Funny Musical Barber | Rudy Mancuso

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Rudy Mancuso
Thanks for watching. Enjoy.
Kailie Davis
im a musical barber and im here to cut your hair im make you look the best you ever looked bro i swear you want a mullet,no,afro,no,look like leo dicaprio,no,bowlcut,full hawk,no,what about a classic mohawk,no i could male you look like this,this,this,this,or even that if your not happy with your cut you can always wear a hat
Moh'd Ibrahim
Jesus Soap
I've watched this video for many times cuz it's euphonic
AA Gamer
Guys put captions on and then go near the end the captioner loves rudy
Perla Cota
Is he Mexican
Damaris 567
please make moooore
Romy Engel
showed this to all of my family
Jayisthebeast 23
Well one day I took her a terrible hair cut...she look like shrek
yazan aLyamna
Saory Chacon
that, s so funny
Typical Gamer Fan 1
Id be so annoyed
Lilly The beautiful Rose
Turn on captions and it says
Mikasa Mikerson
Turn on captions and go to 3:57 it says "I loveee you Rudy notice me"
Nenad Mladenović
Wow you sing so well 😉
adrian mesui
hahaha honestly cracked me up
Celine Dion
This made me cringe 😬
Gissell Garcia Classic😂
Chrisha Coriz
this is the best funny musical of all
carla Atchison
hew hi cut the so
Hilola M.
Carol Hale
Bad ass
Ross Garrick
This is chick=🐓
Chick has no friends or family one like=one friend
Comment=Three family members
Leland Tinkleberry
Nice vid dude i love all your videos
Evelyn Dominguez
I saw this video like 10 times 😀😅
Serge Lindo
I love this video
Genesis Romero
Do a musical tequila bartender
Sam Prrez
No wonder nobody goes there
Sam Prrez
3rd time watched today
Junaidah Abdulrahman
Good work
Keep It Up
i love Cookies
Nice beats and singing
Freak Motel
This is the best musical ____ ever
Rahul 889
See the caption at 3:57
Евдокия Матвеева
█▬█ █ ▀█▀ 18+ ❤ ❤ ❤ ➨
the sky is blue
One day I gave her a terrible haircut and she looks like Shrek.
Gabriela Gallegos
omg it you hi!!
official brandon
why don't u make songs that can be on spotify
Jonathan Gonzalez
About half way through it kinda sounds like Benny Goodman's Sing Sing Sing. You know that one swing song from the 30's. Never mind no one knows about swing music anymore
Maggie Cruz
I love your songs
Maggie Cruz
I love you
Gj Sevillano
Dobi dobi do dobi do do what The heck 😂😅☺
Riona CHEN
love your voice
Claudia Barraza
I guess you really like music awesome voice👍👍👍👍💗
Fuck these harmonics make me teary eyed
Imaan Momina
The last part Dubi.dubi door😍😂😂
Skull Crusher
Your amazing
Flor Sacone
This reminds me of high school musical 2 hahahah
Nathan Rolle
I watched this a million times who else?
Rudolph Gill
Who thinks he should have at least 4 million subscribers
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