Most Insane Underwater Bass Fishing Footage Ever!! GoPro Footage of Giant Bass Eating Lures!

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Ever wondered what it looks like when schools of giant fish start fighting over a lure? Do they really fight over who will eat it first? Let's go underwater and see! 

These largemouth bass are fighting over our jerkbaits to be the first one to bite! This wolfpack of fish is so crazy they'll bite over and over again! We had one bass nearly 7 lb bite 4 different times before getting hooked!

This isn't filmed in a bass pond either, these are real bass filmed from a boat during the most insane bite ever! 

We were very lucky to have the equipment to go underwater and film these bass striking lures over and over. This is probably the most insane underwater bass footage ever filmed with a GoPro so we hope you enjoy it! We even had bass crashing into and trying to eat the GoPro! 

What were the bass eating? Here is the equipment used...

Split rings:
Camera Used:

Bass are very predatory and when they begin to school up the jerkbait is a great lure to catch them. The key is the combination of sound and sharp movement. This triggers the bass' predatory nature and they lash out violently, even when they aren't hungry. 

Be sure and try a jerkbait on your next fishing trip! They're great for largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass and work throughout the year, even for pond bass fishing! 

If you don't know how to fish with a jerkbait watch this video we shot on how to work them:

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Nick Akerboom
Nick Akerboom
awesome footage, ty
Looks like a normal crankbait to me, or am i wrong?
I have a few jerkbaits, but they don't have a "swim-lip" or whatever it is called (english = not my native language, sorry)
However, nice action under water
Cobra Thomas Fishing Channel
Awesome Job Gentlemen !! Now Show the Lip Less Crank Smashes !! : )~ I just loaded 2 TOP Water hits by Rip Rap Jack
& Spaz !! What I love about the Jerk Baits is you can add Split Shots and get them down Deeper for the BIG LADIES : )~
Corey Piner
Man! I just got turned on to jerkbaits and I'm here to tell ya it's the cat's meow. I will always have one tied on from now to the end of the earth. Y'all keep doing what y'all are doing, we love watching your stuff. One day Imma fly out there and try that crystal lake that y'all keep talking about.
Carter Faulkner
"This wolf pack"? what the hell I thought I was watching a bass video... man :( I was tricked
Nates Fishing Adventures
Could you do a pre spawn into spawn smallmouth vid?
JarHead Fishing
How do you get the Gopro under water while fishing? I have a Gpro 5
If you add a Polarized filter on the lens it will make the water look clear and crisps.
Suburban Backwoods Entertainment
this is some great footage
JarHead Fishing
Wow, awesome footage!
Why this dude sounds like al gore talking about manbearpig
Nala Perdana
pikun iwak,e kebak e poll rk iso mancing
Jed Farley
I've never seen this many bass on the hunt. I've watched 5 or more following a school of shad on a super hot mid day clear water scenario. I've seen 20 or so with a friend in a giant timbered up spawning cove. Literally counted 20 on a huge flat from up on the hill. This video is insane. I can't believe how many misses happened.
James Cahal
Cool video, amazing strikes.
Dan Greife
Mustafa Malikzada
Can I get some help, where do Bass usually hang out in lakes?
Kristian Cox
FYI Matt, theres a way you can take the flashing red light off the gopro when you are recording.
Nick Hall
whats a soft jerkbait???
Kenny Rodger
Speaking of big bass. I'd love to see 300+lb giant black Sea bass attacking lures like this. Unfortunately they're protected so you can't target them.
Todd Kersey
That's some awesome footage
good vid, some advise, please stop doing that hand slapping with every word you say, hard to pay attention, and saying "insane" so many times
Travis Cook
Crazy video!
Was this a pond or a lake?
jason steiner
Great video! lots of knowledge in that clip to use.
I like Turtles
where is this lake?
Michael Reagan
Kevin VanDam would pay you for this jerk bait video. Hurry and contact him before Friday when the Bass Masters Classic kicks off!!! Go, Go, Go, as Kevin Cline said in "Dave".
Michael Reagan
How deep was this sinking jerk bait falling?
Michael Reagan
How do those fish not get hooked? Crazy but amazing to watch.
Stephen Smith
What was the color of that minnow?
No Thanks
Need some Mustad Ultra Points on that thing.. geesh!
Sore Lip City
that is flat Cray Cray lol. S.L.C.
Chesley Boykin
So you say she was almost 8 pounds but she wasn't but a few inches longer than a like a 6 inch jerkbait. No way their as big as you say.
Dario Arellano
Great footage! I'm currently re-reading "Knowing Bass: The Scientific Approach to Catching More Fish" by Keith A. Jones Ph.D. Dr. Jones speaks of 2 prey capturing styles: 1. Aggressive, where the Bass will "run over" its prey (almost certainly always with fast prey) and 2. A conservative style where the Bass will suction the prey (usually with slow prey)(that 1st strike was a suction style capture). These Bass were obviously stimulated by the action and sound of the lure and were aggressive. Did you happen to use any scent attractant? Bass are primarily visual hunters although they posses a greater sense of smell and taste. It was interesting to see that the Bass did not display associative learning, but continued the attack the lure even though it was not natural prey. So the hooks and hard body of the lure just did not negatively effect the Bass's aggressive, continued attacks. Also, it seems that the pressure from the surrounding Bass encouraged the aggressive behavior. So glad I found your channel!
Outcast Outdoors
69 people thought you were playing bass guitar underwater. I'd like to see that too but I think the jerkbait is a better technique.
sciencebear timberwoods
The video would be much better without the bullshit commenting. Nobody needs that hyper inflated garbage.
Abel Salazar
Chris Welch
what a great video i just wish there was fish that size up here in the north
Alfonso Castillo
Hey guys thank you for that amazing video ,
How can I get one of those amazing sweatshirts you wear , where can I order one ?
Thanks again for all the videos I have learned a lot from you guys.
Diallo Morris
wow cool
Qayyum Shaikh
you guys are amazing man
great job guys
Dwayne Mcguire
very welcome ,👍🎣🎣
Trevor Rick
I am not sure if this is something you guys would entertain, but have you guys ever thought of doing some tutorials on bass fishing in a smaller river instead of a lake/pond? you may already have a video of it that I just haven't seen it, but as for me I live on the Shenandoah River, north fork which is great bass fishing, but obviously very different patterns than you'd see in a lake. Idk just thinking it'd be so cool to see people who actually know what they're talking about such as yourselves fish a body of water like the Shenandoah or a smaller river and give tips for some of us who can't get to a lake or big pond regularly. anyways, great vid! subbing and looking forward to more!
Fish are enticed to a lure much the same way as cats are to a ball and string.
Ryan McGarry
awesome footage guys!
Tucker Outdoors
What jerkbait is that size and depth of bait please
Dwayne Mcguire
love the footage ,,
Dwayne Mcguire
not even hook change prevent this ..I know their fast but ..larger hook maybe
Ryan Pellegrini
Best under water vid ive seen in a while. Great job guys. This is why i subbed a long time back. Great info. Im assuming you guys filed the hooks for video purposes, theres no way you are missing this many fish lol
Isaac Pelletier
I'm pretty sure that Bass Dork (a facebook page) just used a portion of this video in their advertisement for their new line of jerkbaits. Just wanted to bring it to your attention in case you weren't aware.
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