Jack Ridge
OKC thunder fan since 9/23/17 2018 champs
No science mcnugget got knocked out
the basedgod
Conors back foot always comes off the floor when he throws his left. not good technique lol
this is the biggest load of ignorant crap i have ever heard. first of conor has no weight on his punches. mayweather hits as same as diaz with his pull counter which is basically an arm snap and not a proper punch. if floyd sit on his punches he would generate 3x that conor does. just ignorant bullshit
Tony Richengod
Musti Mustty
Why does McGraw's face look like somebody who is over 50 yrs
Mista _Wo
And conor lost, i just wanted to see money have 1 loss at least
Andrรฉ Mc Farlane
All that bullshit about hammers from McGregor๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Ben MC
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mcgregor has no power you fake doushe bag, your an idiot
theres no science in a fool vs a pro, condom mcfggot was out classes from day one, conor cant fight on ground idiotd, in ufc he would be beat down by floyd in one round with no gloves padding! your idiots conors a fraud.
Touge Evo
There is no science behind staged fight.
Bart DePalma
Mayweather has not come close to knocking anyone out for years. The man is 40 now. Mayweather can win on scoring. The questions are whether McGregor can land a KO or TKO punch and whether a 40 year old can go the distance?
Floyd is the fastest runner in BOXING.
Bull shit! Mayweather has no power.
Truth Enforcer
conor will walk to the ring with the cornrolls in and the white dragon jacket on, then start off rd 1 in the jon jones crouching position bell rings straight up smooth transition into early conor capuara kick straight to floyd forehead his head will break open like a pinata and hundred dollar bills will fall on the canvas boom job done
Mathew Furlong
McGregor will look awful, just awful. He won't be able to get off and the few times he does he wil miss badly. His punching power is mid range at best in boxing.
Yuji Elcano
McGregor might lose,but Mayweather can't knock him out for sure. And Mcgregor by chance can knock Mayweather out. Mark my words!
So McGregor this big strong man only hits harder by 25lbf! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
McGregor barely hits harder than a dude with peanut brittle hands! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
It's impossible to know who objectively has more force in their punches without doing a scientific measurement. But who is the fighter better able to deliver accurate a precise punches, which leads to greater power: clearly Floyd Mayweather.
Adventure Escape
Mayweather can also run and hide faster than Mcgregor. I hope Mac has his running shoes on. He'll run out of gas by round 5.
Mug g
You can't compare fighters/boxers before they fight. There are so many factors in the octogon/ring
Hoang Lam
issa williams
connor gunna be shadow boxing the whole fight
I am Muay thai champ
connor wins by head kick!
Rhod Lubin
Wow people really think Mcgregor is going to win this fight is a joke lol Dana knows it himself
I.D.T.A spear no one
What i can say is that this fight of conor mc Gregor and mayweather is an exibition.........
Justin Jones
if you think mayweather can knock conor out with a 10 oz glove on your tweakin
GreatestStory EverTold
"Science". Lol. Maybe Floyds malteser head will be better able to dodge punches, while Conors big potato head will be a greater surface area to target.
Chelo Figueroa
Iike it when all these idiots say that Floyd cant knock Connor out because of the gloves size, because Connors been talking punches from smaller gloves, yea but this is a 12 round fight not 3 or 4 round fight, when he finds himself getting hit constantly from the first round his mind is gonna change very quick.
Charles Farrell
What people don't realize is like Mayweather, Conor has never been knocked out either and the majority of his wins have been KOs and TKOs more than 50% whereas Floyd has won half of his fights by KOs. And Conor is still young, so that says who the better all around fighter is. Yes Conor may have had 3 losses before he gained a mass fan club but all of them were loss by submissions. Floyd can trash talk all he wants MMA is a lot more "hard work" to keep winning than predictable boxing is.
Gil Gonzalez
"Money still has knock out power" hasn't knocked anyone out since the 90s
Mm. Love the butt hurt McGregor fans. Seems as if all the intelligent people are siding with the obvious winner of Mayweather. There's no race or fan favorite involved here, just common sense.
Kyle Mercado
Hi ! ! ! scheme It's truly super job"win :>
Chuy Loperz
mayweather is not the same fighter as back then
east side52
I tinc thy juss be makin numbers up....
JK Low
An jobless Irish trash living on welfare vs a classic useless Nigger who cant read๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

And the Chinese will be sniggering about what's so exciting to watch๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
coffee at three
Probably one of the best short videos on the Money Fight. Thank you chaps.
Chelo Figueroa
this exactly whats going to happen, floyds going to roll his ass to death and pick him apart like he always does then McGregor will say Mayweathers the best in the world, I did my best, Im not a boxer im a ufc fighter and all that other bs.
Darius Whited
Funny part about this video is that Mayweather's pull counter techniques works terribly on Southpaws. And to say that Mayweather punches about as hard as Diaz is an insult to rhe Diaz brothers.i dont even like them and thays stupid.
Yusuf Surya Malik
I think if McGregor wear boxing gloves his force will have more number. UFC gloves make his shoot have more speed and flexible, Boxing gloves deliver more power but slowing his speed
Alex Westfield
Lmao wtf look at Connors match up and look at Floyds, Connor's match was busted up with blood pour down his face and mayweather can't even leave a little mark
Desmond Tan
Sport science just missed one thing...Mayweather's head is too small...XD
Todd Simone
Daymn. And Nate practically dropped Conor before he choked him out.
Real Natural
Mayweather is not 5'8, more like 5'6
Mitch The savage
Conner wins by knock out 4 or 5 round
Deep Gandani
Im pretty sure age affects speed also considering the amount of time that has passed by when mayweather has not been boxing. Connor will probably become faster and stronger. So the match definitely wont be one sided
Conor kicks His ass
zephiro l
I like how they try to say mcgregor is the harder hitter as if they knew with certainty. lol He doesn't have the technique to hit harder than floyd, even with his size advantage. Moreover there is proof that proves their guess work wrong.

Conor can't hit anything like what they mention. He has hit a force bag and only generated around the force they state, However that was while he ran and put literally everything into it, which would never happen in a real fight unless he was looking to get easily sidestepped and knocked the fuck out, not to mention he was much bigger than he would be at the fight when he did this feat. Mayweather has also hit one and did somewhere in the 5-600 area in force but I doubt he can still do too many of these types of punches consistently without breaking his hands. Conor based on the above information is likely a solid 500.
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