Game Theory: Follow the EYES! | FNAF Sister Location

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I Am One of THEM! Truer words were never spoken. But this is no metaphor, this is straight up fact! Since FNAF Sister Location's release, people have been asking a lot of questions about what it all means. How does Sister Location fit with the rest of the FNAF Universe? And, who are you playing as? After weeks of piecing these puzzles together... I have the answer!

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Annette Magno
Annette Magno
oreoiffic sk
He is so good at editing!!! °●°
LT. Derp
rip my pants
Tom Hicks
Emily Keck
This is so great 👍🏻 l love it 😍
Galaxy Kat06
Hi I'm an Angsty Teen named Eggs Benedict. I like exotic butters and play the casual bongos
Dr.RaNdOm ?
Escalon Variety
purple guy is babys father
Darking Seal
I've read the whole book and there is a kid in my class name Michael and he wasn't too happy when I told him the news
Nathan Kovach_(2024)
sister location is actually pretty good it is exactly what I wanted
The man in the window at the end of the game is ENERD!!!
Every time i watch a vid frum him i think its his best one. they never r the best cuz they all r!!!:)
Taqrim Hamza
Is the puppet the crying boy
don't worry mat I read the book all the way threw 3 times and working on the 4th time :D
if you play as purple guy in sister location and get scooped how can spring trap also be purple guy ?
Vanya Spurrell
I give him a clap and a half 👏🏻🤚🏻🤚🏻
Flowtex Vlogz
Im confused. If Henry created baby, then that man's voice explaining the balloons at her fingertips has to be him. Right? So if the crying child is William Afton's son then how can the child who possesses baby be his sister? It's TWO SEPERATE FAMILIES
Lenny Lenny
Plot twist:Mat is Baby
Charles Raen
I'm sorry GameTheory, but The quote on 7:58 is actually on page 409~!
Averie Redd
I've read the book MatPat
Chaim7 Games
You Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Chaim7 Games
Nathaniel Simpson
Bada@# intro man! well done!
Alchamor 117
optimus prime has purple eyes he is the purple guy in tf5
Chase Crowe
Is it me, or does the custom night's cutscenes deserve their own theory, or at least a diet theory, I mean, they mention the update 2.0 ending, a spinoff that is on game jolt and looks nothing like anything in the rest of the series that is meant to hint at SL before the SL teaser was on Scott games in the first place or was it and I have my times wrong.
Family Willcox
Exotic buuuuuuuuutttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssss

juice 115
it's the person from FNAF 1 because he had night mares because the animatronic s gave him night mares so he had a family and built the animatronic from FNAF sister location so he was scared and gonna insane and killed children so he can make the animatronic and killed his children but then he regretted it and tried fixing him so his son is golden Freddy and his daughter is baby the girl on FNAF sister location
Storm Barrass
plz sub I have no likes and sub and comment down below what you want me to do next thank you go on my videos and sub plz
mat i have a theory!

so as you can see at the end of the real ending in sister location, william afton's eyes are purple. if you look at ballora's eyes when she jumpscares you, they are also purple. i believe that like you said, they scoope out your innards/skeleton, and use you as a flesh suit. but i think when william looked into the mirror at the end, it wasn't him who was in control. it was ballora. she was trying on the suit first. that's why she looked into the mirror. i believe they'll go to afton's home, figure out how humans live, take turns with afton's corpse, and live like humans.
We need to discuss multiple universes!
Adventurous Girl
Amira Batino
Mat my bussmate has a theorie:
Chris/Golden Freddy and Ennard are sibblings. I can't explain it it's too long!
Gwn Jullian
I hate horror but love these vids😂😂
Geometry DASHer
Finally a guy that equals how we try and solve these stories and questions
Russell Wilkes
he forgot one of the phone guy calls that refrence "sister location" which I think it said was where the first spring trap suit locked up to sssoooooooo all theories are false. nah probable mostly right but still he never noticed that
Basimah Lamb
i have a theory what if sister location might be a prequel because we all know that the animatronics in sister location have their own way to lure and murder childern by stuffing them inside their own suits just like how baby did to the little girl in the mini game so what if all this time we have been playing as enard because once you get scooped out of your body enard takes your place as shown in the mirror with the purple eyes ( bad ending ) and in the previous games purple guy lures the childern into the back room kills them and stuffs them into suits just like in sister location and is it not weird that purple guy survived when he was "killed" by the spring bonnie suit aka springtrap and in the cut scene of sister location baby tells purple guy " you cant die "he also throws up eye balls that were from enard's body.
Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation
I have a theory that there are two Purple Guy's.
And Will.
Think about it...
Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation
I have a theory that there are two Purple Guy's.
And Will.
Think about it...
_sugar _
Gay or nay ? Lol
James Johnson
Janie Carter
you are the best therest ever 🐱
Chloe Dill
he has scars on his stomach
ReapersGaming231 Jay
Anybody hear the Xbox achievement sound at 10:00
William Casteel
Wilmette pet you're not the only one with the Silver Eyes book my friend Hannah that's cool finish it does he know I'm 9 years old oh just so you know I'm totally freaked out aaaaaaaaaa
Furry Kabob
I would be so angry of the inside spoiler if the inter net didn't already do it
what if the little girl is charlie from the book because the father of her is also a creater of animatronics
if purple guy is Baby's father, then why is her room in henry's house? Unless there related somehow.
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