Ro-Xploit Team
iโ€™ve been a subscriber since 2016.
i think you were in the 900kโ€™s since that year
now your to 8M
last time i checked in 2017 you had 7M
good job man
Kawaii Couch Potatoes
They called theirselves great content ๐Ÿ˜…
Sophie M
Ohh my gosh
Hi coyote Peterson I'm a big fan And I what to meet you so bad
danielle Mamaclay
Why do you have to realese the animals ?why don't you take care for them???
Muzic Rockz
The bullet ant challenge was awesome but scary๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿ™Š

Cart Tube
I subscribed
andrew lloyd
2017 is awsome
alex alex
Melanie Grant
Love you so much for making videos on YouTube
Enid Redden
I love the amount of respect Coyote, Mark, and Mario have for the animals they encounter. Now that we've got drones and high tech cameras that can give us ridiculously amazing images, videos, and sounds from nature, and easier access to exotic pets, and much more detailed studies of the world around us; it really is reassuring to see that there's so many people that are still humbled by the complexity and shear variety of life around us.
Gavin Weaver
the warior wasp should be the last sting
Sydney Payeur
Please go to Vietnam and find a golden gecko that'd be so COOL :D
Vansh Bablu Pakau TV
Coyote! When you come to Australia, you should work with Steve Backshall! He does pretty much the same things as you! In Australia, he is on ABC me, or on channel 23.
Abby Dama
I would love to see more wildcat videos!
Kevin Lahr
My name is Coyote Peterson, and I'm about to enter the smash zone with; the YouTube like button!
Darren Cee
Wow mark your brave
I love this.
6:48 Uh oh....
Jaxton Powers
i live in alaska...
BoostedBadBoy ZX12R
Steve Irwin would be proud of you guys. Haven't loved or been excited about an animal show since him. Jeff Corwin was pretty good, short lived... but just the array of wildlife you guys do and encounter, and the risks you take. As a animal lover, I'm in awe of the adventures you guys take us all on. Thank you so much.
Zzgamer8282 F
Coyote I live in Costa Rica and I got stung by a bullet ant it hurt like frick but Iโ€™m still alive
Inky& MlgPro
____ __ __ __
/ \ / | / |/ |
/$$$$$$ | __ __ $$ |________________ $$/ $$ |______
$$ \__$$/ / | / |$$ \ / | / | / \ / |$$ \ / \
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/ \_$$ |$$ \__$$ |$$ |__$$ | $$$$$$ |$$ \____ $$ | $$ |$$ |__$$ |$$$$$$$$/
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$$$$$$/ $$$$$$/ $$$$$$$/ $$$$$$$/ $$$$$$$/ $$/ $$/ $$$$$$$/ $$$$$$$/
michael venswencey
I enjoyed the ocelot video
A Lego Man
What if Coyote went as a quest on i'm a celebrity get me out of here, since they aren't in australia yet, possibly when the show comes out in december hmmm
Max Proper
Those colabs with for instance Roman Atwood will get you like 1 million subs, keep the colabs up :p
TheMasterOfAnything Alex
Here is a dangerous thing,I'm coyote Peterson and I'm gonna enter the strike zone,with a hornet
Cosmic Plazma
What was that thing on coyotes arm when he was giving mark the ant?
Elijah Fineran
Idk why, but I liked the yellow jacket episode
Abigail Cheese
*screams when sees a fly)
Love these guys and this show
What a wonderful team these 3 make! I find myself liking them all very much.

That's why I did enjoy this very much actually, broadly smiling most of the time (that fall will always shake me) just so happy for you guys!
Anorvoria Roblox and stuff
5 MIL subscribers in a year KEK
do you build any kind of immunity towards the venom? like, at all?
Funtime Freddy
Who else saw the spider under coyotes arm? Lol
Quiro28 :3
hey u forgot the leaf cutter ant
Uh, my name is Hedvig not Hedwig
Haha, the velvet ant video was the one that made me subscribe
Johnny Boy
mark gets stung
Coyote: You okay man?
Nicholas Morphis
Coyote my favorite video was all of them they were all just making me laugh all the time like you're the best please make more videos don't stop here there's more to be discovered
Mister Matthew Brown II
man your awesome
DamienGBA226/ Damien
i flinched at 6:48
death mark
hey coyote! try the paper wasp
Morgan Sherman
This was so sweet. I've become a huge fan in just a few days.
Forgot about the leaf cutter ant
0.1 M subs in a few hours cool
Elwaleed Tubadjil
Coyote all of the fans say your name is catty Peterson
I hate this new youtube design
Harry omg
I live in austraila west austraila perth
You need a tv show
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