iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black: Unboxing a Unicorn!

iPhone 7 jet blackiPhone 7 reviewiPhone 7 plus reviewiPhone 7 drop test

FINALLY, it arrived - with scratches out of the box and all LOL. Join me on watching this thing turn into a scratched mess for my full review =) AND NO SCRATCHES ARE NOT FROM MY RING. They are in a straight line all up and down the phone*
4K video test

Renan Tavares
My dream
鬼鬼 gui
give my
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is better than you
$750 piece of shit
P _left3ris_P
Jet black or silver?
Lucas Awad
Wtf, that spider. Arachnophobia is not a joke.
taedy bear
give me one
Which is your camera that you have been shoot this unboxing video
سود عراق
Amarsingh Labhana
you have 2 so give me one
James Bryne Flores
planning to buy the jetblack, very shiny
Deja Lane
Had to dislike the video as soon as I seen the spider.. lmao nah.
M. Iksan Syamsudin
I like it
Fenam Arthur
I have and iPhone 7plus it was hard to set up wifi and account
Xavier Gomez
Try better because your video sucks
Nikki Girl
I love the jet black color, I currently have the rose gold 7 plus. I'm really thinking of getting the jet black I just don't want to scratch it up lol
Vikashini Rajendran
this is a fingerprints magnet
XxAiden Hernandez Torres QxX!!!!
Erica Griffin
iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black: Unboxing A Unicorn!
Miles Showell
I'm getting the Jet black on my birthday😅
Jammerforlife2 AJ
I've watched like 6 of ur vids in the past and I finally subscribed
Solaf Zaanoun
What color is the Best ?? Jet Black or the gold one ?? Please i need thé answer and tanks
Nick Da Great
That's a big ass phone
Rehman shabir
Aman William
give me one
Jaypal Vala
very bad camera
Immortal Game
I love watching your vedios you make great quality vedios :-)
Prashant Chaturvedi
So nice phone I love it
Craig O'Riley
Did they have a recall for the hissing because my iPhone 7 doesn't have that
Faiz Maulana Bdg
Faiz Maulana Bdg
Any chance you watch 'Lazy Game Reviews'? The intonation when you speak is exactly the same as his.
that's one smexy phone
Lilly Simons
I am really stuck on which color for iPhone 7 Plus I should get. I'm getting one in September for my birthday and I don't know if I should get rose gold Matt black or just black. Can you help me?
arafat hossain ayon
why I'm seeing this video knowing that , I can't afford the expensive phone..
life ! 😃
Frozen Elsa
Am i the only who's getting iPhone 7 Plus jet black
Avinash Panda
Iphone 7 plus is the best iphone since iphone6
4 Tech Anand
first time watching apple unboxing
Ye hezkiel
stupid os, cant even download anything on the internet! hail android!
Dj Yash
Shahrukh Khan
it,s very nice look iphone
tarun technical
good video
Vishesh Panchal
very nice iphone mate black
i like in video
96reapa Moore
Iphone is still better than galaxy and apples a year behind
thasmeena nasrin thaskanz
Erica can u sold me your demo iPhone 7 plus ... because I had noticed u had 2 iPhone 7 plus
please give me a free iphone please !!!!!!
nice phone
Ashley Gameplay
give that to me
Sonu Nath
shit phone... samsung is way better
Erica can u give me a iPhone 7plus please
Tristan Radeka
i ordered jet black because it was all i could get, but i don't give a shit because i'll have a case anyway
Valasi Mulifai
it looks Awesome
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