Ryan O'Callaghan
It takes 25 minutes to hatch
cor van den hul
Dan pay pixel gun
Online Gamer Lumanao
“Rub the bottom or maAAKE A LOUD SOUND!”
Gracy Luecke
$150 is more than I spend on groshreys and there 5 people in my family
Brandon Valdez
Your hachmal is cute
PTO User
PAUSES VID DAN IT IS A PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH.... OH NO-
Brandon Valdez
But, the blue one cost 50 something.
Melissa B
So hilarious!!!hahaha🙌🙌🙌😎🐕
Zombie crusher Op
I have a book of you
Rachel Blondeau
You know I got these plastic small toys called hachimals you could have it's a lot cheaper.
nancy pano
Im dead im dead i love that song and I will never dab again love it
Avinash Ramnarine
Avinash Ramnarine
Avinash Ramnarine
Alena Gutierrez
Tun Win Tun
My baby sister have a hatchanimal
Nicole Kiersten Ang
its abird don't fly dudes its just a toy and Dan I hate poor toy you know that thing sell anywhere your lucky
Kaylito Babito
i see when it's being the end you throw it behind you
Sherry Hoffhines
Make a 3 am video hahcig a hachaml
NoahPlayz - Minecraft
its a penguin it cant fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sans and papyrus Sans
💰 more bucks
Sheyann Ducheneaux
I Love you dantm
Robert Williams
is that money?
gheorghe mihai
Dan was about to say u piece of sh*t
Diamond Fairy Parties
Cute ❤️💛💚💙💜
Onfroise Xe
I would do that if i had one and if im aloud too and dan is so funny when he was wearing that fake egg shell
tonette calderon
I fond a hatchling in the store at the filipins
panda family pandy the starfd teddy bear
I got a glittering garden and It is so much fun
BubblePop LPS
I got mine in toys r us for only £80
X-acuter gaming
Vloger go Viral
Francisco Mendes
It takes 30 minutes to hatch
Shreya Sookrah
Open the hatchimals collegtibles
what it is great
what it is great
no I can't fly
what it is great
My mom bought me one that was 60 $
what it is great
I got one
Paul Wladysiuk
Love your videos love all videos do more 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Laarni Alfonso
My baby sisters hatchimal pecked its way out
Summer Reyes
I Have A Hatchimal And I Love It! I Got One For My Birthday
Melissa Clark
Silly dan. You have to WAIT for it to hatch. They don't hatch right when they come out of the package. You care for the egg and when it's ready to hatch and it should have rainbow eyes when it is ready to hatch. NO HAMMER
Charles Grammer
R.I.P Pinky
ieva1235 free
He is sad
Goldensemih44 Plays
I had one for christmas it Was FLYING and was FLYING to my window and said pinky can fly and attacked me
Knox Reese
Wow this egg should come wit a marshadow if it costs dat much
Hailley Alonzo
Awesome video
Aneta Radziejewska
IT was evil
Vici Hermawan
Its a penguins,birds or owl ?
Dave Lambert
Imagine ifit flyed😌😌😌😌
Two TDMs?
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