OMG Guys!!! I am in love with this video! I worked super hard on this so I hope you guys love it too!!! <33
Let me know which prank you guys liked the most and which you want to try!
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Heena Ali
I pranked azka and she got into a lot of trouble hahaha I couldn't stop laughing
Katie C
Love the pranks you done
golden apple love
Do a prank like playdow gum
Luise Kette
Du bist so geil
Amaan hussain
peyton page
You could use some of these pranks on your family
luzmaria Rodriguez
Abby Platts
I subscribed
Estrella Ezsol
this is so funny.
my favorite prank was the coke because I like it
Dayah Orlando88
I like the last one โคโค๐Ÿ”™
miguel POGi
Is coolll!!!!
Jinsoo Han
Me: *did it
Marita Petkovic
Do a edibal book
rajendra singh sengar
I just want to ask how old are you
Mohamed Ibrahim
Zoe Canlas
hi wengie
gwen kelly
Omg I have acute cat his name is mittens he is black and white
Chelsea Grassmayr
Whos wendy
Nidafjvhi888fb Andra
i like your 10 pranks๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„
Jackie Dizon
Because of this video
Jackie Dizon
I love prank
wong fook kee
hi do you have any QNA?
Lamnaophrai Hoven - Singphukan
you rock
Danna Pham
welcome to the nurin syahmirah worls
I love the last one
beatriz Hernandez
i hate you in tge black
Luke Bridgwater
N. !!!qnq.
Danica Kristel Flores
Ariana Kaczenski
Loved it
Aleisha Austin
i have that unicorn lunch box
minecraft gamer
Link Thornton
If it were a fire and miki was next to me, I would grab her and refuse to put her down till I'm outside
Link Thornton
Marรญa Montoya
My favevorite prank is the juice gummy even wendys masterpeace was so CUTE
Amare Talgo
The mint on I like most of your sisters prank
Savage Potato
I did it
Roberto Herrera-Lim
When you said "I tripped on a egg " That was VERY wrong grammar. Its 'I tripped on an egg because you always say "an" if the nexy word begins with a vowel.
Erin Ashley Tompkins
What is going on with you and your friend
Rebecca Correia
I did the glue oreo with mayo hehe
Teagan Wertzberger
i love the last of elmer's glue....................jk
Angela Beatrice Lustre
ha ha ha
Yanique Diamondz
I LOVE This so much so I am going to put a comment ##LOVE
Zackary Bourassa
I love your air
I love you so so much would you I love your channel can you do a video doing 13 back to school pranks
Tyler hackbarth
My favorite prank was the. Oreyo. Prank
Karenflower 78
i love these prank
Angie Swope
Angie Swope
cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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