Couples Give Each Other Surprise Hair Makeovers • Ned & Ariel

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"Are you making my hair black?"

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David Dang
Ariel Fulmer

diayeyeney Brodie-Sangster
this is the same day they switched jobs aftermath
Colette Maunier
can we have couples only text in emojis for a week?
idk why but ariel reminds me of mary winchester
Alexandra H
they are the best couple and they're like the best best friends too
Selia Baxter
When Ariel smiles she reminds me soooo much of Rosamund Pike, it's crazy. Especially when her (Ariel) hair is pulled back
Sarah M
this is so pure
"I know you well sweetie"
she's so sweet. I swear.
memo maha
Her hair will look so sexy when she dresses up 😍💖
ifisizou ifisizou
they are sooo crazy couple,i love them! ☺
Tia Cox
Best video EVER
awww i never say this but... these two are the definition of couple goals. they always seem so in love!
I want David Dang to do my hair too
Andrew Mullins
Sara Winchester
They are honestly so adorable.
Adriana May
Can BuzzFeed just mak a compilation of all the times Ned has said "my wife"
tali k
ned and ariel are so perfect I want them to be my parents tbh
Star Flower510
I thought they were going to actually cut their hairs not just pick it
Lauren Nealy
Timothy Risby
They're so cute together!
Tim Burner
soccer player hair is the best!👌 ps that's what I've got!
Moondustangel 889
harry tomlinson
I was smiling through this whole video
DailyBumps Fan
I love ariels hair now
Aryn Bray
Ned went from "I will sue your daddy" to " Your daughter calls me daddy too"
Teresa Luong
Ariel would look so good in a lob :)
Valeria Galmiche
My fave couple on buzzfeed
They look way younger now. Or just older people trying to stay young XD
Macy Lawson
Do more of these please they are so awesome to watch and sometimes satisfying cause saf she has long hair and it was cool to see it all chopped off
Jennifer Hayes
Can Ned and Ariel have their own show please!?
Chelsea XD
That doesn't look like Ned!
AmeinZtutW L
she reminds me of reese witherspoon with the short hair
Divya Sasidharan
I dint like Ariels hair she reminds me of Kelly Anne Conway
Emily Young
Okay they both look SIGNIFICANTLY hotter
Leonie von Bischopinck
They are so cute.
Gae Elle
Ned looks awesome!!!!! Ariel looks fabulous!!! I love it!!!
Elora Choudhury
Love teaches everyone. Even the hair salon
nora gryffin
I love it!
ka bob
Ariel is such a pretty white girl
smile again
FOREHEAD. Brendon Urie kind of forhead
larry trash
Cindy Lim
Ariel is so pretty
Sophia Liautaud
Reina Yoda
They are soooooo cute😭😍
Soccer player hair. Basically douchebag hair. And I love soccer. But we gotta be real on this one. So Ned kinda looks like Messi... And Ariel has grown about 35 years older.
Rurouni Kenshin
That guys is gay right?
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