8 Bollywood Actors Who Don't Come in Movies Anymore!

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Yudhvir Sidhu
Yar preeti, maduri aur urmila ki toh age ho gayi woh apne tym mein top actress reh chuki hai. Aaise toh dilip kumar g bi kbi movie nahi krenge. Kya yar kuch bi
aisha kulkarni
Don't come XD Lost my sht when I read it!! Don't appear keh dete to kya jata XD XD
Scott Luther
For the guy doing the voice over on this video, you need to move the mic further away from your mouth, or get a mic with a windscreen!
Sadia Sabrin
#Tried&Refused Productions what about Imran Khan, Bipasha basu, Lara dutta?
yogesh singh
Fardeen khan is Gym Boy he will back soon in Gym an move too
Vishal suryawanshi
I want all this character because Bollywood just making only love movie and life related and Bollywood big star launching their son they can't act really good so I want this actors
Vishal suryawanshi
Awww shit
rajkaran randhawa
i like your videos but could you please not talk into the mike like you're sucking some one off
Robinson Wright
Govinda, Milind Soman, to name few more...
I like Madurai plz again u come back & continue movie
Tom Cruise
Urmila Matondkar is an example that Mullas marry Hindu girls only to fuck and tear off their pussies by producing Childrens and then dumping them in the Garbage bin..and the cycle continues coz of Hindu girls Co-operation..Hahahahha what a way of commiting suicide and making ur life hell..
Balkaran Singh
You need to make a part 2 including Imran Khan, Sushmita Sen, Amrita Rao, Shilpa shetty, Sunil shetty Genelia d'souza etc
Susmita Agarwal
Lol there should not be Madhuri dixit
R M cr7
fardeen Khan was last seen in the movie ALL THE BEST,also starring Ajay devgan,bipasha Basu and Sanjay dutt.
R M cr7
you missed out Manisha koiraala
tushar kapoor
Yethukrishnan Nair
Urmila matorkar had cancer so she was busy in her treatment and she is abuzzing and most talented actress in bollywood
pardeep parkash
thats a shame
Graham Anderson
Raveena Thandon
Sahil Adhikari
This list is shit without Akshay Khanna. He was one of the top actor in 2000's suddenly disappeared.Not to mention he is a terrific actor.
ApeX'Zz Destiny !!
Audio quality is bad
Bilal Ahmed
What's with this guy picking on Fardeen Khan ? Fardeen is an amazing actor, and the narrator needs to stop doing skits over the phone !
Y u put Fake thumbnail...
Sumit Singh
Madhuri Dikshit????? have you completely lost the plot dude???
Michelle Qureshi
An no doubt pretty zinta being my all time favourite
Michelle Qureshi
I miss all of them. They did perform in some excellent and memorable movies.
Yoyo Girl
U guys missed out asin
Nurul Aniza Zainudin
That audio quality tho...
Kashif Mushtaq
very bad editing you mic is very cheap πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
neda aziz
These are the actors who gave up on the industry and found something better to do with their life. Not because they failed.
Omkar Karekar
That one pic of urmila martonkar in the video was so scary 😫😱
Valobasha Megh
they say your body is a reflection of your lifestyle in fardeen khans case he's is stuffing he's fatface with vada pavs and paanipuris
fahdi zafar
deno moria
sunil shetty
Rakeeb Ahmed
hey kual kapoor was in dear zindagi
Peerzada Sadeem
Fardeen khan is a druggist .
Bhawanshi Arya
urmila was my most favourite
Arisha Maham
you voice is so soothing !!! love from pakistan
CakeMonster !
U deserve more subscribers ❀ new fan from Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ πŸ’•
Arijj khan
Ayesha Takia recently made her comeback with a gritty music Video from album "Zindagi Yeh Zindagi".
Vkk rr
Some of the actors are retired ones.
Ritik Rajput
why ur in so hurry during the video??????
Tanmay Haldankar
you missed imran khan
Agent M
Lara Dutta should come back too...last seen in SINGH IS BLING. also SUSH!!
Rooshan Asif
Waqt ke sath mind bhi change ho jata he
Pathik Chakraborty
you should start reviewing specific Bollywood nd Hollywood movies cz I very much like your opinions
Dani A
Where is rani?
Kunal Kapoor is in a multilingual movie 'Veeram' in 2017. The base language of this movie is Malayalam and it was a flop.
Azoz Khan
kunal kapoor is in dear zindagi
Psycho Atlas
Bro just eat the mike no?
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