Funny Musical Barber | Rudy Mancuso

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Rudy Mancuso
Thanks for watching. Enjoy.
felecia williams
I wonder how long it took to make those rhymes and stuff.😕😧
Camila S
This gets funnier every time I see it
CaNNarexx 465
Musical Waiter/Chef
Hani Samatar
like=a fan of rudy
Awesome video as always. BTW, any way to do some Ghostbuster themed song video? ^_^
Anime_ Lover
Lmoa turn on cc and look when a fan girl does the subtitles 3:56 😂
Genesis Acosta
Channah Carpenter
I love everything about this video!!
g_boy racing
if you really want hair that looks real nice i suggest you listen closely to my master advise got a cut cut slice with the snipedy snip then a buzz buzz buzz with the comb of the flip.
Dorraine Desmarat
I saw this on!!!
Harry G vlogs
3:05 - 3:33 made me laugh so much XD XD
Hannah Gil
singing doo be do be doo, do be do, do what the heck... doo be do be doo, do be do, she looks like shrek... 😂😂😂
taquito fiend
this is amazing
Levita Miguel Miguel
this is a funny video but I like when Rudy sang the part about a fake wife he cut her hair like shreck 🤣
Animal lover 123
I love this one the most
1. No curse words
2. Not even kiding I love this so much I watched it over 10 times (literally not even joking)
3. I actually showed this to my mom, which she liked it
4. Lyrics are cool
5. Rudy Mancuso is just savage
The song about the ex-wife looking like Shrek was the best.
Asher Talamantes
0:30 is when it starts
America Sabalsa
I love you
IsaacAN yt
this is utter shit
Amina Noor
hi rudy
Ashley Méndez
This is so fucking dope
souvik Das
Song at 0.30 plz
Despina Coveri
I love this video
Brittnie Davis
I have a huge crush on u <33333333333😚😚😙😙
Brittnie Davis
I can not keep this song out my head 😂😂
CIA3 Light
krissandra rammo
helloworld iamhila
this song is catchy
Brittnie Davis
I can not keep this song out my head😉😉👌🏽
Juliaramirez.21 Julia
Shrek does not have any hair tho😂😂😂
Mia Hayes
This is my favrito
Sweetie 3.141592653
"I gotta say man it doesn't look that bad even though your pretty weird and your life's real sad ohhh"
" that was messed up"
"It's ok" 😂😂😂😂
Diana Perez
Can this please be on iTunes?!
Sofía Mayo
very creative, I like your work.
Sofía Mayo
really creative and intelligent, I like your work.
Vine City
Evelyn Yao
but for real he needs a haircut
I'm subbing this dude is great
Waranya Youdkhunthot
I really like this one. I watched this fifth the day. Lol
melonade juice
my favorite musical
Sarah Gleeson
thats so funny ily
Emanuela Šoša
do you ever come to the comments and see that someone got a heart from Rudy, so you just think: ''Man, i wish i wrote that one...xD
Yung khalif
mehn, you need to start putting these on iTunes​😭😂😂
yasmine hemchi
Go to the end and put on subtitles. What a fan edit and 3:43
Juan Pablo Maagad
i like your videos rudy if you say "Stupid"
Luis Curzio
Esta canción es como de Phineas y Ferb jajajaja
So funny
Marcus Holloway
Am I the only one who's entrigued by these musical videos, am I right?'
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