Stephen Colbert Defends Trump Jokes That Sparked ‘Fire Colbert’ Backlash | TODAY

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Late-night TV host Stephen Colbert is addressing the controversy over vulgar jokes aimed at President Trump that spurred a #FireColbert hashtag, admitting that “a few words were cruder than they needed to be” but refusing to back down. TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones reports. 
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Stephen Colbert Defends Trump Jokes That Sparked ‘Fire Colbert’ Backlash | TODAY

Dina Galli
fire him
S Keyes
So does this guy still have a job?
Why is anyone watching his show.....................
karina andersen
5700 people
Fred Law
trumps just a big crybaby it's ok for him to make fun of people and he gets elected president but Colbert says something about Trump and he gets all whiny #NotMyPresident
Colbert was desperate for attention, its a pr stunt. Colbert is not homophobic for sure, come on. Its not his fault, he's swept along with something else
Roy Balsley
you are the only one I would like to see deheaded
Jerry O
you people lost get it you people lost yall need to all move to Mexico
Jerry O
this man couldn't toot Trump's water all you people are Stupid yes Stupid we are laughing at you people.
Jerry O
this man couldn't toot Trump's water
Cesar Cardenas Barrera
awww the snowflakes. U cant take a joke? come on!!! Homophobic?? come one people!!! Jesus, first you elect an orangutan as a president then u get ofended by this? how about this?..#dumpTrump
Nobody seems to be as easily triggered as the LBGT community.
Mark Salazar
Conservatives care about the gays now? L.O.L.
Freedom of Speech. BOOM!
Mr Skidog
piece of garbage needs to be fired at least fox news has class and didnt make fun of the man-thing mrs obama
what a shill
your garbage elf ear
This man is so jealous of Trump.
Christine Ebadi
❤️ Colbert
Since when Trump supporters become so sensitive ? All they do is call whoever disagree with them snowflakes but they can't even take a joke . The hypocrisy is off the charts ..,
Zip Draw
Republicans are such snowflakes. Lol
When a conservative criticizes a democratic president on a tv show, liberals take it down. When liberal criticizes a conservative on a tv show, doesn't get their show taken down
"Less than ideal"? The only thing that would be good about Trump being impeached and removed from public office, would be to see Colbert run out of material for his ridiculous Trump rants and watch his ratings tank, along with CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the hysterical anti-Trump media.
James Ritchie
Colbert is nothing. He makes his living by saying foolish things to foolish degenerates on late noght TV. His entire life is just getting paid to be a fool himself. He's scum, and regardless of what he says, or what jokes he cracks, he will always be scum who's living a completely worthless life.
Colbert is funny about 0.01% of the time
Josh Lini
ev york
all these trump fans..but how u gone talk about makin america white again..talkn about yo own people..makin jokes
Marta Martinez
#fire(impeach) Trump!!!
Dan Zan
OUT, OUT, OUT WITH COLBERT! He doesn't rate being in this venue. Even Jay Leno, as tepid as he was, got booted out and replaced by Colbert because Leno bashed Obama too much as Colbert is doing with Trump.
T. kuvesi
Jorge Herandnez
Al Saadeh
Fire him!!!!
Vanessa Darnell
rock bands are all cry babies 2 they won they cry they talked about rock Obama like a dog and his wife and his children like a dog putting them down saying that Michelle Obama was a man and all kinds of s*** and he was the president of the United States so why don't you go wine and put your head up your butt
basant vimal sharma
come on girl another media furore.its just a joke
Ed West
So Colbert attacks the president by calling him a homosexual? When you get the libs upset we find out what they really think don't we? Boycott any advertiser on the ex-Letterman show. Colbert should be canned. Yesterday.
Louie St. Marie
volt you are the joke
What a terrible report
Was that Carson Daly in the background? What was he doing?
Bold Bandit
If any late night personality had dared to say something similar about obama, they would be fired. Good news for colbert is that he can trash talk President trump through 2024. That must sting... ;)
Evan Bollinger
I'm just here for all the butthurt liberals :)
Korneel Snauwaert
it was not homophobic, come on people
Jeremiah Young
The only thing I cant believe.....HE'S 52!? I can only pray i look like that at 52...
Rich Pasquin
Stephen,listen up,you are a NO TALENT moron and a traitor to America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Duane Locsin
who exactly are these critics calling this out as 'anti-LGBT'?

even if it is manufactured outraged, I highly doubt it would be from sources that ever had any support for the LGBT community.

There is no denying Trump is Putin's b*@ch
CockHolster~N~CHIEF #1Bitch Trump !
Wow. What Trump is doing politically actually HURTS people. What Colbert does hurts people's feelings - and that's a very different thing. I think that most egregious statement about Trump being Putin's co<kholster might just be accurate. Putin is a murderer, for cripes sake! People who oppose his publicly in Russia sometimes get gunned down on the street within sight of the Kremlin. To hear Trump tell it , Vladimir Putin is sure a swell guy. I believe that time will tell us just what kind of character - or lack thereof - Donald Trump has.
Kolville Boyd
ROFL Did anybody else notice that one of the firecolbert hashtag Tweets that was put up was about Trump and not Colbert? It's Red T Raccoon... Okay, #GetRedTRaccoonmorefollowers !
Koen Vermeersch
This is WHITEPHOBIC ... calling a white man a gorilla, try to do that with any other race...
J. Muller
Watch his show, wright down the sponsors and then email them and let them know you will boycott them.
Beenthere Donethat
All it did was give Colbert's monologue video on YouTube 7 million views, 3 times his normal amount of views. Trump fired the FBI Director who was leading an investigation against him, and now he wants to ruin comics who us him in their routine???? Is this America, or is this Russia???
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