Game Theory: Follow the EYES! | FNAF Sister Location

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I Am One of THEM! Truer words were never spoken. But this is no metaphor, this is straight up fact! Since FNAF Sister Location's release, people have been asking a lot of questions about what it all means. How does Sister Location fit with the rest of the FNAF Universe? And, who are you playing as? After weeks of piecing these puzzles together... I have the answer!

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Ayden Martinez
Wednesday Arasmith
eye am one of them!!!!!
can that be pun?
Can you do you a theory about the custom night mini games in sister location? Please!
Avery Mayln
Hi you assumed Funtime Foxy's gender it's a girl k bye :P
Pork King 248
I don't know why but I bought the book and read all of it, and you know what it's not that bad. But still I read it
Cocoa Coyote
Banana Cart
William Aftons son, not the one who got his frontal alobe bit off the older brother, is springtrap
Igor Milisse
" End of quote "

Famous words by ....

I forgot his name .
CocoChoco2548 :3
Matpat: Because I

we play as michael afton in sisterlocation .william aftons son
michael arellano
I mean why William why not Henry I thought the book and games where in 2 different universes
I'm playing Subnautica and the soundtrack is going with the music in the background.
Queen Phantump
I can't be the only one who remembers MatPat originally saying "glossy" instead of "glassy" at 8:25 right??
Princess_ CrystalBerry46
The long time ago is:
The accident on the 80's
August Oliver
Where do you get the dialogue for when Afton is describing baby? I don't remember that from the game.
Sky Cloud
luv that book imma jonlie shipper lol
Sky Cloud
omg i recognized that verse from the book that i JUST finished reading a week ago lmfao charlie is awesome
Epsilon Entertainment
Wait. Has he done Gman? From Half Life?? This needs to be done!!!
Damien Radionov
They didn't kill the animatronic in the end.
Damien Radionov
So purple guy got scooped, by the machines he made he forgot what he put in the machines like the voice mimiker for balora so they killed him and the animatronic in the end.
Cal Blackwood
Took me a moment to get that timeline/thyme line joke. Subtle but clever, just wanted to point it out.
caj william
eats cookies and play the little line don't hold it against us
Alexandra Richey
Savage Seeker
I read it MatPat 👨🏻‍✈️🏋🏼
cooper dash
mat wat if baby is henrys daughter witch that would mean the crying boy is his son purple guy killed both his kids and henry saw wat happend to them that would mran he let himself get killed by his daughter so he would be the puppet and wat if sister location would be the 1st freddys fazbear
Abrahan boy Brunette
in SL you forgotten in babys room they have eyes two eyes by the light just look !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shiva beast
question matpat did you make a mistake that who you play as is william afton instead of henry? because treesicle himself said that henry was the creator
Owen Bagels
If Purple Guy became a flesh suit for Ennard, but also gets stuffed into Spring trap, does that mean Ennard gets stuffed into another animatronic?
Rachael Butler
thres a new game noooooooooo
more like "Mike the keypads"
foxy hook
why is spring trap in the back watchng you weres babys parts
foxy hook
why would you not beable to see the kitchen what if theres a secret
William... Afton
Fluffy Nifty
Actually, people can have purple eyes. It's a genetic mutation/disease called Alexandria's Genesis.
Royál Butt
have you notice that in the last night of fnaf sl baby said ballora has been here fun time foxy has been here fun time freddy baby has been here. And is it weird that baby said her own name. I think maybe enard may pretend to be baby like I said before its weird that baby said her own name
Janblu Poggio
Has anyone realised that the "becoming a flesh suit" is like some tongue and cheek reference to FNAF 1 where your told to play dead, but that they might think of you as a costume without a skeleton and stuff one inside you. Anyone think of that?
Edward Olivas
Spring trap!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ryan Silver
Has anyone ever realised that the tv program that you watch the Dracula is wearing a purple jacket( just wondering is it would relate to purple guy in anyway)
Isabel Lol
the eyes!

Chica from the first game has PURPLE EYES!
Tilda Woof
The phone guy said SISTER LOCATION in fnaf 3! Mat pat!
Julienne Forehand
who is Mike then? but... wait...this is confusing
Emoji Man
Guy, I have theory.What if he made fnaf.Why would he know all this , just think about it😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
adrian popescu
What I herd.😕
adrian popescu
There's a new book come it out
XXFiery DemonXX
Game theory F.Foxy is a girl you said and confirmed it on the last theory video so please respect yourself and go back to your last video and watch it once you'll understand so yeah do it please do it and don't call F.Foxy a boy ever again okay?
She also has eye lashes duh make up and lipstick,nail polish and more so yeah all of that including your last video it is confirmed that F.Foxy is a girl.
Anyway you blew my mind tho like 5 times already don't blow it even more or I'll be like baby a artificial idiot lol XD
Game Theory then why is William Afton called Eggs in Sister location?
Jossolyn Riccardo
What if the purple guy was henry in would make sense because hes the one who created the animatronics
I read the Silver Eyes, there was a lot of filler. But, I read it in two weeks.
adrian popescu
Why toes??!!😑
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