Anonymous - URGENT Message to the Citizens of the World 2017

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Anonymous - URGENT Message to the Citizens of the World 2017 "Donald Trump"
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Anonymous Message to the Citizens of the World Donald Trump

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.

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Anonymous Official
Message to the Citizens of the World

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.
Ryan Merrill
Anonymous-URGENT Message to Citizens of the world. WE are impotent. We affect nothing. You do.
Koushik Paul
n whats up with background music??
Koushik Paul
dude....stop telling us what you are and start acting up!
Stewart Watkins
I might want to sample some of your words sometime. Would that be ok ?
Andrew Jansen
luv u guyz
fizy awgnomee
I've been losing sleep for sometime with all that's happening. I'm so ready
darrel petrie
You might want to get your facts right. Trump is a criminals and was helped by Russia and other very rich oligarchs to gain power for oil. Obama was for getting away from fossil fuels. These people have infiltrated the media and online social sites trying to sway you into believing they have your interest in mind. They do not. If you care about the planet then you should join forces to fight Trump and his cabinet of rich uncaring people. Their only interest is enslaving you for oil profits.
Anonymous has been co-opted.
sauce boy
how do you join? for justice
Radhika Mishra
just hack coc server its a challenge if u can just do that just hack its server and also I want join u reply me
annya mewa
all this is, is a bunch of veried people with a similar idea or ideals about how this world should be. just because it doesnt make sense now doesnt mean they wont surprise us. though i dont always understand the methods or the ideals, i support and have a great amount of respect for the people who come together inorder to push againt whats holding them down or us down as a people with freedoms and rights.
We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.
Adam Breivogel
they make these to fuck with stoners i swear i cant keep up with any of this shit hahahahaha
Shima Togawa
If I was an illuminati member, the first public appearance I'd make would be as an "anonymous" too :) good job tho. I can hardly tell you guys apart!
Aaron Tho
we are we are we are... your a group of fuck all
Aaron Tho
your words help nothing your fighting for nothing your not anyone. man will not get together grow up
Aaron Tho
blah blah blah positive impact anonymous says and what do they do...
Aaron Tho
we ARE the government paid distraction
Aaron Tho
we are nothing.
we post on fb
we are a distraction
we speak truth and do shit
Aaron Tho
we are a joke
we.represent youtubewe do nothing now
channel delta
OK which one of these channels are the real anonymous
rishikesh betigeri
IS this real anynomus video. I think the anynomus videos can be found on deep web
José Olivo
what the fuck? this is no longer the anonymous I knew. now your getting into politics. yes you were here for the people and to expose corruption from governments instead all I've seen is more talk and less actions. now I see why there was issues within anonymous ranks with many members leaving. it saddens me that a group that was here to stock up for the little guy has now become nothing more than a podcast...I do hope anon gets back in line and do what it used to do...
David Gibson
so in order to stop conflict is to help your idea... typical but its better to die for your god than to kill.
alex bastow
what is a quoo
Jonathan Hutchison
thank you sir for your enlightenment
Audrey Nadeau
subscribing because you know your stuff
Ryan Fleming
How do I join! !!!!!!!?
Juanma las canciones
They can Hack 51 area???
Ralphie woof
The pushing of Christianity highly worries me.
Marjorie Rensen-Rip
Urgent message to Anonymous! GMO is supported by Trump: how are we going to survive them? Are you willing to fight against them. Their products costs lives which are the middel and lower class.
Loren Shea
Sounds like Julien.
So is this the real anonymous? would the real anonymous promote clothes and stuff in several webshops and link to all social media worldwide ? Would the real anonymous use CLICKBAIT titles? I don't think so.. .This channel may be pure marketing based for personal profit... all subscribers are getting fooled if this is true..
F'Dangle Shadang-a-lang
Anonymous: A bunch of fatass nerds who live off their parents. Just a bunch of anarchist idiots that have nothing better to do with their time than to use their computer skills to try to make "V for Vendetta" a reality.... Even though a lot of the "corrupt" activities they claim the governments do is false
Federico Mendoza
I am one of those that live in fear. Fear that I was born into a cattle process. Just another pawn for the elite.
I'm afraid of what the future has in store. Why is my government designed to keep me down? I don't believe I can change the world, but I do believe there's more to life than just work and die. I want to feel as though I am securing the world for my fellow man. Not consuming it like some sort of virus.
Time to expose filthy blood guilty political false religions, expose them.. Catholic religion is a political power, evangelicals, protestants, Islam..
Makayla Obv
Do y'all have a leader bc a guy messaged me saying that he's yalls leader And is threatening me
Isaac Gonzales
who is watching this in 2017
Filip's animation
we are anonymous
we are legion
we do not forget
we do not forgive
expect us

my sme anonymous
my sme légia
my nezabúdame
my neodpúšťame
očakávajte nás
CrezY BooM
мда, а я то верил что " Anonymous " - существует, но прочитав комментарии я мало стал верить в "их" помощи...
пздц, пойду ракеты запускать в купол который над землей...если верить " Anonymoys "
I agree with anon the whole way 🗽
But he's definitely right about one thing ppl don't like being bored.
I feel like this is being propagated by that cia fat fuck Alex Jones. Jones is trying to make ppl paranoid, either to start a civil war or to get them addicted to anti-anxiety medications.
Zairin Chang-Rivera
anonymous are concerned citizens
Oh dear, referencing the unemployed may contribute to laws arresting people for feeding the homeless without purchasing an expensive licence such as in Florida.
Madbear's War Essemble
For those who insist that I MUST believe in and trust my loved one's safety on an outside personal being god such as the god of the torah,bible, koran, and new age instead of being my own god using The Force and The Darkside as I see fit:WHY would ANY rational,sane person believe in and trust their loved one's safety to the same cosmic fuck tard that allows the following:Female loved one's to be kidnapped,raped,and murdered?Many millions of little children to die slow,painful deaths of starvation every day in Africa ALONE?Over 6 million Jews to be mass murdered during The Holocaust?Yet you think it gives a flying fuck about you because you're different?And why would you even WANT to spend eternity with the same cosmic asshole that allowed your loved one to die tragically?
Whether or not you follow the god of the torah,bible,koran,new age,or Hinduism,they all stab you in the back and let you down when you need them the most.
The PapiGunk
I love you anonymous so much (inspiration)
Azure Ice
You are the fake anonymous
MC Bozkurt
how can i become a member....
Ideas. Are. Bullet-. Proof.
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