Free Handling Bullet Ants?!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote and Mark free handle Bullet Ants!

Yes you read that right! Coyote and Mark, the director of Brave Wilderness, thought that since this really has been the “Year of the Bullet Ant” why not send it off in style?! 

Seriously though, please never attempt to do this…Coyote and Mark both felt this was ok for them to try because of their vast wildlife experience and extensive knowledge of this species.

In addition to free handling Bullet Ants, Coyote Mark and Mario reflected on what truly an amazing year it has been and all of their favorite memories of 2016…and of course what incredible adventures await in 2017.

Get ready Coyote Pack…next year is going to be the WILDEST one yet! 

HUGE THANKS to YOU and the entire Coyote Pack, all 5 million + of you, for joining us on the adventure that is the Brave Wilderness channel! Without your support and enthusiasm these videos would not exist, seriously. From the bottom our hearts thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring you a little bit closer to our amazing world. 
 Much love and happy new year,
 Coyote, Mark, Mario, Chance and Chris

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Animals and More
I love how coyote lets his camera man be in his videos
Australia: Land of Top 10 Deadliest Everything.
aditya tiwari
god bless you coyote. hope you get your own tv show soon. cant wait for longer episodes
Grandmaster Flex
what is that amazing music on 6:31 I would love to know the name of it if anybody can help
Craig Plummer
aussie aussie aussie
What episode is the one with coyote falling off a rock
Minecraft pro Gamer
go to canada
Nour Safyya
Your welcome
Jesse Isenberg's evil twin
what a legend
You should try the Gympie Gympie plant Coyote!
Rodri Marg
I live in Australia :) it's boiling hot here lol
Colby Baker
forgetting about the Warrior wasp more pain full than the bullet ant
When you fell of that cliff. Omg I hated that episode I thought you got hurt <3
I love you coyote
Wee Magdalene
omg perfect name bullet ant we can put it in a gun and shoot it like a bullet, perfect name right😂
the evee evolution
your so brave sometimes u risk ur life for us to see u are amazing u shine like a light in the galaxy :D Have a great life :D
the wilderness calls
this guy is amazing
Rodney Falle
Your awsome
Rodney Falle
Ho Dexter
Good luck coyote and keep working for ten million subscribers
awesome fire
be careful that bullet ant because you got tag just be careful
Videogametroler Pro
Make sure you see my YouTube channel it's videogametroler
Dylan McDougall
I'm an aussie
Dylan McDougall
What part of Aus are you going to
Jose Vasquez
where is the gren and black frog episode
DatsaToilet ,
He got stung a lot
When the music starts and you see the map, JUST for a SECOND I feel like I'm gonna be watching Arthur, EVERY day when you're walking down the street. It's all from the drums.
Stephie Ladwig
Desmond Miles
He may just be....the next pewdiepie
MonkeyTube Does Gaming
I feel bad for him that he must get stung just to make a video for us😕
Shukofa Pardis
I swear even he is surprised he's still alive
igop mendoza
I hope theres a painful sting like the lava ant is a combination of the bullet and the velvet ant ant the hualk ant.
Balkangamestv CRAZY
When is the warrior wasp coming up?
Mighty Soccer Lover
u guys are soooooo braaaave
Amanda Lewis
i live in Australia so maby ill see you there
Jalen For Real
I subbed to this channel 5 months ago and I still am. It puts out good quality content with amazing videos showing us nature by making it fun. Thanks.
Tiger Lover3100
I subscribed but I live in new
Scooby Unicorn
I mean brave
Scooby Unicorn
U are really grave but why do u do this ??
Renzo Van Lier
boys playing with bullet
Mekhaiel Abdelmalak
guys plz come to adelaiade cause that is where I live
Jayden Tarachand
Did anyone of u see that black spot under his hand while he was holding bullet ant
Steven Wright
take a asian giant hornet sting
tevor johnson
Okay you showed a box jellyfish if you're even thinking about getting stung by that thing don't , that thing will make the bullet velvet look like getting your hair rubbed by a beautiful woman compared to the box jelly
1:34 he's got 2 bugs on his arm ;3
Wild Yoda
That ant is obviously half dead look how slow its monuvering
Try not to die in Australia, guys.
Ahhh Australia, the most dangerous creature lives there, the HowToBasic
this guy should have his own T.V. show.
Kathleen Chapin
you make me feel good and sad
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