Couples Give Each Other Surprise Hair Makeovers • Ned & Ariel

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"Are you making my hair black?"

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David Dang
Ariel Fulmer

Viviana Trahan
they are adorable!!
Amy T.
They're so cute together.
Jay Vin99
Mad props to the hair dresser tho... you did your job real good bruh
Celeste Friend
My wife-Ned all the time
sid B
hahhaha Ariel looks like a bigger sister ready to bake me cookies !! :)
Karisa C.
Their hair looked so good omg. Also I love them as a couple
Holly Rosegold
These dorks are goals + awesome + funny
Gerald Huanetl
I like that there dorks and I lov it
Hindo Allie
I am soccer player so thank you.
Allyson's vlogs
i love ariel's cut not the color
I want this kind of relationship. Ned and Ariel are so cute
Livi Show!
Ariel's hair looks so pretty
Olivia Self
Ned looks like Emma Watson when he was young like a male version or something
Mia Anderson
Ned is so sweet!
Shaina Ramos
0:37 ned had dark eyes when he was younger now they're hella blue
ned and ariel are literally the sweetest married couple and they make me wanna be married for a minute before i remember i'll probably never get married LOL
Jamie Legion
ned's forehead tho 😂
Griselda Landin
She looks like gwen
Nolan Solano
ned+ariel=happy marriage❤
ariel sorta looks like a guy
seren uysal
sorry but ariel looked like a zombie from izombie
Bongau Master
benefit of workinf for buzzfeed: getting a free haircut.
Elizabeth Pearson
I gave up on relationships, but I always come back to watch Ariel and Ned to show me to keep trying 😂
Liam The Avacado
I think Ariel looks like Noora from SKAM
Elisa Lara
Finally a video dedicated to Ned talking about his wife
Faith Douglas
neds color makes him look pale
Caitlin Morris
That 'mmmmmm' smooch at the end though Hahahaha
Charlotte Prior
Ned looks like Charlie Puth
Aaron Smith
They need a Mexican or black barber to cut neds hair
Raisa :D
I love them so much they are the cutest things ever!!
Eliza has a youtube channel
Ugh Ariel is so beautiful 😍😫
Mystic Universe
SmallPotato5 :D
"My wife"
Ariel Hair Look Alot Like Jennifer Lawrence But Not The Face And Jennifer Hair Is Abit Darker I Think
Kayla Drozdowski
I'd do both of them! They look so good!!!
taylor b
this is very cute. i like it.
Melak Hamed
it's funny how they didn't keep it
Elizabeth Hade
melisa ozcan
she reminds me of Vilde
Angie Chng
They look sooo beautiful
i've never seen a more married couple than ned and ariel
Sofia D'Alessandro
never click so fast once i saw Ned & Ariel ...
OMG, They are the cutest couple!!!! #MarriageGoals
Michie Warrioh
Ellis Life
She literally lookes like Jennifer Lawrence
Grace Herbert
Neds new hair is good
I love Ned's scream at the beginning 😂😂 it's so funny
Kathryn Santiago
he gave her mom hair
Sincere Simmons
@ 3:28 peep how he dodged her breath !!! lol
mama bear 15
awe! these two are so cute!! love Ned and Ariel
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