scar face
His eyes look sad
Lucas White
Chappelle could now play the prisoner dad in Robin Hood Men in Tights, instead of the son.
Jim Gaddio
Tell me more about your Johnra .... I'm sure you will fit into a Johnra someday
Sol Doubt
This doesn't even sound like Dave Chappelle.
Sol Doubt
Who is this imposter?
Sam St
he doesn't look like himself almost like he is possessed by another host. "the case of the body snatchers"
robert ashcraft
that is not Dave Chappell you made a bad clone...
The Mad Stork
He looks jacked now. When did he start lifting?
The thing is nobody has HAS to talk about him. A true comedian would make jokes so the audience can escape from hearing about the thing that's on everyone's mind. It's bad for comedy because a lot of new comedians are lazy hacks that go for the cheap jokes that they know people will mindlessly clap to due to the subject matter alone.
Brian Berthold
chappelle is still alive? though he died
John Walters
he looks like a defeated man.... wtf?
nice click bait headline, trying to make it out like dave chapelle is saying trump is dangerous when what he is saying is much more akin to "he is making comedy boring"
Anthony Gennello
"Have to talk about him"
Jason Siegfried
Glad to see Dave Chappelle back in comedy. My lifetime comedy timeline Starts with Richard Pryor and George Carlin, to Eddie Murphy, to Martin Lawrence, to Dave and I like his body of work better than all. Martin had TV and movies to back up his stand up, Eddies' early work in movies, with Life being one of my favorite comedies, was spectacular, . With a few exceptions, Pryor and Carlins' movie careers weren't great. I would have to say that I love ALL of Daves work, I have yet to be disappointed in any of his roles, programs, or routines. Keep ya head up Dave, you have millions of people at your side.
Mr. Safi
This guy is an educator like George Carlin, he's more than a comedian. huge respect man
Loxy Bliss
This is why I love this dude. Not that I don't care about politics, but I don't wanna constantly hear about it.
Andre Lima
Always nice hearing Dave's point of view on comedy and beyond! I saw one of those Netflix he mentions: sure laughing time...
Fezzywigg Poopy
And not a single comedian's name was dropped. Good job, Dave.
h xassan
Nah, Trump's great for comedy (see Conan, Colbert, Meyers). He's bad for America.
Charlie Warden
lol "Tough times like this" We're so oppressed under Trump. lol. You got Brits getting blown up every other weekend at concerts, bars, etc. Even their own parliament. Trump has been in office 6 months. Are there concentration camps? People being rounded up on the street? Democrats truly are mentally ill.
I Love Dave Chappelle, Morgan Freeman and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. They all have very civilized opinions on society without spewing anything about racism in an illogical manor. Only when it's necessary. These are the current prominent figures in black culture, and they should be looked up to more instead of many of these false idols. Lemme know if I excluded any.
nicholas librizzi
Looking more and more like Cosby.... shave mother f!##&& SHAVE SAVE YOURSELF!!!!!
Sarah L
This doesn't even seem like the real Dave at all.
Do any of you look exactly the same way you did well over a decade ago? People actually think this is an imposter/clone?
James Anderson
Jimmie Walker looks great
the interview guy is annoying
Dan Mann
Dan Mann
Tyrone Trh
Never found this guy funny, same with bill burr and louis c.k.
Mien Tay Viet Nam
CBC News + add SB + like
Barry Manilowa
It is interesting that Canadians love comedy so much that they've created an industry out of it. I think it has a lot to do with the French population who love humor. Unfortunately, the culinary gene from the French didn't make it across the Atlantic.
Jub Jub
awesome he is still alive. I see why everyone is saying he is a clone though something is not right about him
William Tyndale
"...tough times like this." Is he implying that Trump being president is making his life tougher? Oh please.
Armando Blue
"In a way, yeah. Most comics in the States have started to do the same jokes."
Sneeze SNL Sneeze
Mark JN
The interviewer had his masculinity stolen long ago.
He's bad for the world. He's bad for life.
Marius Stan
this is not Dave Chappelle, no way !!!
wtf happened to dave chappelle. He looks like hes aged about 30 years in 10
Marcos Oritz
If you disliked this then you need to educate yourself
Mike G
For all you morons that don't get it, he's saying Trump isn't that bad. His words mean far more than just "everyone is making the same joke". True, he may not like the man as a person, however I do NOT believe for a second he doesn't agree with his politics.
Mr. Macabre
Thank you Dave!
Martin Valev
omg he so old
Wish this video was 3 seconds longer
Tee Jay
He looks like he's in a sunken place!
Eric Silva
Rick McCallister
You can see him trying to work through the issue for himself during this interview.

Apparently, he came to a distinct conclusion, because he apologized for his SNL monologue and its tone-deafness only a few weeks later.
Mr Chappelle is one cool customer, for sure. 0,o
Danny Dyer's Chocolate Humunculus
trump is bad for comedy. everything is so topical now
God Bless Dave .
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