Ademir Alagič
Dude mind your own business
Andrew Theissen
That's why your cellphone should be fully charged before driving if u don't have a dashcam!!!.
This video sucks shit. Thumbs down.
Jason Lee
She was lane splitting. Lol
Bergr B
This was more about her cutting you off than texting, what people do in their cars is their business as long as it does not affect anybody else. Also you are not a law enforcement officer to pull people over like that.
Anthony Smith
Didn't see any rage here.
Fuck old people they all need to die
Hockey Joe
You sound like nerd with your girly voice by the way
for one you f**** prick you're not a cop and you shouldn't be banging on somebody's f**** window.. the light was red and she was texting somebody..or checking an email.. get the f*** back and mind your own business motor fag..
John Garlow
You don't text or talk on phone while driving that's fuckin bullshit! Leave the goddamned phone alone while driving
Have driving rules changed in Ontario or did that bus go through a red light?!?!
Alan Deans
I would love it if the motor-cyclist's action in this video became a craze - far too many selfish cunts still using their phones whilst driving !
Jay Zenitram
For once I gotta side with the biker. What a stupid bitch.
Jay Lansing
She was driving dangerously, but there was no accident so he has no case.
jack hammer
I don't see nothing wrong with text or talking on the phone at a red light, but you better get off when it turns green, and to almost side swipe you ,what a bitch
Roger Grose
Can you say, "dumb as ugly cunt,"!!!
Lord Jock
I hope you took that video to the police . Anybody who uses a phone while driving should be charged with attempted murder .SERIOUSLY !
john seigler
You're wasting your time trying to talk to these assholes on their phone. They think they're "entitled" to it. I hate these people!
Paul Smith
Did you report that cunt?
Matt James
That was awesome!
Smith & Wesson
Every fucking where around the world, ppl r texting while driving. Just take a look around when u stop at the red light. Every mother fucking drivers r texting.
she has a "punch me in the eye" face!
Bill Cobb
Good job. You handled it perfectly.
Cadillac Lover
Idiot. You should never text and drive.
So did she go to the police ?
cristian c
What a cunt
Go on your phone at a light fine, not legal but eh, I'll pass, but pass a biker SO FKING CLOSE like that, HECK NO! BS, glad she was charged!
Dusty Boy
"Don't you have something better to be doing with your time?"
I got to agree with this guy, this is a pretty good use of his time.. just because you CAN pass him doesn't mean you SHOULD!!
She's SHOULD be charged with dangerous driving.
Sarah Fina
Grats to this motorcyclist, will hopefully prevent at least this driver from ever doing anything wreckless like that again.
He dealt with it in such a smart and respectful manner, considering he probably had so much adrenaline pumping through him that his whole body was shaking...
jake mckinney
good for you bro!
please tell me she got arrested or charged ?
Old cunt
SoCal PumpBaller
lol love it! Put that dumb bitch in her place and have the cops deal with her dumb ignorant ass.
Simone J Stogrin
I hate people who do this. Good work on stopping her.
Rick Sanchez
Nothing wrong with using it at the light, but stop there
Typical brainless twat - not a brain in her skull. Is she sequencing the human genome on that stupid phone? Idiot.
I would have smashed her Window
Weird kid Katharyne
I think she use to be my neighbor same car, same hair,same phone, Same face,cranky add bitch. Still seems the same
Ælfwíne Starkindler
You go guy! I'm tiered of fearing for my life every time I go on a ride.
Well done!!
Matt Foley
I see this All THE TIME. I live in Philly suburbs. They keep doing it because cops never see them. So I asked a cop if they'll accept my video and they said no; they have to catch them in the act. They also leave too much space in front of them at the red light. WTF is that about? I get road rage every time I drive because I encounter so many assholes like this bitch. I know some people will tell me to just accept it because "everybody does it." Fuck that. I refuse to accept it. These assholes need to put their fucking phones DOWN.
Dumb cunt this bitch needs to be shamed publicly
Mango Bango
I hope she gets sodimised by a cooked grenade
Jorge Samanica
Old ass bitch ......should take the bus
She has been charged

Woman charged by police.
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