Troy Rowe
19,000,000 subscribers. just WOW
I was glad it was re-uploaded :)
Quiet tK
I doesn't matter to me that's it a re upload! Its super hilarious! Keep up the good work Evan!!
Duff Dark
Seen it... Watched it again... Liked it again. :D
Anhell Sama
All Right no problem Mr. Vanoss :)
I don't care if this is a re-upload, im still watching it since all vanoss videos are awesome enough to be watched 100 times
A E10
My favorite episode, dont mind watching it again ! Love it !
Fabian Sanchez
Glad it was re uploaded
Don't matter, I'm still gunna watch :)
We understand! Keep up the good work Vanoss! :)
Jomarc Casco
Still great episode nonetheless
Hayden Olberding
Thanks for the clarification in the description i was really confused
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