19 Life Hacks That Every Woman Should Know

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Elakiya Elakiya
Yeo Minshi
that thumbnail doe
Skyler Constantino
This kind of treats women like how they were treated in the 1950's, as property to stay home and cook
le creazioni di Martina
everyone, not every woman...
AliceOtaku4Life :3
7:49 That sound made me jumpscare XD
rahitha beenu
taranjit singh
same hacks in all vidoed please post some new i m bored with these videos😥😫🙏
xMaya Msp
how to fix a broken nail ~~

well first of all when u put the teabag it can not show the broken nail but thats not really fixing it it doesnt repair ur nail like its not gonna me ur nail go back together...
Neelam Sohail
at 4:25 her lips were already red
Szabi Antal
That's why I love God!He gaved to every woman their natrural beauty,and they do this...
Sarah W
Wengie also did the hair bun thing
Tyler Moss
Who else came here for the thumbnail
But I love my double chin😅it makes me , me. Guys don't try to get rid of something like this. Your features you think don't look good, actually make yourself unique. And makes you ,you
Sundhari Raman
Bdndn Jxid
@10:21 is when u realize this video is bullshit
Dat C
Not a woman. Still enjoyed watching this
Wareesha Alam
thought those were her skin!
Wareesha Alam
double chin didnt work
I like how the life hack to get rid of a double chin the lady doesn't even have one unless she try's to have one
MidgetPotato 5286
10:25 i thought i cracked my phone
YoungNReckless L
why is this recommend to me I'm not even a girl
Hu Aaron
Cool I bet every girl needs this viedo! Can I share it on my wechat? I'll mark where it coms from and the author(5 minute crafts)
Shoval Gold
What is WD-40 ??
K supriya
ur nice baby
Gaming Craft Indonesia
who's man here?
raksha eshwar
What is WD-40 ?
Vanessa a magical subscriber
10:20 was really badly edited
Devishree Jadhao
5:26 Awe some
Ruchika garg
Nice hacks but u get everything available at where u live
Billy Lilly
Really a lightbulb sexist
X Wolveride
Who came here for the boobs?
Maria teleio Kallou
πολύ sexy!!
Ali Khan
v nice
Agnieszka Łach
Zuhreh Amin
i love the part when baby put her or his feet
Sydney Oroian
Congratulations on 1,000,000 subscribers!
potato Rachael
i don't understand 6.20😂
Mr. Beaver
100% Not clickbait
Joy Crafts
yes ananya and who are u
elina chaudhary
i just love this channel
Farhana Muhammed
9:21 damn cute <3
Raff TV
bewbs 😚
allison campbell
Request health bend dancer consumer second nonetheless memory assignment
saba Gul
i love this video and specially hair hack thanks for posting this video
priya Pandey
amazing yaar
Teresa teresa
1:12 for what is that?
Sanju Ranadheer
what's that liquid in blue bottle
Not just another guy
If you have a double chin - you're either overweight, getting old or you're tilting your chin down all the time.
Archana Chircktey
very nice
Amanda 777
6:12 I don't need that life hack. I was born with Stretchy arms. So I can scratch my HOLE ENTIRE Back, and zip my shirt like that at 6:09
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