iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black: Unboxing a Unicorn!

iPhone 7 jet blackiPhone 7 reviewiPhone 7 plus reviewiPhone 7 drop test

FINALLY, it arrived - with scratches out of the box and all LOL. Join me on watching this thing turn into a scratched mess for my full review =) AND NO SCRATCHES ARE NOT FROM MY RING. They are in a straight line all up and down the phone*
4K video test

wow this is really amazing
Fighter Throughout
I think apple should add fingerprint scanner on its backside logo and remove its home button .
jika liya
hi friends my first game i want your support plz download
Mishel Morientez
EPIC!! w1n new i.phone 7 plus --> #ipho7give
I want this phone.
nur chua
its very big im just using iphone 7 plus call text map mucis camera reminder alarm callendar facebook istagram apple pay messenger safari note youtube news apple home
La Chitu
iPhone cant play 4k but can recird? dmn lil
Folu Aduloju
Wooo. What are you doing with two iPhone 7s? Send me the black one, pleaaaase. I could do so much good with it.
Young_ Kid
Should I get the gold iphone 7 or jet black
Christopher Gazik
at love
tee vee gamming
i love eye phone sayone
Eva P.
Does it need 7-8 hours charging at first charge?
I wanna eat that spider
Adit Noor
guys which is better jet black or matte black.I will buy after few days so tell me
StikStudios TV
I liked the Matte black but I also like shiny stuff and i will have a clear case on it (if I get one) so I wanted sow ting nice so I'm going with the jet black as my fave
Vaibhav Barve
give me your one iPhone anyone
Jacob Rodriguez
No. You eight
ali osman
That phone is the equivalent of wearing a white shirt to a construction job.
Luis Lugo
Your so lucky to have the new iPhone and I have the iPhone 3s because I'm poor

I which I could have and iPhone 7 Plus 😭
"666" subs!
Love the wonderful unboxing and review of the iPhone 7 Plus in jet black. Which color do you prefer the jet black or the matte black?
Binson Cyriac
Fatima Zubair
the phone looks fake!
Shantu Patel
Udan khatola I
Shantu Patel
Suprem Play basketball
I have 2 iPhone 7+ don't know what to do
Amy Mai
The only reason why my dad wants this is because of the battery life 😂
Damn your video is smooth and good quality yaaaas
Hindi bollywood hit Songs
Jozef Henricus
jet black or the red edition?
Forza Vale
Is this a cellphone or a door?
Shahil Raza
baar baar piche kya dikhati h
Killer Shot
The only problem that an iphone 7 plus have is its battery
michael 99
your stupid
Ibrahim Alzein
enought you already have 7
Nazmul Emon
Sejal Khaneja
really nice review. i appreciate your efforts Erica 😊
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צופית וקנין
כיף לך
Shakeel ahmad ghanchi
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shahafas k.a
cool! :D
Aya Mohamed
Honestly, i never drop my phone, i mean yeah i do but not on a day to day basis! BTW i got my phone and my case together so that way i can quickly unbox it and put it in its case PS i wore gloves while opening the jet black iPhone just so i don't smudge the hell out of it right away..
filthyknives jr
Hos whatching this in an iPhone 7 plus
I love this review but also the fact that it's a practical review in the sense of showing how easy it could be to wear out the phone 😁 it's useful!
Abhishek Singh
Oh I loved the OCD line she made !
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