Embla Bexell
Anyone else who is binge-watching these videos? 😂
Chris H.
the area of a rectangle (or square) is the product of its sides: a*b. By twisting each piece of this reactangle, the length of the sides change.
Kacamata Noor Aini
why so ...
1:08 Music please?
ebert v23
You smart Mr.Hacker.And Genius.
5:08 Wait it's the roblox logo ....
Mai Nguyen
That is how we know how heavy he is
Anthony Lol
the video was awesome
Sprixle Poper
What is the #4 for (hehe four for)
The Offical Gamer
1:03 says why so? here is why it doesn't, the copper covered by the paper takes the heat of the flame so no ignition can happen
5:09 is that the roblox sign
The Copper tube is Cold so its cools down the Heat from the fire
thats why the Sticker doesnt ignite
5:19 Windows made of red paper?
Richie Delgado
whats the song
Mr. 22 PT :22
cool man
Tanya Zeta
there a different shape so they form a different formation
Daniel Jody Setiawan
di 0
Bima Whynot
4:07 Jesus Christ, that's Jason Bourne.
dorina marashi
nicole zhu
Do not work the paper trick with numbers
Huy Anh Bùi
5:09 you guys can see the square with the hole is larger than the orange one.
Kevin Eby Kouah élève
he just predicted the future roblox sign 5:08
Divam kachoria
it was just bit fast to understand without pausing
15 457 Likes and 457 dislikes.. wow youre an amazing guy ;)
Lucas Peters
slow don you're number trick dose not work
Andrea & Audrey
Give ideas to ikea
Erika Castrillon
60 kg? He's a princess 😛
John Bernard Ducusin Concepcion
Because of the gravity of the Earth.
1:06 is awesome
mary grace pansaon
Carp Loney
sami bag pola in mota
Jorell Jose
5:13 this is possible because the area of the empty square in the middle is equivalent to the area of the paper that goes over the edges of the orange square. it's just arranged perfectly so that it creates an empty square in the middle
inverted roblox icon
Ahsan Qayyum
mr hacker your box change into gold.
micheal jackson
i didnt see the part were we can morph the paper into a weight
Game Legend
impossible square
Shubhanshu Gupta
this is possible two edges of each paper is same
Akul Bhardwaj
somewhere a tree died to make this.
I Killed The Legend27
1:17 I bet that trick was made when someone accidentally cut an arrow and thought it would give a shape like an arrow.
Golden_ Infinite
5:37 looks like roblox logo
Kenan Ovi
My favourite part is now 1:06
King Slim - Terraria Geometry Dash & More!
At 5:09 it looks like a roblox logo
Yoni slivko
its not on the paper exactly its a little overlapping
Axel Stevens
4:20 Millwall brick
Juan Jose Aguirre Suarez
10 useless paper tricks....
Suganthan Mukkesh
Super amazing usefull video
Declyn-James Fourie
I subbed
RMI Hack
all rightt.... creative have to increase as ourselves
Eternal Reaper
What was the beginning background music?
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