Casey Affleck Best Actor The Golden Globes 2017

Casey Affleck

Title says it all

The MacSo
This dude is ggreat, so humble!
Tareq Abu shukur
some of you don't know the meaning of rapist .
Tai Akawy
I have seen The Great Wall , and I liked it very much
link biff
Casey needs to win the Oscar. His performance is one of the best of the 10 best of the decade
Jorge Esquivia Escobar
Brie Larson looks stunning, she's really beautiful, gorgeous!!!!
Roberto Carlos
I don't know if he is filming right now, I'd like to assume so, because otherwise why would you not shave and get a haircut for such an elegant moment like the Golden Globes?

Anyway, well deserved. Casey Affleck has been an amazing actor for years.
nicholas alexander
lol, why would any1 dislike this? Get a life. Great performance in a great movie. Awesome.
great work in this film.
Branski C
Fucking sex case.
Wow! The audience is cold.
Gyver Production StudioTM
Why does Leonardo Lead?
Gyver Ent.
Twitter: @GyverStudioHI
Developer at Gyver Production Studio
Producer at Gyver Production Studio
Gotta love the wrap it up music
Dan Wolf
fuck his brother, fuck him in the asshole with a big rubber dick!
Carl Creighton
What a prick.
Man, what an inarticulate turd.
Adam Dow
Brie is a fantastic actress and also good hearted woman with guts who can really keep her cool.
Daniel Cazorla (Daniel Arsenal supporter)
Finally he will get the recognition he deserves! Been my favorite actor since Gone Baby Gone, love yoy Casey! Heres to an Oscar win as well, you got this!!!
Ayebatonyeseigha Christ
Jimmy Kümmel brought my ass here
the messy man bun. a little dated
Rex Mundi
What for, growing a beard? As for the allleged sexual assaults, beginning to wonder if his lead role in The Killer Inside was really that much of a stretch for him after-all.
Jose A. Mendoza-Huijon
For a second I thought that was Jason Momoa.
Usman Khan
Beard looks good, why are people mocking it?
gentile joshsaved
God is love
Junkai Yang
I'd like to believe in innocent until proven guilty
Hamza Kebbati
Whats the name of the piano piece while he's walking up to the stage?
ash mcdoyle
im glad he won ive can only say ive liked ben in 3movies, i think casey is a lot better. who knows maybe him and ben dont get along.
What with these grotty, disgusting beards? Doesn't anyone have any respect for their personal appearence anymore. A sign of the times, unfortunately.
Pretty inspiring speech...
John Quinn
bullshit his a class actor and a great person dont judge someone u nly no on screen fucking idiot
the room is so full of Love !..........................self love
TOP GUN ACTOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Film Actors Guild ( FAG )
"God is love" ? o__o What the hell was that ? Affleck deserved his Golden Globe, hell, he deserves an academy award for what he did in MBTS, but that ending was pretty lame.
Boon Dock
To all you people in the comments please shut up. I mean my god, the man makes one goddamn mistake and you go crazy, acting like you haven't fucked up before. And it's all allegations no one knows what actually happened. So please for your own sake
Jackson Gondo
So Nate Parker gets his name, film and career trashed for allegations he was proven innocent of 15 years ago
Casey Affleck gets awards and no criticism for paying woman for their silence 7 years ago
Jackson Gondo
I am a strong believer that the art should be separated from the artist i.e. If somebody who is a rapist gives the best performance in a given year, they should still be able to be commended as an actor but we can condem them as a person. However, the Casey Affleck situation bothers me because Nate Parker watched his career and film crumble in the last 10 months over allegations that happened 15 years ago. He went on trial and was proven innocent. Casey Affleck settled with his accusers. It is clear that Casey's white privilege has allowed him to go through awards season without the media harassing him about his history in the same way that they harassed Nate. That is not right
Susan Starbucks
Well deserved!!!
Jackie Logan
than Ben Affleck for once bruh
Mr Troll
His speech was just as jittery as his acting and the movie as a whole.
Mark scarfaface
Hes a excellent actor dont care what anyone says ,the stuff in his personal life is his own business and us innocent until proven guilty.Watch some of his movies like gone baby gone, triple 9 ,and this Manchester by the sea. prove how good he is.
Bronco Panda
See, this is why Meryl's Streep's speech was such a load of hypocritical rubbish. Casey Affleck was accused of sexual harassment and groping actresses recently, admitted it, but is still getting ovations from these ridiculous celebrities, including Ms Streep. Sickening. Maybe these self righteous celebrities should start slagging off the rapist child molesters that hang out in Hollywood. Maybe that would give them a bit more credibility.
Nate River
lmao literally die you sick fuck, how dare this country award him with anything
Denise Thasder
Allegations or not, Brie, being a supporter of sexual abuse victims, was pissed. And so she should be
Dopamean otmic
Casey > Ben
Lima Bean
I think Andrew Garfield should have won for Hacksaw Ridge.
Akeel Aslam
He didn't thank batman, the bastard
Kenza Leclerc
Label university German swear disorder realistic note.
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