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Rudy Mancuso
Thanks for watching. Enjoy.
Mya Hopper
Mya Hopper
I watched this 1000 times
Bunga Ega Evania
Marilyn Chávez
I can't stop watching this I really like your song
Jacqueline Mason
I love him sooooooo much😘😘
Jacqueline Mason
KyanAndBraydon HD
00:10 to 00:25
luckt guh
at the end it's like I LOVEEEE YOU RUDY NOTICE MEEEEE3
luckt guh
3:45 captions say "blahblahblahrudyissocute" uhu
Naid Raptorz
Do musical cop
I agree
Lollipop challenges🍭
If you ever made a musical show i would be the first To buy those tickets
Bahar Hashemi
Why u are not a singer?
adrian mariano
the english caption at 3.56 haha :D
ferus zina
ferus zina
Joshua Brown
He has a great voice
Ethan Monkey
That hair is really really really really good
What I hear : your hair is really really really willy willy willy good
LOL I like the last one it so funny 😂
I'mAngy's World
Cool song
When Rudy says "anybody here" if you look in the mirror you can see a guy with a blue shirt lol but i still love Rudy!!
That intro tho😂
Queen Jucy
me and my cousin are trying to memorise all the lyrics cuz we're in love with this masterpiece
Queen Jucy
gonna what your neck and you'll be on your way ? i don't hear the word
Elida Sandoval
U inspire me ur my hero
Queen Jucy
what follows bullcut ?
Little idiot Dino
Barber:ones I had girlfriend and had hair to her neck but then I gave a bad hair cut and she looked like shrek lol
Rebecca Hutchison
I feel like me and kid version of rudy was born to sing and play instrument
Molly Todd
I loved the bit where they went "dube dube dube du"
The world may never know
Starting at 2:45 it reminded me of Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap...anyone else?
kagoma akahoma
I bet you 10,000 dollers that i can do a lot better that that
DOgman22 33
I laughed so hard when he said "I gave her a bad haircut she looked shrek 😅😅😂
Daniel Rossi
This is great : D !!
This dope
you have milk callum
He looked like harry potter a mach
kellie love
I watch his videos everyday non stop also I following him on all his social media
Evia Burrell
2:44 "singing Doo bee doo bee doo
Sonali Patel
Is it bad that this is my favorite song now?😂😂😂 love you Rudy
Yazzy Cheeks
What's the background music called at 0:49?
Yariel González
The part i liked more is when you said i dont cate XD
Angela Liu
Rudy do musical principal
Whatsapp Videos
Me Me
super God
hey how i chang my porfile
Mikayel Hakobyan
Gabriella Abernathey
And subscribed!!!!
dahliana nayra
Leila Khalili
I actually enjoyed it and my favourite part was 3:50 so basically the end😂😂
Jacob Musial
Just shut up please.
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