Sada Deori
Tum kon ho friend kisne kaha aapko katanak jega hai
Minsa Tamang
I feel bad for the dogs but nagaland is a wonderland coz i have lots of friend from naga they are very polite,friendly n funny
Madan Pokhrel
Dod ka mas khane wala inshan ta pailawar sunatha
Ashish Gurdia
thumbnail me itni sexy ladki kyun dali😛😛
imtiyz anwari
ankita baruah
These kind of videos spread misconception in society. Being the republic with diversity, all the Indians may not be aware of all the Indian tribal cultures, but watching these kind of videos will definitely misguide them in all the way.
Ridiculous and nasty video, reporting in ABUSIVE and HARMFUL category.
Shame on you the creator. Feeling sorry for your poor knowledge.
All about information in hindi
Plz give me link of background music
pravin patil
Maharashtra ka banao
Nicky Patil
Are yaar ye log mumbai kyu nahi aage bharat ke hai to unhe us state se nikalna mana hai ky
Akash Sasidharan
Dude why the fuck are you saying shit in the title you fucking idiot ? If you don't understand the customs of a region don't say it is frightening to you.
Im from the South and i dont find their culture scary or frightening or anything of that sort.
You are a biased narrating cunt and should probably shut the fuck up or think twice before writing a title
Stupid faggot.
Rehan Uddin
Bhai me b Nagaland ka hu saley kiya utla sida bhok raha hai
Big b channel
Naga prajati apani parmpara Ke anusar ye sab kuchh Karte hai .
sammek nitnware
zaat bhare ka khatarnak nhi chodu
gabriel lll
Most of the facts that you have given are false and ridiculous. I suggest you to do a better research about nagaland. Please do not upload anything that you do know about, people will get the wrong assumption.
deepak sachdeva
good, informative, unbiased, pl also make video on tourist interests in Nagaland
Subash Lodhi
Teri ma ki chut madharchod pahle bolne ka tareeka seekh bahanchod
Tumhhara awaz ekdum kharab hai kese bolte ho tum Tumhhara pronounce bhi words ka Bahut hi ghatiya hai
Abhay Sarkar
Bullshit video
Abhay Sarkar
Have u ever visited Nagaland from where it is dangerous ducking nonsense
Abhay Sarkar
Ache se search Kar lo kuch bhi bol ne say pehli ana Nagaland mai diwali mai bomb phor te hai kee nahi dekh lena aake
Pranaya Samal
aachha laga
DK Mafiya
Bologna is desh par videos banau ek
Abul Mahsin Mazumder
It looks so beautiful. Why such non sense title you have quoted?? Don't question anyone's food habit........
girish chaudhary
Madar chod agar information nahi to post mat kiya kar... 2 baap ki aulad...
Milan Das
nagaland north india say too bahut acha hai......narrow minded walon
true world
Isme khatarnak wali bat konsi he kya koi mujhe batayega ? 😐
দেৱাশীষ ডেকা
I have reported this video as promoting hatred towards nagaland. Those who all agree please report abuse. It just takes 2 min of your time
Kamal Samal
Kya chutiya video hai....grow up admin...
Daniel Pz
Hey admin, tere awaaz se pata chalta hai ki tu nagaland to kya, north east ke bare me bhi kuch nai pata. Apne title choose karne se pehle thora apna General Knowledge thik karna. Me Nagaland se nahi hu, nahi naga hu, par teri video dekh ke ghin ati hai ke tu ek Bharat nagrik hokar aise bakwaas video banake upload karta hai. Khud jake research karke ke a, or tab bana kuch original.
Sandipan Ghosh
very bad. not correct fact.
Nand Maurya
report this to remove it from you tube
Nand Maurya
put fro mm you tube
How to
Kiya bakwas channel hai report. A desi channel having 1M subs have been deleted cuz of misleading peoples.tera toh chota channel hai.
Liling fof
Tu gaya hai kya be waha?? Kuch vi mat bol....
Mj Jamir
I know y'all have little knowledge of Nagaland. And with this lil knowledge of yours, don't try to sell off my Nagaland. Y'all are assholes! Middle finger on y'all.
Alex Chophy
This YouTube channel should be report and banned by providing such an wrong information, its a discrimination against Nagas,who told you that common language is AO???who told you that there is always bomb explosion????who told you that its unsafe to travel Nagaland????who told you that Nagas survive by hunting???You don't know anything about Nagaland so don't provide such wrong information.
Palash Priyanshu Dutta
Dude... are you really retarded motherfucker. Nagaland is my neighbor state. We went every weekend in there. That's a very very beautiful place.
gdfgfg fgdfgfdg
Chutiya Saale .. issmey khatarnak wali kaun se baat hai.. have u ever been in Nagaland ? If not then please do come .. we don't eat dog meat but surely I will feed you to dogs.. do some research before posting rubbish you idiot
Dr.Gauranga Saikia
Wont say about Nagaland but nit witted ill informed people like you who unfortunately feel qualified to upload a video about a "khatarnaak" state....its people like you who are very khatarnaak and pichda huwa to the society and country! wish you were a dog in nagaland atleast we would not hav had to see this idiotic video!
Alucard Hellsing
there should be a provision by which garbage videos made by idiots like u can be voted out to be removed and fined.

I have been to Nagaland and like every INDIAN states she is also an integral part .they have their unique traditions and succeeded in preserving them even in this carnivorous age of globalisation.
do u bitch about ur own family member because you are too mentallly retarded to understand him/her.?????
people like u are the reason we suffer communal riots. do us a favour SHUT UP.....
Ashutosh Bhardwaj
try to be sincere and do study
don't try to attract by posting girls image on video cover
Sunanda Sinha
Mc bc kaminey mar jaa tu, saale tujhe problem kya hai nagaland se? Kabhi gaye ho ya kabhi dekha hai.......bina soch samajhke kuch v vdo bana dete ho.....bharwe tum jaiso ki wajah se aaj tak india k kuch log north easterns ki insult karte hai.....discriminate karte hai......ek baat bata saale ....kya khatarnaak cheez hai teri iss vdo mein? Saale fuck u off u son of a bitch
toh mujhe aap ka ye video bahut zayada bakwass lage, itni ghatiya ki,,, that i cant stop myself to put a comment!! and your voice the way you describe disgusting !
kundan nirala
information uncompileted...........
Jona Lam
Can I get 5 likes?my potato just died..
Bapi Maity
Bhai andaban nikbar video banyo
rajat deb
Not true.... Know before you say
Haw x
Hey you Motherfucker..Fucking untrue nonsense information....Asshole
Karan Aarya Ek Deewana
i want to do tour of nagaland i love eastern culture
fayaz khan
Mere bhai tumne nagaland bolke china ko dika raha hai jo kutta fry wala picture wo china hai.. nagaland is very beautiful and have amazing people.
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