10 Incredibly Expensive Things President Trump Owns

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Savannah Munro
How did he become rich
Trump isn't my president,my president pays most of his money for the country not himself
i hate this Trump
Rick Bender
i hate trump he's a bad DUMP
Nika Hercigonja
I miss Obama
Gamer Wolf 2004
I'm jealous
Manjit Kaur
How can u be that rich ?!?!?
Paige Mathews
I just wanted to see the gold tolitpaper
Emily Barnett
Tramyah Williams
Tramyah Williams
i want Donald trup to die
Jane Johnson
I hate trump
Christina Hyland
ONLY 68 floors?!
pink unicorn
Trump is rich (but I should call him fart since it means the same thing) but Bill Gates is richer (no wonder he has some glorious gates at the front of his house if he does)
the original savage
really, gold plated... pathetic
Robert Southin
Raimielle Espaldon
me to do the true
sees beebo in the thumbnail
im like🤤holysh**
dwight jaramillo
your s dumb ass hoe you just said Mercedes​ McLaren learn your shit 😂 then be a reporter a McLaren isn't even a Mercedes​ it's McLaren 😂😂😂😭
Jonathan Martin
I wish I was his kid
2:30 BEEBO
Myles Scobie-Shannon
It's all about KPOP
In the thumbnail....... Why the f do you need a golden colored aluminum foil to work as your tissue in the bathroom.....
Kevin Linares
Kind of
Lay The Unicorn
Hannah jones
Every time I hear the word Trump, I throw up.
Camouflage 63
I hate Trump so much it's crazy.
Hey, inevitable person complaining that this money should go to the poor?
Trump actually EARNED this, while you say that the poor are ENTITLED to it. You're only ENTITLED to something, if you EARN IT.
Team Pants
I'm not being me but Dam Trump is a B**
Ethan Stuckless
wow oh my god
Anne Valerie de Castro
LPS Fluffy Kitten Productions
me too
Cute Potato
58 bedrooms. Can I move in?
Ali Makki
so just because i don't know trumps is rich i'm living under a rock i'm not subscribing and i'm disliking >:(
Soviet union
Trump is a legend
Alejandro Rojas
I saw no golden toilet paper
i saw beebo!!
Roshan Gopi
boo it was boring
Roshan Gopi
I was watching this vedio for golden toilet
Roshan Gopi
but I was watching this vedio for golden toilet
Wolfpack & Me Mow
I think you forgot he owns a country
Really the toilet papers are MONEY WASTE they are just normal toilet papers thats it
Emma Ozanne
If he's so rich then why does it look like someone Stuck a dead cat on the back of his head
Finishing the video Me: how the f*** does trump get all this money... f*****' rich people.....
"my dad gave me a small loaned of 4 million dollers" Me: SMALL LOANED?! Bullshit!
bryan martinez
Donald Trump is to old to drive a lambo...
WeedCancer Games
4:10 ONLY?? ten mill???? wtf why did they say ONLY 10 MILL fuck 10mill is a fuck ton of money
philip laren
omg he is so rich
coolcat 2
trump wants to show off and be a ****h
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