Couples Give Each Other Surprise Hair Makeovers • Ned & Ariel

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"Are you making my hair black?"

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David Dang
Ariel Fulmer

Andy Flores
The cutest thing ever !!!
Ashlyn Woo
JN Chan
Ariel went lighter and Ned went darker, love both styles #goals
Mariah W
Ned and Ariel are honestly my favorite couple im not even joking. I dont like Buzzfeed but i would watch every single video if these two people were in it
long hair is beauty for women
ok but why did the lady look like she aged 10 years after her hair got styled
Ned and Ariel are the definition on relationship goals
Yasmin Garcia
I love this couple, I wish someone would love me the same.
UnicornPlayzz 0727
1:33 that guy looks like he's eating her shoulder
Valerija Ivanova
I felt uncomfortable how Ariel has purple in her roots. XD
I really don't mind it being Ariel and Ned all the time cause they're cute af together
33 momo
jeong hyeon Park
I really like ned's new hair style. It looks really edgy. He looks like an english gentleman now.
Nikhil Parikh
Of the try guys, ned and eugene are the cutest. Love you zach and keith :)!
They are too cute! Couple goals!!!
Kwangjoon Bae
Wait... Do you see that on the left at 1.32/1.33?
Olympiada Makriyianni
There are the most lovely couple!!
Mayra Lopez
Zoey Girl
I like Ned's hair, but the dark brown kind of washes him out
Jimmy Howard Smith
The girl looks horrible
sheen rose
they are too adorable . awww
There so cute omg
nona salam
They both look amazing
Catherine Martin
This just makes me feel self conscious because I haven't been able to afford a hair cut in a few years 😂
Emi Di
Such a sweet couple and even prettier now :)
kaeden myers
Elizabeth Asher
He looks like Rick Astley
Lizard Gaming
I swear ned's forehead is bigger than my dreams
Ding Coco
Love love love ~ they so so sweet and adorable
Cg Ting
Bubs Radio
Ariel looks like Jenna Joseph and I'm loving it
Naomi Snook
Could Ariel and Ned do like a relationship help type video series?
They are too cute. 😊❤️
Kenedeigh Goins
Ohh. My. Gawd. He looks DIFFERENT. Like 180. Wow.
Lenka Golubovic
they look 10 times younger
Mária Lucza
OMG so cool
I would be terrified to do something like this with my husband!! Props to them for doing it! Their hair looks great!
Elisa Rico
ned and ariel are the cutest!!!
Olivia Hayes
I love this 😍😍
Ina Kamberaj
I love the idea of the video but this couple is too sweet and that is making me diabetic.😒
Joanna Sosa
That was amazing lol
Mags faith
Not tryna be mean, but they made Ariel look much older then before. they should of kept it darker and the new length. Ned looks great though!
Andrew Kim
He looks like Archie from the comic books
itsrainingoutside :3
I want a Ned
Michael Steven
Ariel kinda reminds me of Piper from Orange is the new Black
The only person I trust is my Mom
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