8 Bollywood Actors Who Don't Come in Movies Anymore!

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neda aziz
These are the actors who gave up on the industry and found something better to do with their life. Not because they failed.
Omkar Karekar
That one pic of urmila martonkar in the video was so scary 😫😱
Valobasha Megh
they say your body is a reflection of your lifestyle in fardeen khans case he's is stuffing he's fatface with vada pavs and paanipuris
fahdi zafar
deno moria
sunil shetty
Rakeeb Ahmed
hey kual kapoor was in dear zindagi
Peerzada Sadeem
Fardeen khan is a druggist .
Bhawanshi Arya
urmila was my most favourite
Ari mhii
you voice is so soothing !!! love from pakistan
CakeMonster !
U deserve more subscribers ❤ new fan from Sweden 🇸🇪 💕
Arijj khan
Ayesha Takia recently made her comeback with a gritty music Video from album "Zindagi Yeh Zindagi".
Vkk rr
Some of the actors are retired ones.
Ritik Rajput
why ur in so hurry during the video??????
Tanmay Haldankar
you missed imran khan
Adnan Malik
esha deol last act in care of footpath 2 kannanda movie 2015
MYR 666
Lara Dutta should come back too...last seen in SINGH IS BLING. also SUSH!!
Rooshan Asif
Waqt ke sath mind bhi change ho jata he
Pathik Chakraborty
you should start reviewing specific Bollywood nd Hollywood movies cz I very much like your opinions
Dani A
Where is rani?
Kunal Kapoor is in a multilingual movie 'Veeram' in 2017. The base language of this movie is Malayalam and it was a flop.
Azoz Khan
kunal kapoor is in dear zindagi
Psycho Atlas
Bro just eat the mike no?
Rameez Pv
where is dino morea ♥♥♥
anuj malla
take the mic out ur mouth and speak oi
Binish Zehra
u bastard mic to door karle kha kha kha
Techno Atul
mic se duur bol
Muhammad Babar Dhedhi
ameesha patel, Rani Mukherjee, Juhi Chawla, Manisha Koraila, Ayesha Jhulka, Raveena Tondon, Karishma Kapoor, Pooja Bhutt, Govinda, Akshay Khanna, Everyone is gayab
Karishma khan
Sunil shetty :( i miss seeing him
Indian Helper
It think yu are spitting on voice recorder
Ániq S. Iqbal
Inayath Hassan
You people don't have any work to do?? Whatever in your mouth so your take out and make video!! Search a some work and do leave it this cheap work!!
Yahya Kakar
y did fardeen give up so quickly ??? he shouldve proved him self
Kunal is playing a villain role in a South movie, Malayalam I think
Vipul Khanna
tanushree , vipasha basu, mallika sharwat, rani mukharjee , asin, amisha patel, lara dutta, sushmita sen ,konkana sen and last but not the least yami gautan was missed out in the video. we'll love know why these actresses not seen on screen from long period.
ropuk ahamed
i miss fardin khan
majid iqbal
esha deol is my favorite. i missing her
Rajat Mishra
Manisa Koirala should top he list..........
Aslam lohar
Arslan u.K
pretty zinta
Uncle Izaz
Rajendra Sharma
Kunal Kapoor was in #dearZindagi & Urmila is making her comeback in the biopic of Sanjay datt.
Liban Abduqader
sunil sheety and sunali pandri bott I mis
Himanshu Maindola
sab galat he yaar chotia banate he hame BHAI jisse Ki inka channel chalta rahe
Himanshu Maindola
yah galat video he kunaal kapoor Ki last movie alia bhatt Ke saath thi
Sherry Hassanali
Step away from the mic a bit.
Parth Kapadiya
How about Kader Khan?
Hopefully you can buy a Better Mic with the 4+Million views you got
Anu Goswami
bhai chutya banana bandh kar
Shyam govind sah
aplog ghar baite 50000 hajar rupya kama sakte hai sampark kare is watsup no -8521264706
Ravi Bagora
Susmita sen
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