Game Theory: Follow the EYES! | FNAF Sister Location

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I Am One of THEM! Truer words were never spoken. But this is no metaphor, this is straight up fact! Since FNAF Sister Location's release, people have been asking a lot of questions about what it all means. How does Sister Location fit with the rest of the FNAF Universe? And, who are you playing as? After weeks of piecing these puzzles together... I have the answer!

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Ham Bro
I just got inside and now the ending is spoiled for me
Sude P
at 4:05 u can see two yellow bright eyes at the conner of the room from through the glass
Daniel Michener
Then why would he destroy Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and foxy hmmmmmmmmmm.
Daniel Michener
And also think about mushrooms, decaying bodies, vents and the fan you could have been in the game unknowingly DRUGED think on it.
Daniel Michener
The offices, the bedroom and the main room in fnaf 5 are the SAME!!!!!!!!!!,!,
Seawolf 1517
Is it just me or do I see an animatronic in the mirror
Ella Lindley
13:03 Matpat fanf went past the point of really complicated long ago.
• Wcnted •
so wait. when you are playing the game, you know how you can choose a teen age boy to help you shock the animatronics. could that be William Afton (purple guy) son?! it makes sense, or does it?
Dariana Jaime
I already saw the playlist of fnaf theories 5 times XD
Alexis Smith
Unicorn Idiots
Lyannet Flores
all i cared about was seeing the exotic butters
Noah Hummel-King
s/Jacinta Perez
WHOA WHOA Hold holddddd soooooooo springtrap well purple guy in is springtrap so how are you him in sister location how or are you actually springtrap?????????????????
Neuma Blankenship
the animatronics are good
I don't remember any of that dialogue in Sister Location...has he come out with a sequel sister location?
sarah Flowers
hey just so u know, if u think about it, william afton, and henry, both cool, but henry had another son. i think that it might be that henry's other son is enard, its crazy, he is helping baby get revenge on william for his long lost brother, feeling guilty about what he had done.
Good theory, one problem tho, at the start of S.L. it says W. Afton designed baby, and we established that as it says
"There are a choices that we arent sure of" or something like that. And then, after Afton lists several of these choices,The voice says those werent the choices he was talking about. So therefore, Henry No-Last-Name-Given, cannot be baby's creator, making baby's line "i dont recognize you, you are new" not make sense.
Owen Huff
purple guy is your son
Marlene Quevedo/joey graceffa fangirl
YAY •w•
Ella Mccutcheon
I know I'm probably late but it is called "sister location" cause it's the sister of the boy who you play as in fnaf4 in the mini game who got killed by baby
Like if you agree
Purple guy is Micheal Afton, but other than that this theory is flawless
awesome dude
did anyone notice springtrap in the ending newspaper for fnaf 3, if you don't brighten your screen
Mus Ang
i am watching this after the movie is out, in the movie, the purple guys name was Fritz Smith
Andy Cooper
wheatley program00100110011
ooooooohhhhh the custom nights cutscenes are the one on the book
Mya Olney
the afton voice actor sounds kinda hot
foxy101 vlogs
What about spring trap in the golden fred y. custom nights
Landon Cope
WHAT ABOUT SPIRING TRAP IN FNAF3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eclipse Panda
Well in the game they said "We won't kill you" Meaning they will keep him alive ERGO he will still AGE. And also, don't humans need to eat??? Ennard stuffed in the skin suit was trying to keep the body alive, stuffing himself full of food so he WONT DIE. So in defense, he was ageing and also getting fatter from carbs and calories.
Maya Zavala
Ryene Motarjeme
You know what's funny about this direction of the series? It actually is pretty smart, and here's why: it is self-aware. Scott did a great job of using "video-gamey" storytelling (heavy emphasis on interactivity and interface) to explain the way the world worked, thus ultimately there are always two perceptions going on in this series. On the one hand, you've got a literal timeline and a sequence of events which moves in and out of... something... The other hand, a metafictional fragmentary narrative which is told through the fabric of the game's supernatural framework. The events we know, as established in FNaF 4, are now crashing down and being broken and re-arranged inside the minds of us (or rather, the characters who extend above the game's literal timeline). Charlie in the novel having such fragmented memories is a crucial detail here, and note how her brother Sammy may be the Puppet; what do they share in common? Fragmented memories and a sense of awareness. They are actually the two ways we perceived the world of this game: literal overlapping with imaginary, material with metaphysical. FNaF 4 is satisfying in that, with the nature of the box (two locks on it btw, the two ways, or minds, at war with each other constantly), Cawthon has extended this conflict into his storytelling and embraced it completely and more literally. Constant duality with a reality consistently clashing with fantasy (as a result of OUR obsession with theory). A clever, surprisingly inoffensive excuse to keep creating games... Now that being said, I do think the series is getting a bit bloated. I want it to have a firm ending, as I feel this framework is becoming fragile. It's like what happened with Metal Gear: a game that ended at the exact right time without completely falling apart (at least in my "supported" opinion lol). I hope FNaF will do the same soon, as it approaches a similar state as Metal Gear did, and end in a nice satisfactory state.

WOW, I can't believe I typed all this... I'll definitely make a video on this idea and my stance with the series when the time's right XD ;)
gabecraft9's Channel
Thats a really bad pause button if it dosent fully stop
dogemaster5438 fnaf lover
didn't the purple guy get stuffed in fnaf 3 bye springlock?
Jamie Valkier
Do you slate others?
lexi camarena
The Game Theorists do Never die so good
Golden Foxy plush
Golden Foxy plush
1:36 i shows the fan as a suspect
John Lundell
Does anyone know the name of the soundtrack/song that is played between 2:49 to 5:30? I've noticed that MatPat has been using this soundtrack a lot in his videos and really want to find it, Thanks for reading this, sorry to disturb your scrolling down the comment section ^^
Casandra The Gamer girl Cruz
your one of them OMG
Your adorable MatPat
Heily Raudsepp
purple guy haes 3 kids
EnySlayz 647
I just realised that the dialogue for Purple Guy's daughter aka Baby is the same as psycho friend fredbear when the kid dies. IS IT HER?? Is the psycho friend fredbear actually Baby at the end?? It's the same colour!!
"People don't tend to have purple eyes-"
Observe the actress Elizabeth Taylor who, while her eyes appeared purple were actually blue to the rare FOXC2 gene.
However, your honor, I just wanted to be a smart-aleck and I actually have no evidence to prove anyone in this series has, in fact, that gene.
Sits down and scrolls through tumblr, waiting for YouTube troll replies
Ryan Salcedo
Lilian Koontz
you or William Afton get stuffed with enered( or however you spell it)
Platyrock :3
Spring trap/purple guy
But Mat Pat purple guy was outside after getting scooped so the scars are from getting scooped
well its possible to have purple eyes but its more vilet blueish colar and extreamly rare
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