Most Insane Underwater Bass Fishing Footage Ever!! GoPro Footage of Giant Bass Eating Lures!

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Ever wondered what it looks like when schools of giant fish start fighting over a lure? Do they really fight over who will eat it first? Let's go underwater and see! 

These largemouth bass are fighting over our jerkbaits to be the first one to bite! This wolfpack of fish is so crazy they'll bite over and over again! We had one bass nearly 7 lb bite 4 different times before getting hooked!

This isn't filmed in a bass pond either, these are real bass filmed from a boat during the most insane bite ever! 

We were very lucky to have the equipment to go underwater and film these bass striking lures over and over. This is probably the most insane underwater bass footage ever filmed with a GoPro so we hope you enjoy it! We even had bass crashing into and trying to eat the GoPro! 

What were the bass eating? Here is the equipment used...

Split rings:
Camera Used:

Bass are very predatory and when they begin to school up the jerkbait is a great lure to catch them. The key is the combination of sound and sharp movement. This triggers the bass' predatory nature and they lash out violently, even when they aren't hungry. 

Be sure and try a jerkbait on your next fishing trip! They're great for largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass and work throughout the year, even for pond bass fishing! 

If you don't know how to fish with a jerkbait watch this video we shot on how to work them:

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Daniel Levesque
that was absolutely amazing footage love it
Ernest Brown
What size was the jerk bait?
D.Nasty Fishing
great footage. . swing by support the sport .. subscribe to D.Nasty Fishing .. shoot me a holler
cover the red light with eletrical tape
Женя Мохов
great video!!!!!!!!!!
King Fish
so amazing! how did you get those shots?
Tai Hunt
Love it. Please keep the under water videos going!!!!
Lambert Parod
you can shut off the red lights on the gopro. try it next time it might help?
I am just learning to fish and I find your videos to be great teaching tools. Thanks!
That was awesome. I hope to see more with different baits.
Randy Spear
Awesome video guys. Thanks
Noslen Cabrera
You guys are number 1 no doubt
Ben G
Great video! Thanks for taking the time to put it together. I'll have to give jerk baits a little more of a chance than I have in the past!

Question, do you guys typically prefer plastic or hard jerkbaits? I'm guessing it depends on the conditions... right? I actually most do a lot of inshore salt water fishing in South Louisiana, reds/specks/trout... they have bass out in the marshes as well! Thanks again!
Interesting how many times they targeted the head of the jerkbait and didnt just slam it from behind.
Michael Oliver
Awesome footage👍🏻 Really impressive, I spearfish and hunt GOLD in Australia. PLENTY of both down under🐟💍👍🏻
Darren Morgan
THAT was DOPE! Thanks for sharing, I always learn something watching your vids. I can just imagine a wolfpack like that at my favorite lake. This season I'm going to incorporate hard jerkbaits into my arsenal.
great video would like to see how they react to other baits!
Austin Chu
Anyone else notice the walleye lurking around?
Scott Pedersen
You know you can turn off the flashing red light in settings dont you? Neat video.
What set up and bait were you using?
Reeling N' Revving
Plz sub to me guys I sub back
Young Gambinos
just got my account and dropped a cool fishing vid/ vlog can yall show some love and sub and like
That's nuts guys. I can't believe they didn't spook more with the boat that close and shallow
Jack McRoberts
The underwater video was awesome. Keep it coming
i used to love go fishing
Shawn Hinton
Sisek Malaya
nice video bro! really appreciate it. thanks!
Anthony Ortiz
What an AWESOME video guys!! Im so pumped after watching that video i almost feel like throwing my jerkbait in my bath tub!
That's awesome man. You know what I wouldn't talk much either haha, that's so cool!
wonderful video to watch them fish and how they wanted that lure.waiting to see more soon.
me xd
Luke Heath
best underwater video I've seen. great job guys.
Awesome footage your the first YouTuber that Ive seen make a whole vid like this keep this is amazing
Robert Daoud
it looks like your jerkbait is sinking a little so doyou have it weighted or bigger hooks on it? great video like usual;)
Sam Holladay
Could you not turn the red light off? I know most action cams allow you too
guy “three2two”
Unreal!! You guys are KILLING it! Keep it up
Joey Mcewen
do some with swimbaits
Can't get over how cool this video is. Makes me want to get my GoPro under water and get some cool shots. thanks!
Gabriel Benavides
have you ever hear of fish slapping the lure with there tail
Dan Langel
Great video! Looking forward to more videos like this with different types of lurkers and presentations!
John Cash
Thats what I am talking about Great view and I makes me wonder if I am working the bait right .Amazing that the fish can basically inhale the bait and with no hook set
Bob George
this was sick, thanks so much guys
Bridget Corona
insane footage, ive never seen so many bass together like that! especially attacking one bait. where was this filmed.
Mike Outdoors
You guys have had some great videos but this one is your best! Awesome footage of the violent world below the water surface.
Terry Doner
I haven't seen all your videos but I tell you that it is one of the best ones I've ever seen on YouTube
Mike Miller
Great footage and info as always from these guys. Love this channel. Unreal. Dream would be to go fishing with these guys. Fish on!!!
Chase Brown
That first fish only weighs about 3 pounds
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