$50 Hotel Vs. $35,000 Hotel

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"That’s like $17,000 fries at McDonalds."

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Design hotel room. Vector background
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Sleeping Bed Vector
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Set of brinht colors nine bed collection with bedside tables
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The Redbury
Palms Casino Resort

 Palms Casino Footage provided by Palms Casino Resort

M C2
I like Selorm, keep her please!
Vanessa DeMark
"truffles. it's always truffles" lol true
A 50$ hotel near i live are actually like fucking rooms
Hyped Canadian
$10 Viagra vs. $100 viagra
The Pod hotel thing ripped off Tokyo Japan.
Joseph Ochowicz
Lol the butler reminded me of the Krusty Krab Hotel: We shall deny no requests even the most ridiculous
I've stayed in really nice hotels in Greece and Turkey for under 50 bucks. Plus we got our own room not a hostel. The problem with the hostel is you have to pay $50 per person, with a hotel we can pay for one room under $50 dollars and have multiple people stay with no extra cost.
Vincent Li
Try least to most expensive escorts
Minahil Farooq
Heleen Akrayee
Jake Paul went to the last one
Jose Cervantes
what's the name of the song that was being played when they go to the las vegas hotel?
Bodat Maho
Theme parks or a zoo maybe?
Stella PurpleTM
They don't actually paid $35,000 a night, right? I mean, they just come in for a review, right? But not actually spending money on them?
It's a high priced hostel.
Joegen Baclor
How to make an expensive hotel room
1. Get any room, could even be a prison cell
2. Shave some white truffle all over it
And there you have it! It's around $500000
Who are you and what did you do to Adam??
Charlize Brignol
that's like my college tuition
podshare looks like the kind of place where hippies go and do their own personal woodstock
Vicky Chen
Movie theaters !
Alyssa Tucker
That hotel in Vegas looks like the one BAP filmed Hurricane in
Rawan Khoury
they only stayed at the palms though?
Shayan Charalaghi
How do you get this guy's job
Mushcake Media
can somebody please tell me the difference between BuzzFeed yellow and BuzzFeed blue???
For 35k I would prefer to buy a house and a car.
how tf would go to somewhere like a pod place when a motel 6 is a thing
Fandom Trash
why are there so many different coloured buzzfeeds
Hydro pegasos
Imagine living like that
Daniel G
you should do cheap vs expensive coffee
Experiment With us!!
Sarah Kim
OOh do spas!
differently priced back massages!
Grammar Bomb
are you dating that girl ? because you two would be cute together
Remember Casey Neistat's $18000 a night hotel?
East or west podshare is the bestXD
Ive been to a 28300 dollar hotel and it was much better than the 35thousand one lol
Didn't they shoot the Harold and Kumar Christmas movie in that last hotel room?
Guys this is the hotel they used in the movi Last vegas with morgan freeman...
Grim Reaper
You should do cheap hookers to expensive hookers....you could even do the cheap crack to expensive crack while your at it...
Vacation in 3 drastically different price points
Ben Webb
You could live in Podshare for 2 years for the price of one night in the Palms Casino, mad.
i wonder if Keven and that girl used the imaticy kit
Jason Ko
$1 condom vs $100 dollar condom pls make is my drem ta see dis vadeo
Madalyn Clark
Also, keep the girl. I love her. Great energy!
Madalyn Clark
I love the Pod Share!!! It's so cheap for So Cal
Raccoon - Gota
Intamacy kits have condoms lube etc im like lmaoo
jani kähkölä
In Latinoamérica you can find hotels for 6 dollars. PLEASE.
Diah Larasati
it's funny seeing Steven playing the hard to please role this time lol
Ashlesh Bhat
truffles its always truffles! that joke !
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