'Trump’s kind of bad for comedy,' says Dave Chappelle

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The American comedian was in Toronto to present an award to Just for Laughs at the Canadian Screen Awards.

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God Bless Dave .
Sirius B
That's a clone you silly humans
Cheryl Davis
I just realized how much Dave Chappelle looks like K.C from Jodeci right here...
Donald Goldbert
This new Dave Chappelle looks terrible!!!!!
Andrew James
There's some indefinable characteristic about Dave that makes him special. OK, he says that for him, nothing is bigger than comedy. But Chappelle himself has the opportunity to be bigger than comedy. He has a universal appeal that has the potential to bring people together, which is certainly what the world needs now.
Yossi Tassa
Something is off with his left eye, out of focus
Orinky Maphosa
this is not dave chapelle..
Dave and Snoop should do a series of films on legalizing marijuana...
this is a clone
This is not Dave Chappelle.
Erik Pinedo
this is not Dave, any real fan would be able to tell
mikal venson
Being around greatness creates your own greatnes
John Mista
An interview with good questions and legitimate responses....thats it, I'm moving to Canada!
Babs & the wrecking crew
nahh this aint dave
Game up thanks
Andrew Wydrinski
mac demarco sent me here
Very clickbaity tittle. It makes Chappelle look like he's badmouthing trump, when he's actually badmouthing unoriginal "comedians".
"bad for comedy". He revived SNL tho lol and he gave mad material to memers.
Wait is seinfeld a real dude? i thought it was some old tv show
This is still the Dave Chapelle that went to Africa and back. He still knows about the dangers of getting too deep in the money and the fame in America. He remembers what they really do to people with "talent"
dee astley
every week on saturday night live they always need to take a shot, same with stephen colbert. they would have no material without trump
Arnold lee Roth Popcough
I think clones are bad for comedy😢
Jesus DeSaad
The main problem with Trump is that he's polarized people into two fields: One group, the largest, sees his antics and is reminded of cartoon villains. The other group, his few followers, simply deny everything bad he's ever done or has announced for the future has actually been bad. So you got two viewpoints, one of a misunderstood saint, and one of a dastardly bad guy. You can't really do much with these two images.
James Hill
I like this guy doing the interview. It seems like he's actually paying attention to what Dave is talking about and asking questions that relate to what he's saying and keep the conversation going rather than just reading off the notes on his card saying "bring this hot topic up and ask about this thing that Dave did."
Anya Vladim
unfortunately, they won't let you "stay out of it" ,Dave ...we know why ...😑
This guy has produced some of the most legendary comedy content ever. The black white supremacist skit. His special(s). Absolutely amazing stuff.
Siskewl and E-bert
Just going to bounce my tight five on Donald Trump off all of you.
His hair, wow his hair looks a bit silly. He's presumably balding, and uses silly hair to conceal that! Look at his skin, too, that's a bit of a strange skin tone! He's pretty dumb, man oh man, he's not an intelligent person. Russia.
dave chapel is a clone now wtf
Benjamin Miller
Chapelle is brilliant...
Gary Hughes
David Chappelle is just someone I like......he's so smart.....he's got a big heart (or so it seems to be that way with me....never met the guy) and I just like him.......and he makes me laugh my a** off.........
Gab rielle
Looking great, sounding great and you're doing great! keep that small circle n leave everybody else alone.
Shutup clone.. will the real Dave Chappelle please stannd.. oh right you were cloned n killed.
Jad Sayegh
Awesome interview. Good job CBC
Anthony Wall
D looks tired, and/or like he was drinking the night before. :0
Tin•foil Hat
RIP Dave Chappelle 2017

You were funny because you weren't political. Now, youre just a hollywood shill. I hope the view was nice as you jumped the shark.
Ryan Darst
Did Canada somehow feel so ashamed about the actual interviewer's weird questions, and voice, that they didn't mind being obvious in the dubover...?
cafeplay games
this a man our woman speaking ?
Amerlad mad
fun fact: dave chapelle converted to islam in 1998 although he isnt a very religious muslim his sister is, VERY
just thought to share the fact :P
Mike Willis
"it will be nice when we don't have to talk about him (Trump) as much".

Well, who says you have to talk about him? It's not because you have to talk about him it's because most comics, not Chappelle because he actually has talent, aren't funny so they resort to the flavor of the day every day. Growing up I don't really ever remember Carson or even Letterman talking about politics at all. Conan doesn't much either. It's the hacks like Colbert, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee and the SNL cast who can't hold their own without the Trump crutch. Colbert should thank Trump every day for momentarily saving his career. Personally I don't care if they bag on Trump, he put himself in the spotlight and it comes with the territory, but if they plan on making a career out of it they are in for a short career.
SNL has become a one trick pony for viewership with all the Trump stuff. (and yet the show still hasn't been funny for years)
curl whurl
"Great stuff" ?! Lol
Ebony Hayes
Dave has always been one of the smart ones.
can we get a quick uhhhhhhhhh-
I really respect Dave, even more after this. He didn't try and say anything about Trump or his policies. He kept his peace with it, and stayed out of it. It's like that skit he did, when he talked about celebrities always speaking out when they had nothing of value to say. He stopped the interviewer from turning it into a political debate when politics had nothing to do with what they should have been discussing. And he did it so well. He even turned it around so that you saw it from the perspective of a comedian on Trump, rather than a sweeping overgeneralisation that people seem to be so fond of. Respect.
Dave Chappelle is awesome. I never heard him speak from the heart like this before.
William White
this guy just aint funny anymore.
Chappelle tells you all the real about being celebrity if you desire that path and you are not a money generating robot to overfeed the masses
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