Andy Serkis: The Godfather of Motion Capture Talks Tech (CNET News)

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We sit down with "War for the Planet of the Apes"' Andy Serkis to talk about how technology has evolved to bring us his amazing motion-capture performances.
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Jeff J
Give this man a Oscar already!!!
does any 1 else see that this guy is not really there and his never talking to the guy on set
Good shit CNET
WeRunGuns - WRG
Super cool
Cringe at the end 😄
I would think the "godfather of motion capture" would be the person or persons who invented the technology, not an actor. From all I've read and seen, you would think there was no other person on earth who could do what Serkis does. Overrated for sure.
Karun gany
watched War For The Planet Of The Apes on Saturday…and it was AWESOME!
Tom Bycroft
quality and also part of coldplays video of adventure of a lifetime
How does Andy do bad apple ?
AndySerkis will always be well known to me as gollum :>
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