Fromafar
So Chris Kyle's super long-distance shot was only a "couple dozen yards away"? And he had to use a rocket launcher for it? Hmm...
Schindler's List?
Finding out "Fargo," wasn't true when I got the internet was like when I was kid and found out that Santa wasn't real. That was a great one. I think it was obvious that that was just put on the movie to make people wonder, even if it did take from a couple true source materials, and it succeeded in getting people to talk/wonder. The internet made impossible to maintain that : Of course "Argo," downplayed our role...We're Canada; "America Jr," "America Light," "America's Little Brother," etc etc. "American Sniper," has to lie because all those types of movies have to be rah rah America-fighting for what's right. It's not that hard to figure out that the majority of "based on true events"-movies are going to be changed, which can be frustrating, but just like when watching a documentary (almost any is biased), use your brain.
The Rudy movie is understandable
Where is Braveheart? That movie is amazing, but as historically correct as Forrest Gump.
Roy Eastham
HuffCompost sucks!
I'm so happy that the police managed to catch the Slender Man, his deeds were just too cruel for this world to endure
Joe Whitehead
Okay, a few of these only have portions on inaccuracies. That doesn't make it inaccurate overall
Jeremy Benjamin
Although James Hunt may never punched a journalist, he is known to have punched track marshals, other drivers, and probably plenty of other people unrecorded. The film includes some fictitious or composite events, but all the major events are real.
Michael Plummer
Your channel sucks
omar Contreras
John Nash can some one explain the ending saw the movie and was confusing asf
cinderella man as well its a ron howard thing lol
danny boyo
"Return of the Jedi"...there were no Ewoks on Endor.
Wendling K
Worst narrator on the channel. His speech pattern is so strained!!!!
American sniper is my favorite movie and now I'm being told that it's fake
Roger Sitaric
when I saw the acceptance speech in A beautiful mind I laughed my ass off as I, being a Swede, knows that nobody does that. Reality: Some professor reads a quote why a certain person gets the Nobel prize ("years of research yadda yadda has improved bla bla") and then that person receives the prize from the King of Sweden.(No he does not wear a crown) A handshake between the two parties follows and you sit your ass down The end! 😁
Daniela Laverde
Dear god the punctuation of this guy makes me so angry!!!! Take your breaths where they are due! 😡
all the lies in American Sniper, and that's what you pick? Some intellectual low lying fruit there. I was hoping you'd dissect that piece of propaganda in its own video.
You obviously didn't understand A Beautiful Mind, you are correct that none of those happen, but most of those things never really happened in the movie either, he had schizophrenia and was imagining those things
Aris Affandy
no. 10 - black hawk down
George Kelly
I've seen some based movies only use the book title and characters for example Born Ultimatum.
George Kelly
of course it's Based on a true story
Skywalker 7
The crowd wasn't chanting, nobody threw in their jerseys. he did get in the game. he got carried off the game.. ahaha 😂
I hate Argo it states that nz didn't help in fact we did help
bill bixby
What about Cool Runnings and Patch Adams?
Brothers of Men
In a beautiful mind, when he was working for the Dept of Def. I am pretty sure that was an illusion. One of the things that only went on in his head. I could be remembering it wrong, its been awhile, but I got the impression that, that whole scene of him staring at the numbers on the wall, didn't actually happen.
well uh yeah that's just like your opinion man
0:48 FRANK??
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