'Trump’s kind of bad for comedy,' says Dave Chappelle

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The American comedian was in Toronto to present an award to Just for Laughs at the Canadian Screen Awards.

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David Beaty
Chappell is a bigot and is proud of it
Chad Cain
great interview.. I love seeing Chappelle like this.
The Jamaican Blogs
GOAT - His voice has gotten a lot deeper.
Alex Kost
Great questions....great interview!
j r
comedy is just one thing in a long line of trump "victims"......and don't worry canada, sooner or later you too will be on trump's list :)
peter boyden
*insert lesbian woman on dave chappelle interview
christopher jones
Mad respect for Dave choosing to limit his comments about Trump.

Also, just MAD respect to him for being a real person with self-respect who DOESN'T worship money.

Very rare in entertainment.
Jay Leno was taken off TV for his political jokes.
That's not Dave Chapelle. Nope.
Dave hits the nail on the head once again. All the late night shows like the daily show have no original thoughts or material. They just spew out the same crap about Trump. Bill Maher, Trevor Noah etc... no creativity at all. It sounds like a third grader writes their material.
Dave is a true artist, one of all time greats without a doubt. He is as real as it gets seems like the kind of dude that life and friends and his work are more important than any amount of money. His new special is great peace can't wait for the third one
Great interview. Dave is so smart. He really knows himself and he knows his stuff. ✌🏼
why does dave look like he's aged so fast?
sarah beresford
omy CBC what a liberal mouthpiece you are, spewing propaganda all day long to the pathetic Canadian people, I am Canadian btw, and yes I hate this country, it isn't Canada anymore. it can be burned to the ground for all i care and I would gladly help
Tron Yvette
It's always so nice to see a different side to the comedians out there and it surprises a lot of people. So many people only see them on stage. Some make vulgar and sexual jokes like it's just their forte and I think sometimes it paints a bad image of them to some people. Then they sit down for an interview and they seem so nice by comparison. I always enjoy seeing both sides to the comedians behind the jokes.
Dave knows whats up.
Glad someone else said that Trump jokes are the same kind of joke.
Phil McGroin
Who is the faggoty voice interviewer?
This is exactly what is happening to SNL. They need to move on man.
People have been saying WTF ever they want about Trump...........why is that a question?!?! The interviewer must not have access to a computer.
WTF??!!! I thought all Canadians were like they were on South Park? Why wasn't this guys head split in two when he talked and he never called Dave "Guy" or "Buddy". Not even his "Fwiend"!!
It´s great to see Chappelle´s back, where he belongs: on stage, doing comedy. I´m really looking foward to see his new material.
Trump is bad for comedy, because he is very honest and rarely screws up, unlike the career criminals, Hillary and Obama.
Trump is a joke but not the kind that gives me a belly laugh a real sad morbid joke
Aury Naranjo
His first special is the funniest standup show i have seen in my life. Laughed so hard!
You mean the Trump supporters totally rallying behind Dave Chapelle while the left attacks him as a transphobic homophobe?
Hipster Black Metal
headline should really be. SJW killing comedy.
Angelo Busato
Why do I even try to seek solace in the comments?
Stu Art
Canadian accents smh
Tyko Sun
Dave Chapelle is looking more like Michael Winslow every time I see him
Trump is a gold mine to a REAL comedian.. this clone Chappelle is killuminati scum
Jim Brown257
Dave needs to quit smoking. If you can tell how much they smoke based on their voice, that is too much smoking.
lance wolf
looks a little glassy eyed...
Jonathan Dexter
Maaan That Phillipino food has really changed his looks and Voice!
Da Freeman
dude.... Dave looks high af
Gud Kongen
Damn straight, Trump jokes are funny the first week, now these jokes are so stale I cringe every time. The new standups Chapelle produced are great, breath of fresh air and he nailed those bits like a champ.
Flowmasta Flam
We love you in Canada, Dave. You're one of the realist guys in the business.
Delores Lola
All I can think is that he needs to sit up straighter...
Tim Boulanger
The irony of this video title and Dave's comments
Greg Calleja
low key calling out trevor noah
Dave Chappelle is amazing. Great interview!
Talk about clickbait.
John MacDonald
I Love Black Folks
cylos_ mx
Beautiful interview .awesome questions, life lesson answers , this was a much needed thing to see
Brandon Peniuk
His head seems bigger and so does his body. That isn't him. No one's head becomes that big unless you're juiced to the gills or you're a fookin clone.
jamesh dean
he looks like jojo in jodeci here
Athena Giannakakos
Saw both specials. So glad Dave is back!! comedy genius.
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