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Each person has character traits, peculiar only to him or herself. Aspects of the psyche that are — if present in others at all — extremely rare. Are you a unique person?!

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Aaron Smock
I have hitchhikers thumb, but it definitely does not look like 90 degrees to me!
Jitu Malaviya
What about vibrating your eyes?
Yiyi Ma
What about ability to pop you eye?
only 14 people in the world is able to do it!
Dylan Black
Does anyone have double hitchhikers thumb
Nyan Cat
I can do the haft and roll tongue.
Madison Moore
Edit 2: ONLY MAH SIS CAN RAISE PNE EYEBROWWWW D: But she can't wiggle her ears XD
Edit 3: Hitchhikers thumb-.... well I'm at like somewhere between 90* and 45* :^>
i an having ability of moving ears and raising on eyebrow
Sarah Boon
I had a gab between my two front teeth till I got brackets. So now I am not special or something???😂😂😂😂😂😂
Deimos Cain
Ear thingy, eyebrow lift, ears wiggle. I'm SUPERMAN! not
So I have...
1. Flexible Tongue
2. I Can Wiggle Individual Toes
3. Diastema
4. I Can Raise One Eyebrow
5. One Hole Above My Ear
6. Hitchhikers Thumb (and more tricks I can do with my fingers to impress people around me.)
Nikolas Gaming
I can move my ears , eyebrows , the thumb at 90 degree
Matt C
i only have dimples when i frown
Matt C
i have hitchhiker's thumb and individual toe wiggling
RedGamingPanda TM
Both of my thumbs have hitchhikers thumb
drishti advani
What abt dimples on cheeks & chin at one time,bcz I'm one of them who gets both 😁
alizealize aj
Guess what on my side of hand near the bottom has a dent 😮 whats that mean everytime i tense it done that
Emily Bonilla
the bendy thumb gene, a highly technical term. I laughed a little when he said that lol
I have absolutely no space between my teeth. Not even dental floss can get inbetween. And my forehead is also shaped wrong. My family says it's kinda like that of a klingon but not as much.And (after reading another comment here and trying it out) I can walk over Lego pieces just fine.+my mouth isn't as susseptible to cold. I bite ice cream instead of licking
Moonshine Squishies
3:14 bruh I can't hear high frequency noise at all 😂😂 but the thing about hearing certain noises in loud places is true af
Mohammed Khan
hey!! i can lick my elbow
And even move my ears along wit Hitchhiker thumb
I have the hitchhiker thumb, can wiggle both ears, i have a flexible tounge, i can raise one eyebrow and can make them dance. I am pretty special then lol
elhan abdii
I can also wiggle my knees one at a time and also wiggle my nose
elhan abdii
I can move one eyebrow, wiggle my ears and have a dimple
who else can lick thier elbow. i barely can, but i can.
I am super unique, I have a lot of these
Candace Hughes
Dimples, moveable ears, Darwin's tubercle, and can raise each eyebrow one at a time, without making that weird squintch with the other eye.
Lady WatchAlot
I can wiggle my ears also who here can voluntarily shake their eyeballs as if they were vibrating.
OMG i don't know iAm UNIQUE
i can roll my tongue and bend it to half
i have moveable ears
i have Darwin's tubercle
i can raise one eye brow
Deniz Niyazova
i have half of it
ItzmehElana :D
I'm missing tendon, raise one eyebrow,do the tongue thing(not with the elbow sadly), I have dimples. And that's all I can remember.
It's Beth X
My ears are pointy
Paika Eyepatchuu
i actually have most of these abilities!! IM SO CONFIDENT
Sebastiana Bierk
I can like my elbow
Deb Brantner
i can wiggle my ears(both at same time or individually) and I can raise one eyebrow at a time.
I have All except 7,4,3,& 2 and for some reason the toe next to my big toe can move individually too😂.
Bloom 221889
I have most of these..except for the hole and elbow and tendon and toes..
Niyah The Random Squid
i can do all of these xD and have all of these
Mackenzie Savage
I'm missing the tendon, can roll and fold my tongue and have hitchhiker thumb.
what comments are supposed to be:great job....but i suggest doing this

what comments are ;YOU KNOW THE DRILL , i hate (insert random topic)
Daniel Sanabria
About the eyebrow thingy, isn't that what the rock does?
Cactus Plant
I have that hole next to my right ear and I hate it :/
Tracy Reinert
Had large gapped teeth until extreme orthodontia... including missing adult teeth. Bendy thumb, one eye-brow lift, moveable ears, ears hear constant varying combo high pitch tones, or notes, see Darwin's tubercle point, dimples, tiny dimple tho not a hole at ear top, can't tell about the tendon, have extremely long arms... so no tongue touch, and can only roll my tongue in a single pipe.. though i do get a funny line down the middle..forked tongue? oh, and i can move all my toes. Waving.
Cat And
The Grassy Man Productions
I can move my Eye brows
The Grassy Man Productions
Oh great I have a flexible tongue
I had a HUGE gap. I got braces and fixed it. I kinda miss it.
Dane Senpai
I have 4 out of 11 of these i feel good :3
Nitheesh A S
I can wiggle both ears, have Darwin's Tubercle, can raise one eyebrow, have a dimple on one cheek and have the hitchhiker's thumb (both thumbs). Does that make me an alien?
• Kingzeth •
Am I the only one who can do the triple thing with their tounge?
Ariana Lopez
i can wiggle both eyebrows separately
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